Sirf Tum 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vikrant plans revenge on Mamta

Sirf Tum 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini telling Suhani that they would have given her more costly gift, but they gave this necklace. She says this might be costly too. Suhani says intentions are seen and not the worth of the necklace. Kamini says you went to their side already and asks Nikky to learn from Suhani. Nikky says you don’t leave me alone. Kamini says she will come to her house after her marriage. They laugh. Suhani says I am tired and shall sleep. Sudha says goodnight and asks Suhani to ask Ranveer not to stay for long, as he has to wake up early too. Suhani smiles. Sudha goes. Suhani turns and sees Ranveer standing. She tells him that it is inauspicious if bride and groom meet. He asks where is Suhani, with whom he came to meet. Suhani says we shall follow the customs. Ranveer says he came to meet her for last time, as she will be his from tomorrow. Suhani gets emotional. Ranveer looks at her mehendi. She asks him to be careful as her would be husband’s name is written on it. He finds his name and tells Suhani. Suhani asks why he didn’t get mehendi on his hand. He says he is busy in arrangements and couldn’t leave everything on John and Raghu. He asks her to apply mehendi to his hand. She takes the mehendi cone and writes her name on his hand. Ranveer and Suhani look at it. Sirf tum plays….

He covers her with bridal chunari. Suhani says everything seems to be like a dream. Ranveer says he will marry her tomorrow on the same mandap, which he decorated with his hand. He says he will forever obey her sayings.

Vikrant talks to someone and says it will be fun. Mamta comes there and asks him to have medicine. He refuses. Mamta asks him to have haldi milk. He says you scratches my wound with your son and now acts to take care of me by offering this haldi milk. Mamta says I have supported my son, but didn’t leave you. He says you have thrown Asha ji out of the house, although I objected and you decided to make that cheap girl as your daughter in law. He asks her to celebrate until she wants.

Ansh applies mehendi to Asha’s hands. He says I am seeing you happy for the first time. Asha says it is a happy moment, even you didn’t get the chance to be happy. She says she wants to see him happy, says everything will be changed. Ansh asks really. He smiles and dances happily. Asha laughs and dances with him. Ansh and Asha look on.

Suhani gets ready for marriage. Nikky helps her get ready and makes her wear the ornaments. Suhani stands fully ready for marriage and smiles. Nikky takes her downstairs. Sudha asks Dadi if something is good. Dadi says yes. Rakesh asks her to check if Suhani is ready. Suhani comes downstairs with Nikky. Rakesh. Sudha, Dadi and others get emotional. Ishaan says you are looking princess, Ranveer jiju’s princess. Sudha takes off the bad sight from her. Dadi also takes off the bad sight. Suhani looks at Rakesh. Rakesh says be happy always. He praises her and tells that I have done your upbringing as per my standard, and apologizes to her if anything is left. Suhani says you are the best Papa of this world. She hugs him. Everyone hug them.

Mamta comes to the hall with others. John and Raghu are also there. Ranveer comes there, ready in Sherwani and turban. Mamta smiles and applies kajal under his ear to ward off the bad sight. Dada ji says we shall leave, else will be late. Mamta asks where is Vikrant ji? Vikram says bhai saheb will reach mandap directly. They leave.

They reach the wedding venue. Band music and shehnai are played. They come inside the venue and greet Rakesh and his family. Suhani greets Mamta. She looks at Ranveer. Ranveer also looks at her and smiles. He holds her hand secretly as they walk in. They all see three mandaps in the marriage hall. Ranveer asks why three mandaps are here. Rakesh says even I saw it now. He says it is beyond understanding. Ranveer tells John and Raghu that he decorated one mandap, then how did it become three? Raghu says when we had left, it was just one mandap. Ranveer calls the banquet hall manager and questions him. Manager says we did what was asked, we are told that three mandaps are needed today. Ranveer asks who has asked? Manager says he. Vikrant comes there wearing Sherwani. Ranveer looks at him. Just then Asha makes an entry with Ansh, while dancing on the music. Everyone looks at them.

Precap: Asha asks Vikrant if he will accept them infront of everyone. Vikrant says I will accept you both. He fills sindoor in Asha’s maang and takes rounds with her. Ansh marries someone, while Ranveer marries Suhani

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sunder jagadishan

    disgusting story….father getting married in front of grown up son, whether the second marriage is a legal one, because he has not divorced his first wife….nevertheless, why makers are showing two wives concept in each and every other serial, it is really disgusting…and no morals leading youngsters in a wrong way…most all hindi serials whichever is shown are two wives concept whether it is hero or hero’s father…every other episode in the serials they show mehndi,roka, and marriage but none of the marriage takes place…what a culture is shown…makers spoiling our hindu culture so much…..

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