Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa Love (YHM) Episode7 -A flashback episode :part 3

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Sirf Ruhi ke liye : IshRa love part 3
13 feb…
All wre busy for their valentines preparation…
Ishita from morning was hiding from Raman and Arati was hiding from ishita as she was excited to know what is going to happen between her besties..As ishita was open arati was sure that ishu will discuss with her and do the rest .but arati didnt want to lose the thrill..

Raman on the other hand was busy chatting with his friends in the ground but his eyes wre hunting for ishita .He then looked at his face in mirror..
When mihir entered..
M : just think of you after shave..leave your madrasan even your arati will not look at your face..
R : haan… (starts singing) dil toh pagal hai dil dewana hai..
Guys Raman is a good and popular singer..
M : Raman tum bhi na..say anything without looking at the situation…ishu is right you are really a senseless kumar..
R : mihir tu bhi…always that arati says like this (pretending like arati)Raman..ishu is right you are a idiot kumar…you are a rowdy kumar ..stupid arat.. (before he could finish arati hit him on the head)
A: raman ishu is right .. you are a bak bak kumar..leave all that how is your plan anything working..
R : didn’t got hold of her yaar..I need an exact prey for that sherni..
Suddenly raman got an idea and looked at mihir and so on..
A : yeah from moring itself I am hiding..from her..wait a minute why are you all looking at me..(then she got the sparks ) No Raman don’t dare do that…
Arati’s foot was not on the floor and she was landed in front of the library..
R: ok then as said…
A : what you said ah..
R : yaar just call ishita..
A : mm..ishu…
Ishita ‘s face got brighten..
I : arru ..thank god I want to discuss something that Raman na…
A (didn’t want to hear anything and started making excuse ): ishu I forgot I have a important work with Raman…
She started running…
I : arru wait just listen na…
Arati ran towards the ground and vanished..
Ishita was searching for Arati and saw Raman…
Her heart started to beat fastly..
Guys, the bracketed are the thing in Raman’s mind…
Raman : (singing and dancing)
Arre o Jumma meri jaan-e-man
Baahar nikal, aaj Jumma hai (ullu..she is outside)
Aaj ka vaada hai, dekh main aa gaya(why is she like a statue ok let me go there)

He started dancing to towards her…Arati hiding in the bushes, was laughing at Raman but was worried for ishu.

Tu bhi jaldi aa, mujhe mat aur tadpa (mein aa raha hoon madrasan)
Arre tu boli thi, hey (actually i said anyways)
Pichhle jumme ko, hey
Chumma doongi, hey(she is shy I think)
Agle jumme ko, hey(ok then I will confess)
Aaj Jumma hai to aaja aaja
He reached near and stopped .ishita bent back..
Boys from back: toh aaja aaja aaja…
R : I…(tah..)
Ishita gave a tight slap to Raman…
All were shocked , Raman to the core. Boys wre angry; they didn’t expecf this from Raman so they when to inform the principal…Arati felt bad for both of them… (she could have solved it before just for thrill now her bestie’s love in danger)
R : What the hell..
I : you cheated on my arru and now going to cheat on me..
A&R : What..
R : what rubbish. ..
Arati entered the scene..
R: arati what is this stupid saying…
A : Raman pls calm dowm..
I : why calming down I will not leave him who cheated on …
R: stop ishita .. I am not a casinova… I will have only one love for life and thats .. (he couldn’t complete and went with broken heart)
A: tu bhi na ishu…Raman wait wait Raman… (run after him)
Ishita had not idea what was going on…then the principal called to his room…
Boys : she only slapped him for no reason…
I : sir I have he told…
Mihir : he didn’t told anything he was going to say before he slapped her…
Boys giggled
Ishu looked at him. She couldn’t believe that Mihir was saying against her.tears started coming out..she was helpless there ,as both Raman and arati was not there .she stood silently..
Princi : then it is clear even your friend mihir admit it .you were a nice girl what happened … I have to take disciplinary actions..
When the door opened ..a senior entered…
S : may I come in , sir..
Princi : Rishi…come in..
Yes guys sharad malhotra as Rishi Malhotra…
All boys face became dull..
They knew that principal was partial to him and he hate them because of Raman..
Rishi : hllo sir..whats happening. .oh ishita..whats the problem sir..
Princi : nothing ..she slapped Raman so they are here to complain..and going to take disciplinary action against her..
Rishi : what is it know them and ishita then why are you doing this to her..
Ishita was surprised ..beacause in all these 2 yrs he was following her and Arati but she haven’t talked to him as Raman dislike him…when in a situation her best friend backstabbed her and stranger was her saviour..

Princi : you are right let me rethink.
Rishi : your choice..will see you after sir..
And when smiling at ishu..
Boys : ok then no disciplinary actions but she should say sorry to raman in public through the mike..
Princi: it is a small punishment. ..u can do that na tomorrow you say…
Ishita nodded with tears ,she was sure that she was not wrong…
Before leaving..
I : and sir thank to making me realise who are true frnds and who are not(looking at Mihir )
While mihir ignored her glare..
Night in room..
Ishita was laying in the bed thinking about Mihir. She was very attached with him.He was an orphan and she considered him as a brother.becoz of her only he and raman became friends but still …all boys are same..partial to their gender… (true story)
Arati stormed in..
A : what do you think of yourself stupid..
I : what he cheated on you so I slapped him and i am only facing its consequences..
A : what consequences. ..poor Raman..he is heartbroken. .
I : yeah yeah you all are his side …poor raman …you , mihir all are the same useless…he rejected you and now he is heartbroken and you are happy, what a Silly couple..
Arati now only understaood..
A : arrey my buddhu madrasan…oh I mad to fall in love with him…he loves you…
I : what ..
A:that’s only I am saying…
I : but he he.
A : today he was going to propose you..
I : oh who the hell are you in love with…
A : Guru ..
I : what he..I thought you hate him..becoz of your behaviour of following us..
A : it was not was me ,who he was following…as even he knows that Raman loves you..
I : ayyo murugan…poor raman..
A : oh now you are also in his side..
Ishita blushes..
A : and what happened between you and Mihir..
I : Don’t talk about him…you see it tomorrow…

And she laid on bed thinking about Raman…whereas Raman in his flat thinking his hair…when Romi entered Romi…
Romi : bhai what are thinking..about ur madrasan..
Raman : mm..tomorrow is Vday na ..what about yours.
Romi :we have our own plans..pls don’t disturb..
Raman in mind: look this freak also got one madrasan and my madrasan not seeing my heart..
Then a call..
Raman : aa hllo..
Caller: ………..
Raman : how can you….
Caller : …………………
Raman : what that fool also entered…
Caller : …………………
Raman : mmm…we will see it tomorrow. ..
Call ended..
Raman was thinking what to do

Precap : part 4 feb 14 finally…

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  1. awesome update…poor raman what he got from ishita….

  2. Jasminerahul

    glad that you are giving long double updates as you couldn’t update for a few days. oh due to mu ishita slapped raman.oh.rishi’s entry was surprising.but sad that he won’t get arati or ishita.glad that arati cleared ishita’s misunderstanding and told her about raman’s love.waiting for ishita mihir patch up.who is the caller?

  3. Awesome update dear poor raman

    1. VeNus2574

      Isuri , you are also in his side… ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Ishan you too… ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. superb update raman was dancing and singing for ishita she slapped him thinking he is cheating on aarti poor raman she was called in principal room he was going to give punishment to her as boys complained against her mihir was also there ishita felt hurt aarti cleared ishitas misunderstanding

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