Sinhasan Battisi 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj sees chandrika going and vallari and raja bhoj follows her to stop her chandrika then sees a knife lifts it and tries to kill herself raja bhoj comes at right time and stop her and says to her tat wat is she doing and chandrika says tat she doesnot wants to live but raja bhoj says to her tat killing ur self is a crime and cowardness and comes maharani vallari and says to her tat raja bhoj is saying right as we women are stronger but chandrika says tat she has nothing in her no quality nothing and so she wants to die and raja bhoj says to her tat she should not do this as sucide is adharma and he will not let her do it
Devmani has locked himself in a room and talks to self tat he is safe now and will have no harm from any women and he sees a shadow of a woman with an axe and gets frightened he then sees a lady behind doors with an axe in her hand and devmani requests her not to kill him and hides his face and yells at the women not to kill her and then there comes budheshwar and ask devmani wat happen devmani says tat he saw a women with an axe who wants to kill him but budheshwar says tat there is no one here
In palace maharani vallari asks chandrika wat was she going to do by killing herself chandrika then says tat her life was for her husband but he again disagreed to accept her and so she wants to die maharani vallari and raja bhoj say to her tat this is not the solution on this and as promised he will give her respect but then thinks tat devmani himself accepted his mistake and said to me tat he will come to take her and then y should he have been reversed and maharani vallari also says tat even she is wondering after knowing the truth yy would have devmani refused and then raja bhoj says tat may be some one is influencing him and needs to find out the truth and for this he will go back to meet devmani
In palace devmani is sleeping and a lady with axe is standing near him as he opens eyes he sees her and shouts at her to not to kill him and gets very frightened and after some time comes budheshwar and says to devmani tat there is no lady around its just his imagination devmani is scared badly
In palace raja bhoj decides to go to meet devmani along with brahmdat and thanx him for his help as he has a doubt on the jyotishi and your jyotishi study will help him in this case and they leave to meet devmani
Devmani is seen working but is constantly reminding of the visuals of a lady with axe and he trews his books away in fright and anger and budheshwar comes there and says to devmani tat wat is he doing as these are important books but devmani says tat he does not cae as he only care of his life he doesnot need anyone and also doesnot need anything and also asks busheshwar to leave and then budheshwar says tat he will leave and keep the main door open so tat the ladies can come in and devmani says tat he should not go and he needs him to save him from women who can kill him to death as his astrology says while budheshwar says in his mind tat devmani has gone crazy and lost his mental state and he then tells devmani tat he is going out for some work and then devmani asks him to keep tight security around palace so tat no women can enter or asks him to please stay and give security to him budheshwar agrees and says he will come back soon.
Raja bhoj and brahmdat arrive at devmanis palace and the soldiers stop them while brahmdat says tat how could u stop us don’t u know tat he is raja bhoj the soldiers then says tat they know but devmani has asked them not to let in anyone and then there comes budheshwar and tells raja bhoj tat he cant devmani is not well he has gone crazy and lost his mental state but then raja bhoj says tat even though he wants to meet devmani and then budheshwar takes them to devmani where they see tat devmani is getting scared of a idol of a lady in his room talking to her saying not to kill him and if she tries to do so he will attack her and kill her raja bhoj seeing this then says tat devmani is really gone crazy and he then goes forward to talk to devmani and asks him tat does he recognise him and devmani remids their meeting and then says to him tat yes he remembers and says tat he is his enemy and he runs away and then budheshwar says tat he has gone crazy from the time i have told him tat he will be killed in this janma by a women and he has got obsessed wit it and gone mad and then raja bhoj comes out of palace and says to brahmdat tat he doubts this jyotishi (astrologer)budheshwar and asks brahmdat to prepare a kundli of devmani and check about his death brahmdat then on the side of road draws the numbers and study it and is shocked to know it and tells raja bhoj tat he is wondering y have budheshwar told him tat he will be killed by a lady as his knowledge and reading says tat he has a normal death listening to this raja bhoj is also shocked.

Raja bhoj then says to brahmdat tat now they have to find the truth behind all this and they seea lady going towards devmanis palace and raja bhoj then wonders tat y is she going to wards palace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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