Sirf Tum 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Honey kidnaps and tortures Suhani

Sirf Tum 22nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Suhani that sometime the heart feelings comes out through the dream. She says you make us saw the dreams and asks her not to break her heart. Suhani says you all are my strength. Dadi says I respect your decision, you will go to college, will make new house, will be happy, but there is Ranveer’s name in your inner happiness. She asks her to rethink about her decision and sys there is no problem in taking a second chance. She says if the distanced is widened then you can’t go back. Suhani says he has no love and respect for me, I will never go behind him. Dadi says once relations breaks, it can’t be same again and if it connects then it will be with a broken line. She asks her to sleep early as she has to go to college early morning for admission.

Suhani comes to the college and tells Peon that she wants to take admission in this college from Graphic Medical college. The girls hear and ask what happened that you are taking admission here. Peon comes out and says Dean sir is calling you. Suhani gets inside the Dean’s cabin. Dean says this has never happened that bright students like you, take admission in our college. She says you can’t take transfer again and asks her to rethink and sign on the form. She recalls Dadi’s words. Suhani takes back her file and leaves. She comes home and asks Sudha if Papa is fine? Sudha says yes, he is sleeping. She asks about the new college. Suhani says it is good. Sudha asks her to have something and then tell. Suhani says I want to make food for everyone and says you might be tired, I will go and make food. Dadi asks her to just reply to what Maa asked. She asks if college is good. Suhani nods no. Dadi asks if it is better than old college. Suhani nods no. Dadi tells that Ishaan told that the rank is very low. Suhani says atleast I am away from the bad people and memories. She says I will make this college name bright. Sudha says now she will not go back.

Suhani looks at the form and recalls Dean and Dadi’s words. Her inner self comes there and takes the papers, asking her to think again. Suhani says there is nothing to rethink again, and says if Ranveer doesn’t come to apologize to me, then I will not come back. Her innerself says you have changed the city and cut all the connections with him. She says if Ranveer comes and apologizes then you will go back. Suhani asks shall I forget what he did. Her innerself reminds her that she is not the girl who has ego. She says you knows well that Ranveer loves you very much and asks her to return to her city, so that Ranveer can apologize to her. She asks her to listen to her heart. Suhani looks on.

Next day, Suhani prays to God. Dadi does her tilak while Sudha makes her eat something. Dadi prays for her success. Suhani looks at her file. She tells that she is leaving and goes. Sudha says all the best. She is worried for Suhani. Dadi says Suhani is happy with her decision. Suhani sits in the taxi and asks driver to take her to RS Medical college. Just then someone comes infront of the car with her hair on her face. She says help me, I am trapped. Suhani gets down from the car and sees Honey, as she moves her hair from her face. Honey aims gun at Suhani and asks where did you go, leaving me and forgotten me. She asks driver to leave, and says she is bearing the punishment for one murder in jail, and can do many murders. She asks Suhani to sit in the car and asks driver to drive and take them where she says. Suhani asks how did you come out of jail? Honey says she got three days holidays for Ansh’s 13th day. She says I thought to come to my dewrani to talk to you. Suhani says how did you come to know that I am here. Honey says I am liking Ranveer and your rat and cat game, says he sent me here. Suhani thinks why did he send her. Honey says who is better than me to take revenge, he sent me to take revenge. Suhani is shocked.

In the godown, Suhani is tied while the warm oil falls on her, which is placed over her head. Honey says your brain will be fried, and you will not be left to live or die. She asks if she likes this torture idea and says this is your husband Ranveer’s idea. She says I saw his love and now saw his hatred too. Suhani asks do you think that I will believe you, and says he is upset with me, but can’t stoop low. Honey says today I understood why people says that love is blind. She smies. She gets Ranveer’s call on her mobile and shows Suhani. Suhani is shocked and asks why Ranveer is calling you. Honey holds her throat and says he called you to hear you screaming. Ranveer says hello. Suhani cries and says you have fallen down in your anger and ego, I never thought and if you think that you will get peace by taking revenge then no, I will get you punished. Honey asks Ranveer if you heard your Suhani and says same thing will happen what I said. Ranveer says neither you can harm me nor Suhani. Suhani cries.

Precap: Honey does tandav dance while torturing Suhani. A guy comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. So now ranveer is bad people for her..she can stay with molestor husband but has a problem with ranveer woww she forgot everything that ranveer did for her

    1. Suhani is so wrong regarding Ranveer. He safe her so many times as well as her father. She was the one that did not want to go with Ranveer and Mamta. And when Ranveer gets upset with her she get cross and blame him for everything. You are silly Suhani

    2. Exactly, she claims Ranveer doesn’t love and respect her buy she is the one who doesn’t love Ranveer b’cos all that Ranveer has done for her showed how much he loves her but what has Suhaani really done to prove that she loves Ranveer? Nothing.

    3. Exactly, she stayed with Ansh who was molesting her but didn’t even report him once but Ranveer who have done everything for her is now called a bad person and bad memory. She now believes that Ranveer used Honey to kidnap and torture her, what an ungrateful girl. I hope she marries that new guy and move on in her life then Ranveer will also move on.

  2. Disgusting what makers r showing.they spoiled the show when they made ansh suhani marriage.the charm of the show was gone and the show lost the prime time slot.100 percent show will go off air with new entry love triangle and suhani ranveer separation.the hatred of suhani for ranveer and she lost trust and faith in him what they are showing is illogical and senseless.and also showing the leap.sho will definitely go off air.the new entry is so overconfident for his lead role.whatever makers r showing for suhani role is not right.forget it guys no point in telling these makers .they have lost it now they will realise when they lose it completely.atleast ranveer friends trust him.that is true friendship not love.

    1. Fahmmeda Raj Mahomed

      So true ,the story of this show has lost its plot cos we the audience can see whatver promises or whatever said is not been implicated in the new episodes , Suhaani always misunderstands Ranveer and this time she over doing it , by Honey kidnapping her and telling that Ranveer asked her to do it ,it means Suhaani never believed in Ranveers LOVE and NEVER TRUSTED him, cause when she was in problem he left his house and mother for her ,its not like she didn’t know about his anger, he was leaving his father’s house cause his mother and wife wasn’t getting the respect they was entitled to. I wonder what the difference the new guy going to do , when the story line fails its not the actors to be blame ,after Suhaani’s first marriage the show went down ,but when Suhaani and Ranveer got married things was seeming to go on well but cause Ansh(Punneet) was leaving show ,story has lost its plot and it getting worst

    2. I agree with you, they should just end the show b’cos it doesn’t make sense anymore. I never saw the intensity of their love and Suhaani never really love Ranveer b’cos if she did she wouldn’t have just believed Honey despite seeing Ranveer’s name on Honey’s phone. If he admitted on the phone that he sent Honey, then it’ll prove that he was behind it but he only told Honey that she can’t harm him or Suhaani but unfortunately Suhaani didn’t hear that. Suhaani knows that Ranveer faces his problems himself, he doesn’t send anybody. If he wanted to confront her, he would’ve done everything to look for her and confront her so why did she just believe this Sycopath?

  3. The show is dead now

    Ranveer if he really kidnap Suhani then the show won’t make sense or if this a twist then we have to wait and see

    I am losing interest with this kids always misunderstanding each other when they should find a way to kiss and make up to move on

  4. Dumb, just off air this show. It already changed time slot, the storyline is just too much flawed and without any sense. It brings no message. Only toxic husbands, damsel in distress, kidnapping, melodrama. It’s definitely one of the worst dramas currently. Also, let this lovely cast find other shows they can play in. This is just a flop.

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