Sirf Tum 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: No Telecast

Sirf Tum 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

No new episode tonight due to

IIFA Awards 2022.

Next episode of Sirf Tum will be on Monday, 27th June.

In next episode: Mamta asks Suhani to kick the kalash and gets inside. Honey tells Suhani that she likes her kalash and wants it, says please. Ansh asks her not to say please and take it, says you have first right on this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vikrant is really mad man.suhani uske liye low standard wali ladki hain.but what about asha? That female such a cheap thought of a lady.and ansh oh my god.kahan ranveer and his personality and ansh ek chachundar.his thoughts are cheap and a cheap person.vikrant pagal aadmi hain.mamta is such a beautiful wife and she has son with extra ordinary quality.he only spoils his image due to anger.but surprising why dont ranveer dadu warns at asha ansh.he has the full right to tell them to be in their limits.when dadu can slap Vikrant why can’t he slap asha and ansh for misbehaving in front of him.who is asha to decide who will marry first.ranveer dadu is head of the family.he has the right to warn asha Vikrant ansh.he must not accept them.some rights he must be having.he must tell is Ghar ki Bahu Mamta hain aur ek hi waris hain ranveer.Vikrant ki faltu nautanki shaadi ka koi matlab nahi nhota.jayaz rishta sirf Mamta aur ranveer ka hain mere is khandan se.ranvee hi is Ghar ka beta hain aur koi nahin.

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