Siyappa Ishq Ka~(14) Mixed Emotions

~Main kaise uss shakhs ko rula sakta hoon,
Jisey maine khud ro ro ke paya hai?~
Meher stands beside Abeer who was looking outside the window and keeps her hand on his back. “Abeer, are you ok?,” she asks out of fear. “No, I am not ok, till he doesn’t gets away from my eyes, I won’t be ok,” says Abeer pointing at Nisaar. “Go Nisaar, he doesn’t wants to talk with you, he’s already hurt,” says Meher to Nisaar. He doesn’t even moves an inch. “Go.” She says again and he goes. Abeer breathes faster in anger and Meher tries to calm him.

“Calm down Abeer, everything will be fine,” she says rubbing his back. “Nothing will be fine,he is a stain on the name of friendship, he’s my friend, but he accompanied dad to destroy me,” he says and sits on the bed. She sits beside him. “That’s because..,” she stops realizing that whatever she is going to say will weaken his relation more. “Because what?,” he asks. “Because Nisaar was helpless, he didn’t had job,” she says and he glances at her. “Oh, but that doesn’t mean he steals my happiness,” he says. “Look, I am here with you, problem?,” she asks. “No,” he replies.

“We are reconciling slowly right?”


“So then what’s the problem? If we are together in everything, we’ll face everything together, and we are facing, cheer up baby.”

She holds his face by his jaw and presses it lovingly shaking it. “Let’s go from here,” he says.

“Ok, where?”

“Outside country,” he says. “Oh, what about going to a lonely place, like a jungle?” Asks Meher.

“You wana do hunting? Be sensible.”

“Yes, I love it, I love wild animals, lion, leopard, tiger, u too love them right? Bhooooo,” she mimics their voice and he smiles. “Let’s go to wherever you want,” she says encircling her arm around his neck. “Singapore, I had all the fun alone, now I want it with you,” he says and she side hugs him keeping her head on his shoulder with both her arms around his neck. Later, at the dining table, everyone were having dinner. Kuber’s spoon falls and he bends to pick it up and sees Meher and Abeer holding hands under the table. He decides to make her smile vanish. “Meher, I have heard you are making Abeer against me,” he says sadly. “It’s not like that,” she begins to explain. “I am just doing what’s right for him.”

“After the divorce, you’re not supposed to live at your in laws house,” he says tauntingly. “I am living here because it’s court’s orders and for my husband,” she answers back. “You’re such an illmannered girl, you pretended to be dumb in college days to lure my son,” he alleges her. She gets teary eyed and stands up leaving Abeer’s hand and runs upstairs. “What was the need to allege her? If you still think I am going to believe you on everything then bad for you,” Abeer says and goes upstairs to his room. Kuber smiles that he got successful in making her unhappy.

Abeer enters his room and doesn’t sees Meher there, he goes to balcony and sees her standing facing her back towards him. He goes and stands beside her, she feels his presence and he turns her towards him. “You know very clearly that it’s dad’s habit to allege people, I know you better,” he says and wipes her tears. “I got divorce from you and still got opportunity to make everything right but my family doesn’t even asks if I m ok, they have left me here to bear these allegations and taunts which I don’t deserve at all, this marriage wasn’t my plan, what’s my fault in it? I am going from here, I don’t care about court’s order,” she says shedding uncontrollable tears.

“What are you saying? You will have to live here, no option is there,” he says. “No I won’t,” she says and storms out of the balcony in their room and throws herself on the bed on her stomach and cries clutching the bedsheet. He comes and sits on the bed and runs his fingers in her hair, she doesn’t says a word. He tickles her. “I won’t let you cry,” he says and she laughs because of the tickles. “Ok stop, please,” she says between her laugh. He stops and wipes her tears. “Will you cry more? Tell tell,” he asks about to tickle her and she laughs and hugs him.

Next day, Meher goes to the doctor for her pregnancy results, she was sitting in the waiting room. “Meher Malhotra,” called the nurse and she stood up and went to doctor’s cabin. “Here are your results,” says the doctor handing her the report and she takes it with trembling hands and there came the biggest shock for her, the result was positive. She started sweating what will be Abeer’s reaction. “Congratulations,” said the doctor while her eyes were widened.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Kuber is blaming Meher.good that abeer is supporting meher.why shud meher think of leaving when abeer is with her?so its confirmed that meher is preg.nice.hope this makes mehbeer bond stronger

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