Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki very angry seeing kajal n raunak together ,kamini says I hate this girl I mean see within an hr she has reached bedroom do something janki, janki calls akshay n asks kamini to leave, janki says u know I hate seeing any girl with raunak n why did u smile seeing them together tell me the truth who is it raunak or the girl,akshay says aunty raunak likes that girl,janki asks how long is this going, aksay says past a year,janki asks will she say yes to him, akshay says aunty , janki says shutup u trayter n now shutup n raunak shd know nothing abt this.
Kajal cleans her dress, raunak thinking shd he propose her n is confused, kajal comes out of washroom n says thanku sir,kajal looks around the room n says wow such beautiful n well organized, raunak says thanku its all because of my mom, she has always been there for me n will always be, kajal says u are so lucky to have a mother, raunak says sorry, kajal says no its fine papa never let me felt that need n anyways thanku, raunak says my pleasure n actually, janki comes in n raunak stops, janki asks kajal are u fine whats wrong, kajal says aunty cold drink spilled, janki says these patches over ur clothes or character hard to get rid, come will give u new clothes, kajal says no I am fine aunty, raunak says kajal u said u miss ur mom my mom is like urs too, janki says come see even ir friend is saying so,kajal n janki leave, raunak says kajal ma will never let u miss ur ma.
Janki says kajal this is my room, kajal says its beautiful like in movies, janki says so u are behind big houses, kajal says raunak sir told me u were always there for hm since childhood, janki says so u tw have jelled up so well that discussed childhood too anyways here is my closet u can wear whatever u wish too, kajal is stunned to see the huge closet, janki says these clothes I don’t wear them,kajal says I was abt to ask u these don’t look like ur style , janki says these are for raunaks wife, unknow poor people live in dreams n my son deserves a rich wife n so I have shopped all necessities for her n after exams I just have to chose the right girl.
Kamini asks raunak where is ur ma, raunak says she is with kajal in her room,kamini says go see ur friends they are all alone, raunak says let ma come then, kamini says u n munmun cant do anything without mother go down, raunak says ok n leaves.
Janki says I never let raunak made a mistake,what do u think abt that, kajal says aunty u are asking me or telling me, janki says asking, kajal says so aunty would like to hear truth or what u want to hear, janki says what I think is always right, kajal says aunty the truth is these clothes if u chose a rich girl she will have her own fashion sense a poor one will not be comfortable with all these, n what if raunak sir doesn’t like ur choice n what if he falls in love with poor one, sorry aunty if u felt bad just spoke the truth,janki says good, take a sit n tell me what if raunak falls in love with poor girl like u, I mean our thinking matches so well so tell me what is ur take how shd I deal with the situation.
Kamini says akshay now a days too busy hooking up n u stop this business n now wait n watch what will janki do n leavesin anger, akshay says shit wht shd I do now. Janki says kajal dear don’t get tensed I am just taking an adwise what shd I do if raunak falls in love with a poor girl like u, I would like to know thinking of poor girl like u and will she dream of these luxuries or she will deny the proposal n so stop starring me n answer, kajal says no aunty a girl like me would never dream of this, janki says so I am not doing wrong n kajal dear a girl shd know her limits like u do n shd know where she belongs too n I feel like kissing ur forehead.
Kajal says enough aunty , this proves ur little thinking, I may be poor but have self respect, its not wrong to love ur child but u want to control him n that’s wrong n so get real n stop doing so n thanku for ur invitation n ur such kind of treatment n leaves, janki stares at her in anger.

Precap: akshay says kajal is not a bad girl.
Janki applies kajal on kaminis cheeks.
Janki next morning opens raunaks rooms door n hears raunak asking akshay to deliver letter to kajal, the letter expresses raunaks feelings towards kajal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Wow wat a tough competition ….
    Kajal-janki ….
    I like kajal as she talked the right way with full courage …..
    Hope this at least doesn’t bcome worst andd come to an end in few days ….

  2. Not bad let’s keep ..

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