Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari speaks to Mishti about her tension

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 7th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti restlessly walks across the room. She thinks she is committed to Veer and she must marry him. She is at a point where she must decide between love and the right. But how she can marry Veer, she loves Rohan. She has always reminded herself she is more of her mother’s daughter and lesser of her father; then how she can betray Veer today. Why she moved forward towards Rohan. Pari stood in the room and tells Mishti she is her father’s daughter. She can express her love and say her heart out. Mishti asks Pari what she means. Pari reminds Mishti always blamed Buddy for whatever Mauli had to bear, she held her mother also responsible for Mauli’s ruined life. She must have face huge pain. Today, Mishti is doing the same. Mishti felt uncomfortable. Pari says she is committed to Veer,

still she moved on with Rohan; she never considered that Mishti can do any such thing. Mishti always measures in right and wrong, then how she can love Rohan. Why Mishti wants to lead them into a burden they have bear for years now. The one mistake of their parents, haunted them for years. She has always hated Buddy but what about Mishti’s actions today. It can’t be right today. Rules are same for everybody, what’s wrong will always be wrong. She asks Mishti about her decision; she must take one right away else there won’t be any difference between them. She asserts that Mishti is her Papa’s daughter, a betrayer. Mishti denies being one and cries shutting her ears.

Radhika and Pari had returned home and hears Mishti screaming. Mishti composes herself and assures the family she is fine. She was a little terrified, and remembered what happened near Lonavela. Radhika was tensed that she has seen Mishti like this. Her heart doesn’t accept any explanations by Mishti. She was lost even yesterday, and didn’t even answer while Pari was knocking the door. She warns Mishti that the cards of her wedding have printed, both families are involved in the matter. But she can’t see happiness over Mishti’s face. She confirms if there is really not something serious. Mishti assures Dadi she is fine. Pari also consoles Radhika that Mishti is going to leave them, and that’s why she behaves a little strange. She has seen a lot of friends who also get weird pre-wedding. And there can be another reason, Mishti is used to ordering everyone and after wedding she will have to listen to her mother in law. She now sends Radhika to get her breakfast. Mishti gives a smile to Pari.

Tani bids a good bye to Sukhmani while she leaves for school. Sukhmani stops Ansh back. She tells Ansh that Tani has started to go to disco, he must speak to her. Ansh says Tani doesn’t consider his words, and would stop talking to him at all. Sukhmani was worried for Tani and asks Ansh to keep an eye over Tani, it’s his duty as a best friend.

Pari place a hand over Mishti’s shoulder and says she said all the rubbish to Dadi so that she doesn’t get tensed. But there is surely something that troubles Mishti. She knows Mishti well, what it is that Mishti can’t share with her. Mishti isn’t among those who would want to postpone their wedding without any major reason. Mishti says she can’t tell Pari anything. Pari says she is her Pari, and can be blindly trusted. If she doesn’t want to marry Veer. Mishti thinks Pari really understands her, she doesn’t want to marry Veer and loves someone else. But how she can say this. Mishti wants to spend some time alone. Pari wasn’t ready, she says she has been watching her for days now but she can’t stay silent anymore. There is definitely a problem between her and Veer. If something really troubles Mishti, she shouldn’t marry Veer then. She would stand beside her, and they will look into everything that happens ahead. She changed herself for Veer and his family, but it wasn’t likeable from day one. She shouldn’t have changed her identity, as it didn’t promise her happiness for lifetime. She says Mishti is extremely nice. She wants that Mishti who always smiled, illuminated positive vibes and assured everything will be good in the end. If she isn’t sure about Veer then she shouldn’t marry each other. They have witnessed the complicated relationships of their parents, they shouldn’t do the same to theirs. She must always remember that for her (Pari), Mishti’s happiness is extremely important. She wants her Mishti back only. Mishti now smiles and hugs Pari tightly, she says thank you so much Pari. She was happy, determined and leaves the room willfully.

PRECAP: Mishti tells Veer she can’t marry him. Veer asks if she has lost, why she even got engaged when she didn’t want so. What wasn’t there in their relationship? Mishti replies love. Veer loosens the grip over her shoulder.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. DannyComments

    Lovely Advice from Pari! So proud of let’s hope that love is still there when you discover who your sister is really in love with 😈😈😈

  2. I Don’t know why so many are criticizing this show
    Actually it was showing the fact that so many Man/ Woman are breaking their marriages because they fall in love with someone

    If you got to this story Mauli & Kunal are in love and they get married.
    Entry of Nandini. So many hated nandini character but she was struggler. She faced so many Problems by Rajdeep. He always hurt her, Harrased her physically & mentally But Nandini stay stood
    When she know she was pregant she was happy that it will change her marriage life
    But Evil Rajdeep was cause of Nandini Abortion. Wife can face all but not mother. So she moved on

    Mauli bring her to home as a friend. Kunal , Nandini & Mauli become good friends.
    Mauli before so many times tell kunal that Nandini & Kunal thinking and tastes are same. If he met nandini before definitely he will fall in love with her and marry her. Kunal ignored with laugh.

    And Finally Kunal was in love with Nandini( Because Story must go on)
    Kunal was faced and felt bad and checked so many times he can’t betray Mauli.
    Nandini also control her emotions she can’t betray her best friend.
    But love is the thing with no loose ends.
    Nandini was faced so many problems from childhood but kunal was there everytime, he saved her and
    she fell in love with him.
    After so much drama they got married.
    Ofcourse Mauli was in deep shock that her husband and best friend betrayed her
    She did everything to save her marriage. BUt not succeded
    SO they got divorced and moved on…………………..

    IN General…………….So many are having Extramarital affairs and they are going on and some one comitting murders also but here it showed they moved on with loved ones

    But you are talking nonsense have you forgotton Kjo Movie kabhi alvida naa kehna it was also about love after marriage with other guy . But you guys like that movie and make hit

    All Ekta Kapoor shows are crap there is no value in marriage. In every show illegal afffairs and multiple marriage, SO much saas-Bahu drama and all other crap we can find there but you liked them and it was getting good TRP. BUt you are commenting badly about this show which showing what currently happens in society.

    OK i wil also believe that we don;t fall in love with other when you are married.

    Right now after seeing her Parents MIshthi want Perfect husband and family.
    Veer was her friend and when he proposed her he accepted because he thinks veer was good and trusted person with good values
    BUt have you noticed she was different when Veer Parents are seen. She also decided not to do job and veer accepted. She loosing her identity.

    Ruhaan was fell in love with first sight when he see mishthi and later she kissed him
    And it was twist that he love the girl which his friend was enganged.
    He foughts with that but he cann’t control it……………..
    MIsthi also faced something when she was around Ruhaan…………………
    They are fighting with their f eelings.

    Nothing badly shown any scene………..It was showing that they were fighting with emotions.
    Misthi consfessed that she can’t marry veer………….

    SO if it was real we want to see how they overcome problems and get united.

    SO son’t bad comment on this show there are so many shows which at some time it was gone into crap.

    SO if you like enjoy the show but don’t bad comment about makers and actors

  3. If mishti doesn’t love veer she must break up with him irrespective of her and ruhaan love. If you don’t love your fiancé or spouse fine there is nothing that can be done just talk to that person, break up civically, maintain dignity till the relation is over then start with whoever you want. This is the minimum decency neither Kunal nor Nandini had.
    If I could choose I would like both mishti and pari to forget ruhaan and go in world tour with radhika sending ansh to live with Sukhmani till his classes are over.

  4. Want to see mishti breaking up with veer. We all know that there is no love between Mishti and veer. Of course ruhaan understands mishti very well. Sorry veer but I want mishti ruhaan together

  5. Mishti doesn’t love veer she just like him and there are compatible to each other but in kunal and mauli case they lived with each other for 7 years with love .mishti even not accepted the car that he given but kunal and nandini depended on mauli and betrayed her.after leap kunal himself told that he committed a mistake and complicate their life ..whatever between kunal and nandini is completely attraction because they have no work to do and simply sitting in home .
    When coming to season 2 story it is about how the children life affected because of their parents dedds either good or bad

  6. Mishti is a hore.she has no control and she likes to get what she cannot. Hore and drostitute.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol… mse 👍 but without the last 2 descriptions 😁

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