Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Siya Ke Ram 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking the Dharti Maiyya/earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry. Ram shouts Sita. Lav and Kush say Mata. Everyone say no Sita. Sita says Mata, you promised me that whenever I like to come in your Sharan, you will give me a place. Shatrughan asks Sita not to do this. Sita says the time has come Mata, accept my request and take me in your Sharan. Sita cries and prays. Badra, Laxman and everyone else ask Sita not to do this. The storm comes. Ram shouts stop Sita. Everyone is pushed away by the storm. They all cry. Ram shouts Sita…… The earth shatters, volcano and water is shown. Everyone can’t

go ahead to stop her. They all call her out to stop.

Sita starts going inside the earth. Bhoomija Janaki……plays………… The dust storm stops everyone. Hanuman stops Ram. Everyone cry in shock, as Sita dips inside the fire. Janak and Shathanand come. They get shocked. Janak shouts Sita and forwards hand. Sita sees Janak and cries. Sita sinks inside the fire. The earth forms back after a bright light appears. Everyone get shocked and cry.

Ram runs and holds the ground. He says Sita, come back, you can’t go leaving your Ram alone. He prays to Vasudha Mata to return his Sita. He shouts Sita and cries. Everyone mourn. Ram holds earth and says if this earth does not return Sita to me, I will ruin this entire earth. He gets angry and gets up. He closes eyes and gets his bow. Hanuman says no Prabhu….. Ram prays and gets an arrow…… Janak says no Ram, this won’t be right. Ram says no Pita ji, no one can stop me from getting my Sita back, my earth snatched my Sita from me, earth has to return Sita else….

Janak says no Ram, I witnessed when Sita was born by this land, and today I witnessed this when Sita has gone inside the earth, you have to understand son, that the motive with which Sita took birth on earth is fulfilled now, now its impossible for her to come on earth again. Janak cries sorrowfully. Guru Vashisht says Janak is saying right, Devi Sita is not on earth, you have to accept this bitter truth, Sita herself took this decision, any way to get her back will be insult of her last wish, will you wish to do this. Ram cries and stops himself. The bow and arrow disappear.

Ram says its right, I will not insult Sita’s wish, but what is Ram’s identity without Sita. Ram takes a knife. They all shout Ram…. Lav and Kush run to Ram. They say Mata already went leaving us, you are also willing to go, if you wish this, then end our lives too. Janak says Ram, you did not get free of your duties yet, you must do father’s duty and live for your children, instead yourself. Kaushalya says yes, you have duty to raise hem, don’t do injustice with them. Ram cries and stops. Hanuman cries and says come back to Ayodhya. Ram drops the knife. Everyone cry.

Lav and Kush hug Ram. They cry. Ram goes to some place and cries recalling Sita’s words. Ram says why did you give such big punishment to me Sita. Hanuman comes to him. Ram says Sita was the basis of Ram’s life, she was my support, I was alive being away from her, I had belief that she is with me, but after she went inside earth, what is left in my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, return to Ayodhya. Ram says no, I won’t return Ayodhya, the throne and Rajya are meaningless for me, the Rajbhavan where I have taken birth and got raised, that rajbhavan has become reason for losing Sita. Hanuman says if you don’t return, how will you do duty which Sita gave you, she started this war to get justice for women, who will complete this work, if you don’t return, then Sita’s guidance and sacrifice will get waste. Ram says no, Sita’s sacrifice will not get waste, I will fulfil her incomplete dream for sure.

Lav and Kush cry and think of Sita’s words. Ram comes to them. Lav says how will we live without Mata. Ram hugs them and says I know, how to get Sita again, by fulfilling her incomplete works, we will always feel her presence, this is the only option, to be alive with Sita, in her absence.

Scene shifts to Ayodhya: Ram addresses Praja and says I always thought I have done right for Ayodhya, but Sita has did a big sacrifice and such work which guides everyone right, she proved that till woman is given respect and justice in society, our success has no value, so I decided that Ayodhya Rajya will have many rules for women rights and justice, Rajya’s every man will have duty to protect women and their rights, if any man insults or tortures a woman, he will be strictly punished, a woman raises a family by her love, sacrifice and dedication, but we forget this and we don’t give her any right in our property, that’s why a father and husband can make a woman leave from home anytime, this wrong behaviour has to end, so I decided that from today, Ayodhya Rajya will have every woman getting share of property like a son gets, so that no father and husband can make her leave the house, so we all will swear that no woman will get insulted in Ayodhya Rajya, no woman will be tortured/abused, every woman will get her respect and pride, and by this, you can respect Sita’s sacrifice truly, obey this command…. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram cries and says Sita.

Ram says I have got freed by all duties, I want to live alone in peace, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Laxman and Hanuman worry. Hanuman goes to guard Ayodhya’s limits. He stops Yamraj and asks who are you. Yamraj says I m Kaal, I m going to Ayodhya, to Ram…… Hanuman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @ Veena – well said. it is true if you pray , Lord does give direction and I used to argue who is great Lord Ram or Krishna -then one fine day it was revealed to me both are one & the same .
    @ Sara – Exceptionally profound thoughts . You know once Swami Vivekanada was asked after Chicago lectures , why gopis ran after Lord Krishna ? Swamiji smiled and started walking -all folks started walking behind him , then he said the same reason for you are walking. It is devotion .
    I also used to think how can I develop that level of devotion for my lord ( inner lord-the ULTIMATE) -now from your words I can make out it is built up birth after birth. Indeed monkeys were GOPIS . SO they loved Krishna so much .
    But Radhaji -I feel was Bharath in his previous -their is a similarities between the devotion they have for their lord.
    @ Samarth – about you I agree with Sara , It is Ghor Kali yuga , had Lord Ram was born in Kali yuga you would have termed him as GAY as you said very offensive words against Lord Krishna
    Samarth bhai- some of the Gopis were of Yushodha’s age , some of the were young but married quite elder than 11 year old Kid krishna and Sri Radha was also elder than elder and her marriage was fixed with someone.
    If some woman /girl loves the LORD- does it mean the lord needs to marry that devotee ??
    What do you understand by the meaning LOve ??? To you -love may be confined to physical level. BUt love of true bhakta are above s*x – LOVE of Hanuman , Love Laxman , Love Sri Radha , Love of Yushodha , love of Meera bai , Love of Arjun are all above physical level -THEY ARE ETERNAL, divine love. The love where lover and beloved merged together .
    @Samarth – Can you answer me one question ?? What do you think of Vibishan ??? A dharma purush or Ghar Shastru as told by Ravaan.
    To me , He was Dharama purush because he gave up everything to be with lord Ram and Dharma. if he had not come to Ram’s side , Ram would have lost the battle with Ravan as Ram was not PURNA Avatar , he had no knowledge of how to kill Ravaan .
    @ Samarth – Have you properly read Good version of Mahabharat and Ramayan ? I think you did not read any of those . Otherwise you could not have commented that type of remarks about Ras leela .
    @Samarth – you know because of Durbasha ‘s curse , Laxman gave up his life to save Ram and Ayodha . But same Rishi Durbasha wanted to curse Pandavs and draupadi during their exile of 13 years , Krishna saved them eating only 3 morsel of rice .
    @samarth – you know Karna was full of hatred towards Pandavs but he was gem of a person. To remove his hatred ,Krishna on the request of Kunti revealed Karna about his true identity and thus paving the way for his liberation even though Karna sided with Adharmi Duroyodhna.
    Because by knowing the true identity Karna did not kill his 4 brothers and his heart was turned into compassion towards Pandavs & Karna understood Duryodhana had always cheated Pandavs.
    @Samarth – Usually worship is done when someone sacrifices , in Treta yuga Ram along with Devi Sita and brother Laxman sacrificed and both sita and Laxman gave up their life for Ram. That is also one reason Ram is worshipped along with Ram but in case of Rukminiji – no sacrifice is there .
    Moreover as pointed out by Sara – Lord Krishna was a purna avatar , from his childhood he knew what he was . For Arjun- he is Parthasarathi/Keshab For Sri Radha- he is kanha, for Sudhama , he is krishna , for Draupadi- he is Govind , for gopis -he is leeladhari . HE is so many but he is ONE , he was lord Ram in his previous birth .

    1. @rani then you have also not read ramayana properly of you had done you would have not spoke such things about Sri Rama feminism is good but you are also leading it towards wrong direction

    2. Samarth

      Sis which offensive words I have used for shri krishna I wanna know????and didn’t you used offensive words for Sri Rama???just look at your own comments about it

  2. Dear @sara you are saying that I am doing wrong by doubting shri krishna I agreed I did wrong and you also said that I can’t understand the love between gopiKas and krishna but the same thing you did by not understanding the situations and time which let shri Ram 2nd vanvaas……let me tell you the reason for 2nd vanvaas here are
    Actually shri vishnu and maa sita got curse to get separated
    2nd the politics are meant to be pure so anyone who is on supreme position so that person must be spotless and the character of Maa sita was stained by Dhobi and which become the mass opinion later and she actually a sort of resign from that position let me tell you one thing that is in some version of Ramayana maa sita goes to vanvaas on her own and Shri RAMA stops her to go but she doesn’t agree and goes alone and it was shown in NDTV ramayana I can share link if you wish so…and about shri krishna I must say that I did know the reasons of all these but I really wanna know that why he is not worshipped along rukmani ji…and just asking question…but actually you have shown much haterd for shri Ram ji which is not actually true…….sorry if my words hurt you
    And dear @veena what do you think of me…I have not even thought of all these infact you have not read properly I did have mention the names of ahilya ji and Shabri ji which are FEMALES and yes I really don’t know about trijata ji…you said that the it was need of that time for Ram avatar and Shri krishna so does in case of maa sita’s exile…….you have actually spoken those things which I would not have even imagined and for your knowledge there are certain scriptures who let Sri Rama to be supreme…and yes shri Ram is worshipped along with maa Janki and Lakshman ji and hanuman ji….but they are worshipped for their great deeds and it’s wish of devotee that he want to worship him alone or not and I have seen krishna ji 99% with shri Radha… it’s up to the devotee that in which roop he wanna worship the supreme hope you get my point and @veena everyone doesn’t think the way the way you have accused me…hope you get out of so called feminism which actually stops a women to think from all perspectives and let her think from only one perspective….and again I say for me Lord krishna and Rama are same….hope u get my point…Jai Siya Ram



    1. hi preethi cutie . missed u a lot . happy to see u back . how r u ?

      1. hey varshu akka missed u too and i am really happy and sad right now since madi di wont be in skr from mow onwards

    2. Padmaja

      Hi preethi dear. Happy that u r back. ???. Missed u a lot. And ya going to miss madirakshi dii very badly.

      1. hey akka , feeling happy to be back and i also missed u

    3. Hi..preethi dearie..nice to see you..

      1. hey tharu akka

      2. or tharu didi

  4. What type of conversation are going now…. Horrible!! I have a doubt whether you have SKR intentionally or just for entertainment only. Because, if it is intentionally then you must have seen some of the episodes when Shri Ram was totally disturbed by the wordings of Dhobhi and the aftermath opinions he has received from his elders & Guru. And, it is clearly shown that at what situation he has to take such unconditional decision against Sita Mata. It is the battle between his mind & heart only, why he could not able to meet Sita Mata before She leaves (forcibly) from Palace. If you remember, in Lanka itself, He has shared his doubt about the thinking of Society to Sita Mata & then Sita Mata was in full confidence that Ayodhya praja is treating her as their Mata and they will not raise any doubt as Shri Ram is thinking. Thirdly, just imagine, if HE will punish Dhobhi because of his statement against Sita Mata, then it would be ADHARMA for a King’s perspective as King’s role is to sacrifice his life for the benefit of his Praja. This type of thinking are not having in our Current Politicians and that is the only reason all Politicians are corrupted.

  5. @pradeep……
    You are right bro….

  6. I am sorry for my questions which were actually my just questions but some of the members consider that I was just doubting shri krishna and lead to whatever which I had not thought so if anyone hurts by my questions then m sorry….

  7. I am a big fan of SKR….n yes a silent reader.

  8. And yes he shri Ram had punished Dhobi then praja may be silent for some time but they will doubt maa Sita forever and it would have been in doubt even till now…

  9. I just want to say that ram is not complete form of lord vishnu.he is unawared of his divinity .he is confined by the human laws and regulations of ayodhya.shri krishna and shri ram are same .their ways of establishing dharma is different .ram was confined by the laws and regulations of ayodhya .our constitution is doing similiar thing they are giving position to the candidate as per majority .it is not his personal decision .ram has suffered in his entire life after this decision.heis not completely failed as a husband because he would have married someone else but he didn’t do that because he knew somewhere that he had done injustice with sita .as per his promise he won’t marry someone .he was completely shattered after sita ‘s abandonment.he knew that he didn’t do justice with innocent women.he knew that his character is going to be stained on his decision.he had never doubted on her chastity because he knew that she is purer than purity .it can be considered as biased decision because he had given verdict on dhobi’s words who wants to take revenge from shri ram for her daughter’s sided decision always leads to disaster.

    1. Samarth

      Can you please tell me what was this case of dhobi’s daughter abandonment and I wanna know that when kaal come to him he was completely aware of It all so he must be knowing his divinity….I am not opposing but juz wanna know

      1. shatrughan took such harsh decision by sending her daughter for vanvas of two year without any fault in the absence of ram during his vanvas.her fault is that she had lived one night in someone else hut due to storm .people designated her as impure was shown in skr already

      2. Samarth

        But I have heard a different story but as sources of skr are different but in valmiki ramayana there is no mention of this story instead this was case of his wife who slept at somebody else’s house and he said I am not like Ram who would accept his wife after living so many months in somebody else’s Kingdom….BTW tysm for sharing ??

  10. guys i have to stop my lakshmilla ffs from now on due to personal reasons.. i wont publish any more ffs
    but the ending which i had thouht is that utthara,lav ,kush, malini and shreya get married
    utthara gets married to the prince of magadh..
    ram and sita reunite together
    basically the entire ayodhya family is complete

    anyway i will see u all in the last episode of skr or i will try my best to comment
    bye for now

    1. thought

  11. comment in between

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