Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak n vinay try talking to kajal but kajal in shock doesn’t respond, raunak thinks kajal is in shock I have to take her hospital n say vinay take kajal hospital I will stay here, vinay says no I will stay here u take her hospital, raunak says kajal come leys go n don’t worry akshay will be fine, kajal doesn’t move, raunak picks her in his arms n takes her hospital.
In hospital, sakshi is taken to few tests, janki has raunaks behavior to sakshi going all around her mind, she waits in lobby, kamini comes there n says janki all will be fine now, radhika, munshi n ashok reach hospital radhika asks is akshay fine, munshi says janki devi wont let akshay go in any trouble, janki says sakshi is unconscious, vinay is at accident spot,ashok says n kajal, raunak gets her in his arms, adhika points to raunak n says theres kajal,janki gets angry n crushes the glass in her hand, kajal still in shock, raunak puts her on stretcher, vinay comes hospital, along with akshay on stretcher, akshay is wounded n covered in blood, raunak rushes to him n says he is alive do something save him, save my brother, do ur best do something save my brother,I beg of u save my friend plz, take my blood but save my friend plz, doc says plz calm down we will try our best n take akshay to operation theater.
Nurse informs raunak that doc called him, raunak looks at kajal still in shock, doctor treating her, doctor says she has to shout n cry or else she will collapse into coma, raunak walks to kajal, chachu comes there n says sakshi is calling u, raunak goes to sakshis room, kamini says janki what is this happening, raunak is behaving like their servant, doc tells sakshi is in high fever n we are worried the fever may transfer to her brains,we are keeping her under observation, raunak comes out of room n is feeling helpless.
Chachu walks to raunak n says we need to get these papers signed for akshays operation, janki says raunak u need not sign, akshays whole family is here raunak says I am his family too n he is here because of me, all are in pain because of me, he was asking me to forgive him so that I move on but today my stubbornness has cost three lives in danger n if something bad happens I can never forgive myself n signs the forms.
Janki has raunaks reaction towards akshay freaking her out, she prays to god, saying u know my pain, what storm I am gonna face, akshays death will take raunak away from me, because of akshay my raunak is with me, plz save akshay, I didnt want to harm him n takes gods blessings n lights an diya, n says plz save akshay I cant lose rauank, raunak will never move out of this pain n I cant see him going in this pain, janki says how am I wrong that love towards raunak is firing back, I did all for raunaks happiness n his condition now is freaking me out, plz save my raunak n for that save akshay, I will die without raunak, save akshay.
Radhika praying to god too, janki walks to raunak but raunak rushes to operation theater seeing doctor, doctor says patient is very critical, internal damage is very critical, raunak says plz save him, save my friend,doctor says I have tried everything, the chances are rare all u can do is pray, akshay is brought out on stretcher n taken to other room, radhika breaks down seeing akshays condition.
Raunak has his n akshays childhood memories, n all time spemt with him going all around his mind, he walks to gods idol, n prays I always thanked u for everything u gave n today I want my friend back, I beg in front of plz, do some miracle, I am the reason behind his condition don’t punish kajal n sakshi bcause of me, plz god save my brother, n places his hand over diya n says punish me but plz give my friends life back.
Janki sees raunak in front of gods idol with his hand over diya.

Precap: raunak with sindoor in his hand n abt to apply it in kajals forehead.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Varsha Darshini

    From today I wont watch this, Akjl is separated

  2. what the hell is happening in precap???

  3. Plz dnt kill akshay

  4. Kajal should not get married with that dumb raunak

  5. Guys this story is about raujal/rajal so does not make sense to me if akshay lives on… Still saying this, I would be delighted to see akshay and kajal together they look like a better couple… N if akshay dies, kajal will forget past, raunak will fill her ‘maang’ and saakshi will be their daughter.. Everyone knows truth, only kajal doesn’t know, and kajal does gruhapravesh in janki house…

    1. Mahal does know the truth only raunak doesn’t

  6. I think raunak applys sindoor so that she gains consious… luv raunak…. wat is his fault in that…

  7. I think Raunak is doing that to help Kajal overcome her shock.

  8. Guyzz…..i think raunak is doing this to get kajal back from her shock …kajal will not allow raunak to do this .or otherwise he is really a dumbo.doc said that kajal shud cry or shout.I think this sindoor wala idea is raunaks

  9. I think this story turns a bad one. Every serial writers play with marriage. I dont like to see this serial anymore. So quitting. Love u akshay and kajol

  10. I think before raunak applies sindoor somebody will cm and yell tat akshay is reacting thus kajal comes out of trauma rushes to akshay where he will tell raunak to take care of sakshi and kajal…..i hope it doesn’t turn out lyk tat…akajal is amazing…

  11. I love kaja akshay……u don’t akshay dies…if akshay…i am never watch the serial silsila pyar ka….:-[:'(

  12. Yaar don’t say like this this serial is all about raunsk & kajol love I love the precap by the way sakshi is their daughter and moreover kajol can enter in janki house and can make her to realize the mistake which she has done in past soo guys let’s see & enjoy☺☺☺☺☺

  13. Bachwas why akshay tum mera hero ho

  14. Don’t die pls kajol hosh mein ow tumhari Beti vi hatre mein he

  15. Nice episode feeling bad for akshay without him the show will be damn boring..

  16. she must marry raunak
    akshay is stupid not to tell kajal anything in that 5 years he was with her

  17. it is not raunaks fault
    his mother cheated him

  18. akshay mustn’t die

  19. who gave rights to akshay to decide kajal life?he love his friend so he make friend he give his wife…not kajal s doll…now he forget akshay n to kajal…wat a non sense

  20. Kajal and Rounak are the protagonist of the serial.So we will have to watch a boaring love story…Miss u Akshay….

  21. Akshay is a selfish man.How can he forget his wife,daughter and family?he decided to risk his life only for a friendship?.I know a good friend matters,but not as much as a family does.Boring.

    1. akshay didnt know that he is going to face death no one in the world can bear such a pain which akshay faced and he loved his friend but unfortunately married the girl whom his friend loves and he can feel raunak pain so he thought once raunak forgives him every thing will be alright but his destiny has some other thing though it is forced marriage he accepted his relation with kajal and always kept her happy how he is selfish

    2. I agree with u Sudha.

  22. I will never watch this serial if akshay dies


    Silsila Pyaar Ka:

    Raunaq proposes Kajal for marriage. Kajal refuses to marry him and says nobody can take Akshay’s place in her life. Raunaq tries hard to convince her, but she is adamant on her decision not to marry.

    If rajal happens i will quit the show……..

    1. Yes wellwisher no kashay no silsila Pyaar ka


      hi fatarajo……. how r u dear?

  24. YHM and Saathiya Liked the most

  25. Shocking precap :O no please don’t kill akshay

  26. Watching Monday’s(today’s) episode,Raunak’s acting is not good.

  27. I hate Raunak.He doesn’t know to act.

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