Silsila Pyaar Ka 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir says it was jankis hand behind my accident.

Flashback : Randhir in hospital, Janki walks to him n says u left me no option Randhir n so I had to do this to u bcoz I want Raunaks truth to be hidden n so from today onwards u are missing for this world.

Present : Raunak gets very angry n walks away, Janki starts crying, Janki looks at Randhir in anger n wipes her tears n walks away, Kajal thinks of going to see Raunak n walks away too. Randhir asks Kamini n others to leave this house n says Harish u too n if u don’t u know what old Randhir use to do.

Neeti exercising abt to fall, Sanjana holds her n says be careful, how can u be so careless, everyone gathers,Sanjana says di was gonna fall how careless, Vinay says Neeti what all is this be careful,Neeti says I’m fine,Vinay says stop doing all this, Radhika says Neeti Vinay is right be careful, Vinay leaves in anger n Sanjana smiles at Neeti.

Raunak packing all his clothes,n looks at jankis picture, Kajal walks to Raunak,Raunak keeps the frame away, Kajal says what all is this, Raunak says we are leaving,Kajal says calm down, Raunak says bcoz of ma I hated the man who isn’t my dad, he gave me an identity but I hated me,I thought he hurt ma but ma hurt him.kajal says sir talk to ma once, Raunak says I can never forgive her n I can’t stay here with her or else I will go mad bcoz this house n everything isn’t mine, my daughter is what matters me most n so pack ur n Sakshis clothes we are leaving,Kajal says I will be back soon.

Vinay asks Sanjana where are u going, Sanjana says come with me, both sit in car, Sanjana says jiju I want to tell u something very imp,Sanjana starts crying, Vinay says what’s wrong, Sanjana says I’m so worried for I n Didi n holds his hand, Vinay leaves her hand n says I love Neeti n all will be fine, Sanjana says cool then do what I say how abt taking Didi to dinner n pamper her, lets surprise her, vinay says thanku Sanjana,Sanjana says don’t thank me , oh I have to get down here, Sanjana leaves.

Harish says janki Didi Randhir has asked us to leave this house, Janki is still hurt and crying, Kajal knocks n walks in,Kajal says ma , Raunak sir wants to leave this house, u talk to him, he won’t leave,trust me I didn’t want all this, I know I are in great pain but u are only one who can stop Raunak,Janki says stop it this is what u wanted,why are u doing this new act now,20 years I had hidden Thai truth n bcoz of u all are questioning my character , yes I made a mistake, loved the wrong man my parents forced me not to tell Randhir the truth, I had no option then cheating Randhir but look Raunak hates me , all my life I fought for my sins happiness n no one questions my sons identity but u destroyed everything Kajal,if I separate u n Sakshi how will u feel.

Janki says Kajal u separated my son from me n for ever,Kajal says ma plz calm down, u always lied but for Raunak sir but u n papa I started ur relation with a lie n kept him in darkness n so things got this worst, I warned u many times n asked u to reveal truth by urself but u didn’t listen, truth finds it way,now tell me how will sir handle so many lies,u may find this wrong but u never thought of Raunak sir n controlled his life,u didn’t tell him abt his own father n so he is so upset with u,n today all that happened is all bcoz of u, if u had told him the truth before he won’t react to this extent , u pushed Raunak sir away from u by urself, Kajal abt to leave says this time I can’t stop Raunak sir but will never leave him alone bcoz I’m his wife n so it’s my responsibility to be with him n always will be, mamaji take care of ma n Kajal leaves.

Kajal packing her clothes, Raunak Sakshi n Kajal leave room with bags,janki stops Raunak,n says don’t leave me n go son,I’m sorry plz Raunak don’t go,raunak says Kajal lets go,Randhir walks in, Raunak says I’m sorry, Randhir says u aren’t at fault, Raunak says I hated u a lot but today when I know the truth I’m very sorry for all that n even for all the mistakes ma made in my name I’m sorry for that too n accept any punishment u give pa n stops,Randhir says don’t stop Raunak call me papa I’m ur dad, Raunak hugs him.

Pre cap: Randhir to Janki, this whole property is urs now n live with it all alone, u broke all ur relations for this so live with it now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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