Sinhasan Battisi 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj asks brahmdat tat has he got anything from devmanis kundli and brahmdat says tat yes he is trying to understand it and gets shocked and tells raja bhoj tat he is surprised tat y did budheshwar told devmani tat his death will be due to a woman but his kundli tells tat his death is normal and not by any women and then raja bhoj says tat now he understood and says to brahmdat tat right from start wen chandrika rang the bell of justice and demanded for a death for killing her husband and then we came to dhavalgad made him understood the truth and he agreed but later he went crazy got scared of a woman we have to find out wat is this all about and brahmdat says tat he is very sad tat people are using jyotish knowledge for wrong purpose and then raja bhoj sees a lady going towards devmanis palace and wonders how can a woman go their as entry to ladies is banned there and then brahmdat says tat according to me we should follow her to find out and then both follow them she enters palace and meets budheshwar.

Raja bhoj and brahmdat hide and sees the lady talking to budheshwar she asks him tat y did he called her today so urgently budheshwar then tells her tat today itself she has to harass devmani so much tat wealth so wat will she get in return and then budheshwar gives her a bag of gold and then she asks him tat y is he doing this killing a man creating differences between husband and wife just for wealth there n=must be some other reason and then budheshwar says tat its none of her purpose and she can leave and complete the given task

Brahmdat says to raja bhoj tat how have people been now a days they do anything for acquiring wealth and then raja bhoj says tat devmani must know this truth and then devmani is seen sleeping in his room with the visuals in his mind of a lady killing him and wen he opens eyes he sees the same lady and gets scared and shouts not to kill him and suddenly he hears sound of raja bhoj and he arrives and then tells to devmani tat this lady has no guts to kill him and she can only scare him and devmani says tat she will kill all of us but raja bhoj says tat she wont she only scare and then asks devmani to read this letter and devmani is shocked to read and then raja bhoj asks the lady to tell the truth and the lady tells tat she did this all on saying of budheshwar and he did all this to acquire devmanis wealth and devmani gets very shocked to hear this and tells the lady tat its her punishment tat she should help them reveal the truth of budheshwar and she agrees

Budheshwar is waiting to hear the death news of devmani and waiting for lady and she comes and lies to budheshwar tat she killed devmani infact she had to do nothing he died of scare and budheshwar gets very happy knowing tat all the devmanis wealth belong to him now and then there comes devmani and he is shocked to see it and follows raja bhoj and brahmdat and devmani in anger says tat I trusted u so much u betrayed me and slaps budheshwar hardly budheshwar tries to defend and again devmani tries to hit but raja bhoj stops him and says tat let him go this is enough punishment for him .and budheshwar and the lady leaves.

In Ujjain palace devi chandrika asks vallari its been long time raja bhoj has been out has he forgotten about her and comes raja bhoj and says tat yes he is late but has come with justice and truth and comes devmani he then says sorry to chandrika for disrespecting her and says tat he is here to take her home with all respect but chandrika says tat she should be punished as she has killed him in last janma and raj abhoj tells her the story of her ast janma tat she actually struggled to save her husband but was killed unfortunately and by mistakenly she agrees and happily goes with devmani and both of them thanx raj abhoj for helping .

Raja bhoj sees maharani vallri is seen worried and asks her isn’t she happy with the justice he done maharani says tat she is happy but she is thinking tat y has always the ladies been targeted wat if the same incident has happened with a male has he understood the pain behind it and raj abhoj also says tat it is right and he needs to take a very hard step towards this.

Mahamaya says tat everyone should respect a woman and u have fought as vikramaditya did for a womens respect and now u can proceed further with next step for singhasan battisi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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