Sirf Tum 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay gets critical, Suhani is blamed

Sirf Tum 28th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with driver bringing food for Ranvijay and gives to Nurse. The Nurse says I will give. She comes to the ward and tells Suhani that food came from his house. Ranvijay looks at the Nurse. Suhani says she has saved your life, why are you arrogant. Ranvijay says whatever I say, shall happen. He asks Suhani to taste the food and then he will eat. He says his life is in danger. Suhani asks him to eat and thinks she is keeping Teej fast. Ranvijay asks her to give food. Aditya comes there and says we don’t know who made this food. Suhani says he is stubborn to eat home food. She asks Ranvijay if he can’t eat with his hand. Ranvijay starts eating the food and sleeps. Aditya bandages Suhani’s injury and says I told you not to interfere in this patient’s case. He says you shall complain against this patient. Suhani says first I will do his treatment, even if I have to bear his tantrums. Suddenly Ranvijay’s condition deteriorates and white phlegm comes out from his mouth. She calls the doctor. Doctor checks Ranvijay and asks who gave outside food to patient. Suhani says I gave. Doctor says the food has poison in it which went in his blood stream. He says do you know who is her father, and says he will get the hospital closed. Aditya thinks Suhani didn’t listen to me. Some goons come to the hospital and asks where is Suhani? They collide with Aditya and is about to see Suhani who is on the stretcher. Aditya says she went that side. The goon tells that they will search and kill her.

Suhani recalls Ranvijay is taken by the doctors to the ICU. Dean tells that hospital rules are meant for good reasons. He goes. Aditya says I am always there for you and asks her to smile. Dean comes there and asks her to go to safe place, as Ranvijay’s goons are searching you. Suhani says I didn’t do anything and gave him food which came from home. Ranvijay’s father calls Dean. Dean says food came from your house, we are trying. He gets another threatening call and asks Suhani to run fast, as the goons wants to kill her. Suhani says where to hide, they will identify me. Aditya asks her to remove her coat and lie down on the stretcher. He asks her to switch off her phone and lie down. She removes her apron and switches off her phone, and lies down on the stretcher. Aditya covers her with the white cloth. Dean says I will call you after talking to Police. Aditya says I will take her. fb ends. The goons come back and shoot at Aditya. Aditya lifts his hands up. Suhani asks Aditya to run and save his life. Aditya doesn’t run away. Suhani reminisces Ranveer saving her many times.

Rakesh worries for Suhani. Dadi says she will come, may be she didn’t come due to the extra classes. Rakesh says she shall message and asks her to check the time. He calls her, and the number comes switched off. He tells Sudha and Dadi that her phone is off. Sudha says she is worried since morning. Rakesh calls her again and gets worried. Dadi says who switches off the phone in class. Rakesh says I will go to college and bring her back. He leaves. The goon asks Aditya to lift the cloth from the dead body. Aditya says I couldn’t see and vomited twice. He is about to lift the cloth and sees something on her stomach. He thinks smart Suhani. Another goon sees Suhani’s apron there, and asks him to remove the cloth from her face. Aditya asks them to understand. The goon is about to lift the cloth from the face. Inspector comes there and asks who has fired the bullet. Aditya says this guy. The goons run away seeing Police. Suhani gets up from the stretcher. Aditya says she is alive. Suhani tells the Inspector that she gave food to Ranvijay which was sent from his house. She asks Inspector to help her. Inspector asks her not to worry. Rakesh reaches the hospital.

Ranvijay’s father comes there. Rakesh identifies him and hides his face. Ranvijay’s father asks where is Dr. Suhani, who tried to kill my son Ranvijay, by poisoning his food. Rakesh hears him and thinks to go inside. He thinks if Jai Vijay comes to know about us, then he will tell Vikrant and then Ranveer will know. Jai Vijay asks Dean who sent this girl here, to kill my son. He walks towards Suhani. Aditya comes infront of Suhani. Rakesh comes there.

Precap: Mr. Singh says to Suhani, tell me who sent you here to kill son. Inspector says, Mr. Singh we don’t have proofs against Suhani, we can’t arrest. Mr. Singh says arrest her right away, I have contacts with ACP and then she will open her mouth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Even today no he really the male lead? He should quit this shit show..we are not intrested in suhaani’s progress..we want to see ranveer’s progress..

  2. I really don’t care about her anymore. Where is Ranveer. I think she will say it was Ranveer who told her to do this to take revenge. If that happens I done with this show. I will start watching Madhubala and Pyar Ki Ek Kahaani again. Getting tired of just READING about Suhani not even watching it anymore. Once Ranveer is back I will start watching again.

  3. Kushaba Ritah

    Sometimes I think Ranveer and Suhani are not meant to be with each other…now what’s this???

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