Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua says Randhir accepted Janki for property,Janki thought it was randhirs love but it wasn’t, Randhir started drinking n troubling Janki n when I tried stopping he threw me out of house n also had an affair, n for the property claim n according to my fathers will he had to kill u all but Randhir by which wanted to kill u , met with an accident himself n was missing since then, Janki went through lot of hardship bcoz of Randhir but for Raunak n Neeti , Janki kept quite so Raunak forgive ur ma for ur good she did all this go patch up with her.

Raunak walks to Janki n says ma why did u try killing papa but,Janki falls in raunaks feet n says I’m sorry I made a big mistake, I was scared that ur will leave me alone n also when Randhir will get well I was scared he will hurt u all, I love u a lot Raunak I can’t live without u n so I took this huge step,Raunak says ma get up, janki says I’m sorry, I agree I didn’t like Kajal bcoz I was scared u will leave me alone n so I never thought abt u n started controlling ur life,I’m sorry Raunak, Janki says Kajal u were right when love is mixed with selfishness it gets bitter, I controlled everyone for Raunak n I’m sorry too even for Akshay, Plz forgive me, Raunak I beg u forgive me n promise u I will never ever do any such thing again,plz son,Raunak walks away,Kajal follows him.

Raunak says Kajal what shd I do,on one hand I see papa needs help n ma she is so sorry abt what she Did, Kajal says I get ur point but ma is sorry for what she has done so let it go n forgive her,n it’s better we forget the past n give a new start, time will make everything good, ma did everything for ur happiness, n for our new start plz forgive me , cmon n Kajal holds raunaks hand n takes him downstairs.

Bua says Janki Raunak will understand ur condition cheer up,Raunak walks to Janki,n says ma n hugs her both are in tears, Janki says Raunak I knew u will forgive me,Kajal smiles seeing them patch up,Janki says I will never break ur trust Raunak,bua says all good now, Janki says Raunak I will make everything right, even look after ur papa,now we have only happiness, right Kajal,bua says Janki u have been through a lot now u have only happiness,Janki says Didi this is all bcoz of u thanku,munmun says ma we shd leave from here for our betterment, Vidhi hugs Janki n says Didi after so long we all are so happy,janki says Kajal light neiva n thank god n thanku too for giving me my Raunak back thanku.

Sanjana says jiju I’m leaving house , Didi says I’m the reason between u two separation, Vinay says what, Sanjana says I don’t know why is she blaming me so let me do, I can’t stay here n hear the comments Didi say n no one will trust me of something go rounds, vinay says Sanjana u don’t have to go stay here I will be back n leaves, Sanjana says Radhika aunty ur ideas work n now Vinay will never trust Neeti.

Janki goes to her room with bua, bua says Janki beautiful room, Janki says Didi plz take a sit n have water,Janki open her cupboard n gives bundle of notes to bua, bua says give it here n snatches money, Janki says thanku for what u said, bua says I did for money so thanku not needed, n cool na once u threw me out n today took my help to stay in here.

Bua says Janki, Randhir never tried killing u n Raunak n why did u bring me ur biggest rival to help u, janki says this was ur house not anymore n u have ur money too so u can leave, bua says keep sending me the money n I will keep serving u n anyways the truth I was behind u n Randhir n ur jhumkas are too pretty cmon give them,Janki gives her jhumkas n jewellery n says u will get everything u need n all happened forget it n leave now,bua says are u really gonna help randhirs recover,janki says no ways let him be mad as he is, bua says very good n turns n sees Kajal at door n says oh no Kajal.

Pre cap : Janki says u want me to cook food Vidhi,Vidhi says Janki Didi u shd be thankful that I kept quite in front of bua n Raunak or else Raunak won’t trust u,Raunak says what trust ma

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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