Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidhi says Kajal lets have tea come,why u look so tensed,Kajal asks where’s ma,Vidhi says she isn’t home ,Kajal says ok will call her,Kajal calls Janki n says ma I need to talk to u, Janki says I’m at my friends daughter engagement will call u later. Kajal tells Vidhi abt Munshi,Vidhi says Kajal u leave I will take care here n let Sakshi be here I will get her in evening,u go.

Kamini n munmun enter house n says why so silent here, Vidhi says no ones home n we are all alone,Kamini says party time,Vidhi says I’m calling Sanket here. Vinay Neeti Radhika Sanjana in hospital,Kajal comes there, doctor informs he is stable now but he needs rest, Kajal says ma plz come with me,Kajal says ma plz don’t be upset, I understand ur pain but look it’s affecting u n papa,Radhika says this is my fault too,Kajal says no it’s not,we lost Akshay n now papa,Radhika says no,Sanjana says aunty plz sorry I will go away plz forgive me,Kajal says ma plz listen to her,Sanjana goes on knees n says I’m really sorry I can’t stay in this guilt plz aunty,Radhika steps aside,Vinay says Sanjana get up, Sanjana hugs him n starts crying,Radhika doesn’t like it.

Kajal n Neeti look at Munshi. Kamini munmun Vidhi n Sanket partying, Sanket says ma I missed u a lot, Vidhi says me too n how are u, Sanket says I’m feeling good n I will soon return,Vidhi says yes u will just waiting for the right time,door bell rings, munmun says looks like my visa but money, Vidhi goes to open the door n sees Raunak at the door.

Kajal goes get medicines,she sees Janki in the hospital n gets surprised, Kajal turns to get her change n in mean while Janki leaves,Kajal thinks why is am here but she was at someone’s engagement what must be she doing here,Kajal tries to look for Janki,Kajal standing in front of a room n Janki inside it but Kajal doesn’t see her.

Janki n Harish with doctor,Neeti asks Kajal bhabhi medicines,Kajal says Neeti I saw ma here,Kajal says no she doesn’t know abt it, she is at some ones engagement she said let me call her, janki says Kajal in busy dint u understand b hangs the call,Neeti says what did ma say, Kajal says she is at engagement, Neeti says bhabhi may be it was someone else come lets go see papa.

Vidhi says Raunak all well how come u came so early,Sanket n others hide in mean time,Raunak walks in n says my meeting got cancelled so came back,munmun says ma u n me stay here why we hiding anyways lets stay here or else Sanket may get caught, Vidhi tells Raunak abt Munshi heart attack n says n Sakshi is sleeping, Raunak sees kajals 10 missed calls. Nurse allows everyone to meet Munshi.

Kajal gets call from Raunak,nurse asks her to switch off her phone,Radhika says to Munshi, I’m sorry plz forgive me,Munshi smiles n says u saved me Radhika ur karvachuth fasts saved me,Kajal says ma don’t worry all will be fine,forget the past n get happiness back in our house n forgive everyone, Radhika says Kajal, Munshi says I hope she will lot fight now,Radhika says that’s my right to fight with u,kajal says papa I shd leave,Sakshi is alone in Bhopal,u take care, Neeti says how did Bhai leave u alone n go Mumbai, kajal sees Vinay busy with Sanjana n finds it little odd.

Raunak says Chachi I will go Indore no ones picking up calls, Vidhi says yes go,raunak says I will see Sakshi n then leave,vidhis says but she is sleeping, raunak says no fine I will see her n then go n goes to Sakshis room, Sanket comes out ,munmun says we will go out n pretend we just came,Vidhi says Sanket u to leave with them,but Raunak comes back, Sanket hides again.

Vidhi says Raunak,Raunak says Chachi u look tensed what’s wrong, munmun n Kamini walk in,Vidhi says did u talk to Sakshi, Raunak says no she is still sleeping when she wakes ask her to call me,Vidhi says sure, Raunak leaves, rauank gets call from Kajal, Kajal says sorry I had to switch off my phone n papa is fine n I’m on my way back,rauank says I’m back in Bhopal my meeting got cancelled,I will wait for u,kajal says ok.

Kajal sees Harish n Janki leaving in car n says that means I wants wrong.

Pre cap: rauank opens door n sees Sanket with Vidhi munmun n Kamini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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