Sinhasan Battisi 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,mahamantri is asking the sadhus why have they not been successful in holding shakteshwar the sadhus tell tat only a fighter with yogshakti can take hold of him the villagers then see raja bhoj and wake him up raja bhoj gets up and asks the villagers tat who is suraj bhan they tell him tat he is the raja of this town raja bhoj then goes to palace to meet him he then meets maha mantri and asks him tat he wants to meet raja so tat he can find a way to stop shakteshwar maha mantra then takes him to a room where he sees a dead body and its of raja suraj bhan maha mantra then telss him that he died just two days before when shakteshwar came out of his prision maha mantra then take raja bhoj to a room where he shows him a broken pot and tells tat shakteshwar was being kept in this prision by raja suraj bhan and he broke this prision and has started troubling people
Maha mantri tells him tat shakteshwar prayed hard for long time and became powerful he became so powerful tat people started praying him as god where he started doing adharma raja suraj bhan then goes to meet shakteshwar to ask him to stop this adharma and bad practices shakteshwar gets angry and starts fighting with suraj bhan he hits him very badly that raja faints then shakteshwar calls villagers and tells tat see he has killed the raja but then suddenly raja gets up and with the help of axe cut off his head maha mantri then tells tat raja suraj bhan captured his soul in the pot but he released himself after the death of raja suraj bhan raja bhoj then asks maha mantri that wat did raja suraj bhan did to capture shakteshwar maha mantri then tells tat he did yogshakti raja bhoj then decides that he will do this even it is difficult maha mantri warns him tat he may losse his life as shakteshwar wont make it easy to do raja bhoj tells tat he will do it so tat he wont trouble the villagers
Sadhus then start the pooja and prayers while raja bhoj is seen guarding them and suddenly a stone is thrown and a pot in pooja is broken the sadhu says tat this is a bad sign but raja bhoj then ask them to continue and there is nothing tat can stop the work started with good thought a littile later again there is some electrifying noise heard and all the sadhus get feared and run away and there arrives shakteshwar he says tat no one could take hold of him again and again shakteshwar calls out suraj bhans name but raja bhoj tells tat he is raja bhoj and not suraj bhan and he cant stop him and he can captutre him listening to this shakteshwar gets angry and hits with his magical powers to raja bhoj and teh fight is over
In the palace raja bhoj is seen talking to maha mantri where maha mantra is telling tat it is very difficult to stop shakteshwar raja bhoj is now tensed and is trying to think and findout the way to capture shakteshwar after a time he thinks and finds a solution tat he will trandform his soul into raja suraj bhans body with the help of yogshakti as raja vikramaditya did and he is succeful in doing so where raja bhojs body is lying as a dead body and raja suraj bhan gets awake
Maha mantri is seen thinking tat he should now tell others tat raja suraj bhan is no more but then raja suraj bhan wakes up and tells maha mantri that this is his second life to capture shakteshwar.

Raja suraj bhan is then seen asking shakteshwar tat if he catches this jug first then he wont capture him but if he catches the jug then shakteshwar has to be in the prison for life time and then both are seen running behind the jug some sadhu think tat raja bhoj is dead and they are taking his body for doing last prayers before cremation

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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