Sirf Tum 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aditya in Sharma’s family portrait


Sirf Tum 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Aditya why did he hide such a thing big from her, and was bearing all the pain alone. Aditya sits down with teary eyes and says I want to win your friendship with my friendship and not with my past sympathy. He says this is my life that moment, which I can’t ignore, it is a wound which I can’t wipe. He says more than sharing the pain, I believe in sharing the happiness and it works. He says I am sorry, I lied to you all. Rakesh says no problem and hugs him. He says you are a good and humble guy, your parents might be happy to see how generous and truthful you are. He says I am sure, that you will become a best doctor. The mechanic calls Aditya and says your bike is in my garage. Aditya asks him to take money from just him. Rakesh gives him money and asks him to keep it. Suhani says neither you will give the money nor Aditya, and says whoever has done loss, will pay. Aditya says I will not let you argue with Ranvijay. Suhani says Ranvijay will get the bike repaired.

Ranvijay is in his office. Suhani comes there and asks him to give 20 K. Ranvijay laughs and says you are asking double. Suhani says your men might be afraid of you, but not I. She shows the Bond to him and says I will get all your cases reopen, and you can’t point finger at me and my family. Ranvijay asks how dare you to say this. Suhani says I have come to claim damages for the bike and also your men shall apologize to Aditya. The goons laughs as Ranvijay refuses. Suhani says my action starts with your reaction. Ranvijay stops her and gives her money. Suhani takes the money and is leaving, when she sees Ranveer standing. She thinks the reason for my fear and weakness was you. She says I will give reply to you.

Aditya thinks to study and finds bouquet with a card. He sees it and reads get well soon and smile as you do always. He gets happy seeing Suhani’s name on the card. He finds the bike keys and reads new bike is waiting for him outside. Photographer comes there and calls him outside. Aditya asks who are you? He says he is Rampur’s best photographer. He goes out and asks what is happening? Dadi says we have kept place for you. She asks him to sit with them. He asks Suhani why this bike was needed, as his bike is under repair. Suhani says you will get answer to your every question and asks him to sit. Rakesh, Sudha, Dadi and Aditya sit on the sofa, while Suhani and Ishaan stand behind. The photographer clicks the family pic. Suhani asks him to come after 5 mins. Aditya asks why they thought of photography? Dadi asks him to have patience. Rakesh says we have brought this bike from the showroom but we didn’t pay anything. Dadi says Suhani has taken money from Ranvijay. Aditya gives keys to Ishaan and says it is yours. Suhani says we will think about his bike later. Rakesh says he will get him bike of his choice later. Dadi says let him ride. Suhani says he will not study if he gets the bike, then he will not write his exam well and will not get admission in good college.

The photographer brings the framed photo wrapped in the cover. Dadi gives the gift to Aditya. Sudha asks him to open. Aditya opens it and sees his photo with Suhani’s family. Rakesh says your parents will be proud of you, we can’t take your parents’ place, but don’t regard us less than your parents. Rakesh asks him not to feel alone. Aditya gets emotional and says nobody will be lucky than me. He teases Dadi. Dadi pats on him. They laugh.

Later Aditya looks at his pic with the Sharmas, and thinks after Mom and Dad left, he felt he is lonely but they have sent a perfect family for him and gets thankful to his parents. Suhani tells Aditya that she will help him to make notes. Aditya says ok. Dadi sees the family pic and tells Sudha that this pic shall be family pic, and says Suhani and Aditya’s relation is visible in the pic. Sudha looks on. Aditya looks at Suhani as she makes notes.

Precap: Dadi sees an alcohol bottle and asks Rakesh why did he start drinking again. Rakesh says to her, I swear on you I am not, Suhani says to Dadi, why would papa lie. Rakesh asks, is this bottle Akshay’s?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Heights of easily suhaani moved on..fine she should marry with this joker

    1. Archaic Mindset

      So why, a woman can’t move on in her life? Why is that, why woman needs to be a possession of one man forever while he’s expected to enjoy love making and so on with many women throughout his life? It’s a bad opinion. Suhani isn’t an adultress, she broke up with Ranveer and is trying to start afresh. If she likes Aditya, she definitely should be with him! Bravo, Aditya and Suhani.

  2. Hopeless track.pathetic show.if i would have been the makers ,i would have shown that joker a cyco man and suhani and her mad family getting a very good lesson of trusting him.staying in his house for 1 year and including him in their family suhani getting in major trouble of trusting him and leaving ranveer without knowing the truth.suhani and her family would have been tortured by him.then Rakesh must realise that ranveer is only angry by nature for wrong things but as a human he is a diamond.suhani ki dadi,maa,baap ko ehsaas hona chahiye ki suhani aur ranveer ko pass lane ke bajaye humne dono ko door kiya.atleast ranveer family were sensible enough.they never behaved the way suhani and family behaved with them.i really wish the post leap story should be this.being a female i want suhani and her family regret for not believing on ranveer.but these makers support jokers not the real leads.

  3. Oh my God that joker. It’s not right to comment on looks but what to do v r ordians and it is a democratic country.and shows run only due to ordians comments.when that joker talks his face looks like a 80 year old man without teeth.oh my god yuks the lead actress keeping her head on his shoulder and he being her future third husband.disgusting who is watching this show? Standard gira diya show ka.kahan ranveer ka Kashmir romance tha.such a handsome guy aur kahan yeh dekhte rahenge yeh joker ki jodi suhani aur family ke saath kab tak rahegi.i am shocked to imagine romantic scenes suhagrat with this joker of suhani.feel like vomiting.

    1. Honestly this ‘Joker’ who has a name ADITYA is really handsome, I like his body and he has a nice face and he’s really good towards Suhaani aur uski parivaar. He’s better looking than Ranveer and after all he suits Suhani only.

  4. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion but it’s not right to insult anyone’s physical appearance. Ranveer and Aditya are handsome in their own unique way, no one has the right to insult their looks. This is tv series and their acting so please respect them and no insults.

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