Sinhasan Battisi 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat finds the skeleton of bhoganand under the debris of rocks he assumes tat may be this one is of bhoganands and then he decides to start the yagya soon while vetal is seen talking to himself tat how is samrat going to make ready bhoganand for anushtha and hopes tat he supports and nothing goes wrong and then he thinks tat should he go to help samrat and then decides tat as he has promised to help so he needs to go and he flies.
Samrat,vetal and chitralekha are going to the place where the skeleton of bhoganand is buried vetal shows the place and warns samrat tat he is taking a very big risk as bhoganand is a devil a very bad person he could be dangerous and could also kill u while chitralekha says tat even she is worried about it but she has prepared her self for it and now she will support samrat then vetal says tat if u r supporting then I will also support and then he vanishes asking them to pray dharti mata. Samrat and chitralekha then start praying to godess dharti and then appears bhoganand in front of them.

Into old fort raja bhoj asks who was tat person as he looks like devil while nallini says tat he is bhoganand but he just looks different and asks how must it be like this and raja bhoj says tat may be it was his karma he did in his past which gave him this avtar and asks wat happen further and nallini narrates tat bhoganand got very angry knowing tat he ws given life and attacke samrat bhoganand asks samrat tat who gave him life and samrat says tat he gave him life and then bhoganand says tat y did he do this and samrat tells him tat he did so tat he can be punished for his sins and the souls of the ladies could get mukti while bhoganand laughs and says tat he will see who will kill whom and now he will complete his uncompleted yagya and will gain all the power from the women he killed and then bhoganand attacks samrat and fight starts between them and after one attack bhoganand vanishes and chitralekha in her mind prays vetal to arrive samrat is very angry after bhoganand vanishes and then there comes vetal and tells samrat tat he has sent bhoganand to his cave and he then asks samrat tatwat will he do next and samrat says tat he will kill this devil and vetal asks tat y did he gave him life to kill him he cant be killed only the the souls of the ladies can kill him and then they leave from that palace while chitralekha prays lord mahakal to help samrat in his work.
Bhoganand reaches his cave and he then remembers tat his anushthan was left uncompleted here and then he thanx his god bhairav for his new life and maharani chitralekha is seen worried and thinking about samrat in palace she then sees varhamirji standing in a balcony and goes to him and asks tat y is he worried now and varhmairji says tat bhoganand is really a dangerous man and he is worried for samrat maharani chitralekha then says tat even she is worried for him but now we have to support samrat as this will be more correct
Samrat and vetal are seen talking to each other while vetal tells samrat tat he should be careful while dealing with bhoganand and also tells him tat bhoganand can be killed only by the women he has killed before and then samrat says tat he will go to bhoganand and leaves while vetal says tat samrat is very stubborn as once he decided he will do and then samrat changes his clothes and wears the clothes as Brahmin and chitralekha then sees it and asks tat wat is he doing and samrat then says tat he is going to give justice to the ladies and so he will go to bhoganand and he leaves while chitralekha asks him to be very careful.
Bhoganand is asking his god bhairav to tell him how would he now complete his anushthan and then their comes samrat and bhoganand asks him who is he and y is he here and then he recognizes tatit is samrat and then asks him y did he gave him life and samrat tells tat he gave him life so tat he can help him complete his anushthan and after tat get some of powers from him and then bhoganand thinks tat god bhairav has sent him and he accepts him as his student and then asks tat wat can he do for him
Into old fort nallini asks raja bhoj tat wat does he think the trick tat samrat played is it right raja bhoj says tat yes according to him tat wat samrat did was correct and then samrat is seen with bhoganand in his cave where he says to bhoganand tat he will do whatever he wants him to do to complete his anushthan.

Samrat is telling chitralekha tat bhoganand needs a women to complete his anushthan and chitralekha says tat she would like to help and samrat and chitralekha are seen in front of bhoganand in his cave .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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