Sirf Tum Hi Ho (JNDSD) Episode 14

Episode NO-14 Sirf Tum Hi Ho(Jndsd)

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The episode start with vividha praying to god.

viv: bhagwan ji thank u for bring back Atharva in my life, please bless us.
I have seen lot of pain in my life now I only want happiness in our life.

All happy and excited about Vitharv marriage…….

suj: kya bhaiya jaldi jaldi ki jiye…guest are about to come….

rav:what happen tell me.

suj: see ravish guest are about to come see them how lazy they are.

rav: maa i will take are of all stuff…. just relax

suj:(puts hand on ravish hair and bless him) thank u beta

viv: hurry up everyone get ready fast maa dadi….jaldi..

uma: relax vividha muhurat is after 2 hours

viv: maa u known na I always waited for this very moment…. getting marrired with my Atharva….

uma: I know beta I too waited for the same…..

sana:(enters) vividha what is this ur still not ready.

viv:I’m ready…

sana: what vividha…..don’t what put thunder on your husband…..let him sink in your beauty today…

viv(blushes) hmm….why not will u help me please…..

on the other vidhita is making his handsome papa ready….

vid: papa u have to look awesome ok

ath: ofcourse my princess….. as u wish(picks up dress)

vid: what is too dull..

ath: this one….

vid: no!!!!

ath: ok my stylist u decide….

vid:(think for some time) this one..

ath: blue one??

vid: yes papa u look handsome in blue…..

ath:ok beta as u wish…..(atharva gets ready) how I’m looking..

vid: papa this is for u…(flying kiss) makes him wear turban…

after few hours…….everyone are n search of Indumati….

viv: maa where is dadi….

uma: even I’m not aware where she is….

they serach Indumati……. aree kya hua? ha nai to….distrubing me…. i’m getting ready…for marriage

uma: maaji its your granddaughter marriage……

indu: arre but Atharva will come to see me..

viv: dadi plz get ready fast..

indu: arre, look how much she is excited..U have whole night today with ur Atharva I won’t disturb u there

viv:(blushes) dadi…(smile…..)

On the other side Atharva is on call and shouts Kailash kashyup……

@ Marriage [email protected]

vividha comes downstair along with Sana and shivani in beautiful embroidered blue colour saree….beautiful neck jewellery and head ornament..
beautiful bangles, waist jewllery(kamar bandh) and Mehindi of atharva’s name on her hand…..
everyone look at vividha and Uma induati, sujata, ravish all smile….

sarwan: taiji ur looing beautiful….

viv: (picks sarwan and kiss sarwan cheeks) thank u….beta

pandit: marriage muhurat is passing call dulha soon…

suj: he will be here in just a mintue…..(all smile)

viv:( now our wait is over finally for the day which I waited so long has come and blushes)

padt: when will be dulha here…. its getting late

suj: wait I go….(she leaves)
she finds Atharva no where and shocked not to find him anywhere she runs out ravish find her nervous and tensed…. inquire sujata

rav: what happened maa where is Atharva why are u appearing so tensed

suj: ravish I find Ahtarva no where…..

rav(shocked) what??

viv: what happened

rav: nothing u just relax

viv: please tell me ravish….chachi at least u tell me….and where is Atharva

suj: vividha……. atharva is nowhere in house…

viv:(shocked) what are u saying chachi( tear roll from her beautiful eyes) and she sit on thhe ground…and cry….

everyone try to calm vividha….. meanwhile vividha phone ring.

viv: atharv..(ravish ask to attend and put call on speaker….)

viv: hello……Atharva….(crying)

rav: hello….Atharva where are u

man: sorry sir I’m not Athrava i just found mobile got this no…..

rav:(shocked) where do you find this mobile

man: tells them the location(ravish and all the family member go along)

sir(shadow) your work is done… leaves…shadow calls someone…I want no mistake

they all reach the that place….find no one there

suja,rav,viv shout Atharva but find no one….

viv: where are u atharva plz don’t trouble me….she cry shadow watch her and smiles(an leaves)

person enter into the sence in his car….. he stops the car and man comes out of the car all look towards the car(everyone shocked)


viv: rav ye adami ye kya kr rha(what the hell this man doing here) i know he done something with
my atharva

rav: what are u doing here

kk: shhh……

viv: kailash kashyup….. bata mera atharva kaha h….

welcome Mr kailash kashyup….. Shodow’s voice calls out…. lights are on now…
and the place is beautiful decrated with lights and flower…..(shiv tandav tune)
the voice Shiva tandhav…..

all are shocked….

viv: atharva( he enters)

@FLASHBACK……[email protected]

{Atharva call Kailqsh Kashyup

ath: hello kailash kashyup bol raha h( kk is speaking)

kk: who’s this….

ath: after destroying life, my family you still asking me this question.. if you forgot let me remind u…..kailash I’m
ATHARVA SUJATA bol raha hu(speaking)

kk: how dare u to call me you doodhwala

ath: see the destiny kk today I will marry your daugther(my vividha) ashirwad dena aana( do come bless both of us)

kk: this cannot happen

ath: this will happen in front of your eyes only….. if you can then stop us( he tell him the place)
if you dare do come and stop me KAILASH KASHYUP.
disconnect the phone }

@FLASH BACK [email protected]

ath: mujhe laga tu nhi ayega(I didn’t thought you will be here)

kk: keep your tounge shut.(Angry)

ath: do you remember this place kailash….. I promised here only(marrying your daughter)

@ [email protected] kailash kashyup “the brick I keep on this land, think of it as your daughter’s engagement shagun. Kailash because after that, I will marry your [email protected]”FLASH BACK [email protected] he smile…..

ath: today lord is with me….today i will marry my vividha in front of you……




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