Simple Beautiful Life – Kaira – Intro


Hey all , I am new at writting FF. Hope you like it. I am ready to take suggestions.

Here is the Plot

In the serial ,we saw that akshara died but I thought what happened if akshara hadn’t died?How our kaira will be living?

Here is the character Sketch

Singhania Family

I will add images from episode 1.

  • Bhabhi Maa
  • Rajshekhar Singhania
  • Naitik Singhania
  • Akshara Singhania
  • Naksh Singhania
  • Naira Singhania
  • Gayatri Deora
  • Devyani Singhania
  • There will be no Naman,Karishma and Mishti Agarwal .Their character is different.
  • And  Nandini and mohit s Family would be introduced later

Goenka Family

Manish Goenka, Suwarna Goenka, Akhilesh and Surekha Goenka, Luv kush, Kartik Goenka, Kirti Bansal, Mansi and dadi.

If I forget any character then pls tell.

Hope you like my story.

  • And an important thing
  • Karan Mehra as Naitik Singhania
  • Keerti and naksh wedding will be in different way(you will know in upcomming epi)

Now something about myself ☺️

I love to read FF but never commented .I got permissions and now I am writing FF. If u want an particular FF of star plus except mehendi hai rachne wali ,as I  am not getting time to watch ,I will definitely write

I will upload 1 chapter Soon.


  1. Pls make an ff on rusha of yeh hai chahatein too…❤️

  2. Awesome
    Nice ff
    It will be exciting to read
    Please make ff on gehna and anant saathiya 2

    1. Tina03

      I will surely make .

    2. Thank u
      Ur so good
      Thank u for accepting my request

    3. Tina03

      Hey I have written the episode but due to some Problems will post tomorrow

  3. Tina03

    Thank you for liking my ff. I will definitely post the character Sketch of rusha and chapter 1 in afternoon.

  4. Kavya_P

    Interesting plot
    Update soon
    Waiting for first one

  5. Please make a ff of yrhpk

    1. Tina03

      I will try Naina .

    2. Include both the couples of yrhpk..

    3. Tina03

      I will write and will post character sketch today

  6. Amazing😍 waiting for the first update…

    1. Tina03

      Thank you , will upload in evening or before

  7. Tina03

    Yrhpk FF will be uploaded in evening or tomorrow

  8. Ff on kuhu kunal from starting of their second marriage

    1. Tina03

      Do you mean when they are finding alliance for kuhu ,from that part.

  9. write a ff on kaira, mishbir and keesh

    1. and pls include kuku too

    2. Tina03

      Kuku and mishbir FF ,I have uploaded ,it will come in few hours and this is kaira ff

    3. No i was saying if you could include them in one ff al four couple like acolleg life and they all either best friends or sisters

  10. Nice plot dear.
    Plz write FF on mishbir kuku.
    Btw do you watch saakk.

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