Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

raunak sees kajal n akshay hugging eachother, akshay sees raunak waching n leaves kajal, kajal asks what happened akshay points at raunak, kajal says akshay i will go check sakshi, raunak looks at akshay in anger. neeti calls vinay n says ma forced everyone to stay here n all ae u happy, vinay says i know, vinay says its all our new babys charm, neeti says ok bye now, love u, vinay says love u too, everyone at dinning having dinner, kajal with sakshi, radhika asks raunak to join them, raunak says i am not hungry, radhika says raunak u are upset with us too, raunak says no aunty, radhika says then why dont u talk to us, raunak says no aunty all is good i am just busy, sakshi says friend have food u will work better, ashok says raunak we are sorry if u didnt like us to stay here, raunak says no uncle plz dont embrass me, its all good i will join u soon, neeti says bhaiya can i talk to u, raunak says later neeti, neeti says u still upset with me, raunak says neeti its all fr u just enjoy n have fun leave the troubles to me, akshay comes there, raunak leaves, kajal says neeti dont cry, neeti says bhaiya is so upset with me, kajal says neeti all will be fine,neeti says bhaiya is behaving so rude.
kajal takes neeti along with her n says if raunak sir will bring smile on ur face see what i do come with me, kamini n janki see them togther, kamini says this kajal has some black magic even neeti is behind her, janki says kamini right now what i sawis kajal isnt having her phone with her go check, kamini says very right n leaves.
raunak in his room he has trouble with seeing akshay n kajal togther, kamini goes to the room kajal is staying n starts searching for her phone, kamini very scared, kamini goes to washroom to check kajals phone. kajal goes to raunaks room along with neeti, neeti n kajal see no one in room.
kamini goes in balcony n sees kajals phone there n says oh yes now janki will be so happy with me. neeti says kajal di i will wait out i cant face bhaiya, kajal says neeti wait whats wrong, neeti says i am scared, kajal says calm down u stay here i will go talk to him n then call u, but u stay calm.
kajal goes back to his room, raunak comes out from shower n sees kajal, noth share an awkward silence, raunak picks his shirt n says kajal u need something, kajal says sir its imp abt n kajal sees the torn letter n her photo in raunaks cupboard n she has flashes of her n raunaks college days, raunak says kajal say somthing, kajal picks her photo, raunak wears his shirt n turns around n walks to kajal, kajal looks at him.
kamini leaving kajals room sees sakshi starring at her in anger, sakshi says aunty this is my ma’s phone, kamini says she left in balcony so i took it, sakshi says aunty didnt u heard on railway n bus stations that u shdnt touch unknown objects there could be bomb, kamini says shutup go take ur medicines, sakshi says i was helping u become a good girl anyways give me my ma’s phone, kamini teases sakshi, n troubles her n sakshi falls down n she shouts ma, akshay comes there n rushes to sakshi, sakshi gets hurt, akshay looks at kamini with anger.
kajal n raunak bend t pick the picture, both feel awkward, kajal keeps the photo back in his cupboard, kajal says neeti come in, raunak gets confused, neeti walks in, kajal says sir neeti has misunderstood ur silence as u are upset with her n we shd leave our past in the past n move on.
kajal says sir neeti is very upset because she hurt u plz forgive her n she shdnt be upset in such condition, i know u arent happy facing ur fast but sir u have to move on because u are the one who will be hurt the most n can u plz promise me u will try n move on.
akshay gets band aid for sakshi, kamini leaves, sakshi says papa that aunty has ma’s phone, skahsy says i will go get it u stay here ok, kamini sees akshay behind her n rushes down n sees janki n hands her the phone n hides behind her, akshay comes there, n sees jani holding kajals phone, akshay gives her an angry look.

precap: akshay shouting today i wont be quite,raunak says akshay calm down, akshay says no i wont kamini aunty give me kajals phone let us all see what it has that u stole it from our room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya



  2. Pls don’t separate Akshay and Kajal..

  3. Plz dont separate akshay n kajal n sakshi so cute

  4. I like Akshay and Kajal pair and may be that is y quite disappointed with Raunak Kajal scenes.

  5. Hundred percent sure Raunak and Kajal will get together the way the kid is growing closer to Raunak and award scenes between them .idiotic cvs if they do so,

  6. anyone knows the song teri yadee run as BG in todays epi

  7. Akshay,Kajal good pair if they breakup My whole family friends stop watching this serial.

  8. Same here,don’t want Kajal -Raunak,we want Akshay and Kajal.

  9. Kajal and Akshay is good,I don’t like Raunak at all.CV’s don’t separate Kajal and Akshay.

  10. We want Kajal and Akshay,don’t separate them.

  11. Hate Raunak Kajal scenes,Akshay and Kajal make a good pair.

  12. Chhavi is a good actress, wud be good if Akshay and Kajal are the lead.

  13. Agree with you all totally,Akshay and Kajal are best..Bring somebody else for Raunak.

  14. Actually who is main lead,guys, r they going to unite Raunak and Kajal,no need,Akshay and Kajal are best pair ,I will stop if they get separated.

  15. Ithink kajal and akshay is best

  16. Irritating promo,we want Akshay and Kajal together.

  17. Me too agree with you all,let Raunak love somebody else,Kajal and Akshay are best.

  18. i wish ranauk gts to noe the truth.plz cvs dnt separate kajal nd akshay they make a gud pair together

  19. Raunak and Kajal have a chemistry….

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