Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal decides to plan something special for Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli and Nandini were a part of playing sindoor. Mauli rubs her sindoor into Nandini’s hairline, without recognizing her. As they confront each other, the thaal fell off Mauli’s hand. She appreciates Nandini for snatching her everything, even her sindoor as well. She leaves the hall. Kunal watch her leave and spots Nandini, who stood crying in the midst of hall. He hurries to Nandini and takes her aside. Nandini says Mauli was fearful that she wants to snatch her sindoor, she only came here for peace and doesn’t hold Mauli as her enemy. Kunal assures Nandini that he trusts her. Nandini says the love and respect she got from Kunal is enough for her, she never wanted to snatch him from Mauli. Kunal wipes Nandini’s tears and asks if she would still cry even after getting her love.

He says situations are such that sometimes he might hurt her, but he promises that he will be there each time to wipe the tears. Mauli came here because of Dida. She comes here each year to celebrate companionship. He assures Nandini that he is here with her to celebrate with her. He went against his family and society but selected Nandini. They will have to fight for the day when they can be truly united. Pandit ji asks the ladies to take chunri of Mata. Kunal gets into the line. He gets two chunri, looks towards the Goddess considering it a symbol. He then drapes Nandini in the chunri. Both look at each other for a while.
The next day, Kunal speaks to Nandini on phone about her head ache. Nandini says she will be fine in a while. Kunal tells her to stay relaxed and not to overthink about yesterday. He plans a dinner in a new restaurant. Nandini replies she doesn’t want to go. Kunal convince her to come along, he will make her feel special. After the call, Kunal thinks this isn’t an easy time for Nandini. He must do something special for her.
At home, Mamma was doing the Pooja. Kunal was leaving when Dida stops him and inquires about his plan of action. Kunal says he is leaving for clinic, and will get late. Dida complains that they don’t consider her appointments important anymore. Kunal reminds Dida that her appointment is tomorrow. Dida says she has to go to temple, so he must come earlier. Kunal reminds Dida that she spoke to Indu about temple visit. Dida then asks him to return soon, she wants to work on her will with him. Kunal says Dida must sleep earlier tonight for her blood tests tomorrow morning. After Kunal has left, Mamma tells Dida that the marriage would only end if Kunal and Mauli take the initiative and do it at will.

PRECAP: Kunal, Nandini and Mauli were confused about their stances.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Someone pls slap both lusty pigs, can’t tolerate them even for 1sec, this Kunal is a spineless man, go with ur divine love to hell n spare mauli, u stupid man go n stand amid all of ur family member n tell them whatever u told to nandhin.

    1. I swear that’s the first thought came to my mind! Slapping them right to left. WTF is wrong with that man?! I mean seriously! That jerk is not worried about Mauli who’s going through shit. He’s worried about that senseless, ungrateful woman!

  2. Difficult time for nandini… wow kunal.. oh my god mouli leave this pig kunal.. director and writer pls give some respect to woman and god.. dont play with that… u all want to gloryfy ema and kunan.. ok do it and leave mouli out of this crap.. dont make her as a waste charactor.. u guyz already showed mouli as a gud one.. we all love her.. next tome come with one wife and to men.. colors do support to all this

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Now I am getting headache… Writers are confused, characters are confused and now audience is also confused..😟😟😟😟 Whom want whom and what exactly they want??? 😌😌😌And where the hell rajdeep, didn’t he get bail this time from his second house jail😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 or his character ended

    1. Exactly shraddha I am also confused !! show was good till confrontation scenes after that the director got confused and doesn’t know how to progress and mainly with whom he should go with mounal or kunan!!so They Simply dragging the show!!

  4. Kunal r u a man??blo*dy coward.. Atleast hav d guts to say that u r going to meet nandhni….u thnk that u guys r not doing anything wrong thn y r u hiding n lying to everyone…n nandhni what d hell do u mean by u don’t want to snatch him from mauli???srlsy??u just did that….n do u guys really know d emotions like guilt n regret…disgusting guys…n i don’t know wtf d makers want to imply by doing this shits…it’s lyk insulting d god n religion….wtf do u keep on showing dat d god s supporting d ema….

  5. DannyComments

    I actually enjoyed this episode..been a while I saw my Nandini smile..You deserve some happiness Nandini..even for a short while.

    1. Mauil only suffer not nandu she got kunal mauil family but no one feel her feeling not being traditional and homely be independent is wrong so her husband can cheat and give love to nandu many nandu are their so kunal can give life if kunal s good person he feel friend and with mauil and support this not too help her it’s like killing one give too one Nanthini say she doesn’t snatch mauil husband if her not good she love someone who’s pairs good what problem with kunal mauil nothing this show kunal character is wast he’s negative cheating family and not being true nandu but u feel for nandu wow this what director want support nandu is only tire love is not because of one day dance attracts kunal homely

  6. Now mouli is nandinis hubend… yeh serial make comedy on traditions.. ema team trying very hard to kunan jodi.. they use god to this episod.. but people think about this.. husbend and wife relation mein sindoor applied by men.. but in this case a women applied sindoor on nandini.. that means nandinis position is zero.. greedy nandini and kunal.. kunal consider nandinis difficult time.. he didnt value her wife and her emotions.. what a main lead…. ema team pls kill mouli or do justice to her charctor as u guyz previosely showed.. ema teamz kunan is the most worst jodi ever

  7. How long will this go on? Kunal – ‘this is a difficult time for Nandini’. Mauli is dancing in a bed of roses right? And Nandini’s repeated dialogue, she didnt want to snatch anything from Mauli. Then since three days why she is getting jealous and insecure by seeing Kunal and Mauli together? will she be happy staying as Kunal’s mistress? No. She wants Kunal for herself. But in her own head she cannot see any fault in what she is doing. She is self-justifying herself every moment. Wah! If Kunal loves this woman, then it is clear what kind of person he is. Why is Dida doing this? every moment Kunal is running to Nandini. Pooja, function, dinner – he wants Nandini. Mauli should see this everydaya and suffer?
    And what symbol about two chunris? He will stay with both woman? Is that where the show going? Kunal and Nandini’s true love, Mauli’s hairline getting filled and Kunal getting two chunris…. If Mauli accepts this, i will lose respect for her also and then this show can disappear for all i care. Everyone says Nandini is alone, but Mauli is alone too. Her own mother doesn’t support her. Dida is emotionally blackmailing her. I hoped atleast mamma will tell her to be strong and move away but she is also shielding dida. Her cheater husband doesnt give two shits about her. Then with whom will Mauli share her feelings? There is no one she can talk to. And she not sympathy seeker that she will do drama. So she suffers alone. Just allow her to move on already!

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      2 chunris??? but i saw one only which he make Nandini wear.
      And yesterday Durga maa made Mouli hairline fill and today she gave Chunri for Nandini, which jodi she want to bless????

      1. i didnt see the episode, just read the update where it is written Kunal gets 2 chunris and thinks that this is a symbol. So i said that. Maybe its a mistake of the update,

  8. love and respect enough for Nandini, my foot! Kunal’s ‘love and respect’ is based on watching her wet dance. What has Nandini done to deserve anyone’s respect? The little progress she achieved as a person, she herself washed it all away by being a obsessive, dependent, cheating woman. But if someone tells to her face that she is a cheater, she will act as if she is the most innocent soul in this planet. Sorry, in this universe. Pura Brahmand inke masoomiyat k samne chota padh jaye! Every moment only thinking about herself. Morning to night, either sit and think about Kunal and get insecure or get dressed up to spend time with Kunal. Not one moment is spared to even think about what Mauli might be going through. But even then she expects that when Mauli comes infront of her, Mauli will say ‘Bechari Nandini, i am happy you got your lovely companion’. Uff!
    Kunal also has one job – difficult time for Nandini, must make her happy! He makes excuse of clinic and his family believes also! When was the last time Kunal went to Clinic? Even now he can’t stop lying. Was he always this liar as well as cheater guy? lying to Nandini even. He said he will have to fight for the day when they can be united. And how do you fight coward? By making up stories in front of your family! I literally want to shove Kunal out of Mauli’s life. Jobless, shameless man! Are the writers really going to show one months of this crap?

    1. Susmita Dutta

      Well said… I just hate that two cheaters , they don’t deserve Mauli… Now dadi should stop her emotional drama & respect Mauli’s decision…

    2. anjali sharma

      i just loved your comment and couldnt control my laughter on these 2 lines #. Pura Brahmand inke masoomiyat k samne chota padh jaye! # When was the last time Kunal went to Clinic? you just did an amazing job Dhara!!

  9. I’m considering leaving this show. What I once thought of kunal is destroyed

  10. Nandini shuld be kicked out by kunal. Why should mouli leave kunal 4 that vamp nandu?

  11. Preethika

    Hmm hate this characterless series. Running a extra marital affair with a tag line “pure love” ntg is worse than diz. 😠😠😠 blo*dy useless writer’s……. their partner’s also should be blessed with same .

    1. You need to understand from both point of views another side Nandini is a ungrateful woman while another side she was desperate woman yearning for true love and I’m not justfying her actions yet we need to somewhat understand Nandini which the writers failed to show unlike Mauli we understood her character yet Nandini we can’t even try to apprehend her , they didn’t give a bit of effort to make the show realistic but I like to conclude three of them are at fault , Mauli’s blindfolded eyes , nandini’s ungrateful ness and kunal’s unfaithful actions but moreover the show is show pure idiocy by creating freaking empathy for the characters which none of them deserve .

  12. Y mauil should suffer what the reason still feels for nandhini mauil only got hurt off she save best friend life give her life too share this husband it shows kunal character is not justified show kunal character as negative Rajdeep character and kunal character or some when good person is not they hide their negative character as hidden is not fair only good bad husband and bad friend selfish friend and selfish husband

  13. This show tell even seven year love can break within few months affire if she dance and cook being homely men’s are attractive what mean mauil s honest too husband family this the result she get back in society many Nandini facing rajdeep as husband for every nandu kunal can life like this likes Mounil life handover to Nanthini this not seven years love were it went this cheating when Rajdeep went jail kunal also should go to jail but Nanthini should not be punished because Nanthini need some to take care give love so she can’t she he’s friends husband she need someone so I like to blame kunal without getting divorce form Mounil he in relationship with her what it is pls director reply to me don’t say court said illgel is not illgel and robering is not illegal killing someone is bad human morality where it went promote mauil real to kunal pls u can reality show u show as negative but u say it’s love that s only we can’t accept then u promote pls promote that not to were dress

  14. Wt d hell… nandhini is saying that she got love and that is enough fr her ND she don’t want to snatch Kunal from Mauli…if u r really feeling like this nandhini…u don’t expect Kunal to come to you and meet u …wtever the reason even though u wished to do Pooja wth Kunal…wt is this really means….if u don’t want to snatch Kunal from Mauli,then u would have spoke to Kunal abt Mauli that we can’t do this to Mauli and be with Mauli as it is very very tough time to her…but instead of dat u want Kunal and kunals love and he shud stay wth u ND he shud do Pooja s ND all wth u…ND u r not Kunal s wife yet…only married couple will do Pooja with the beloved ones…u don’t have any right to do this…if u r doing so then obviously u have been called as second women in Kunal life which is 100% true but u r not accepting it and u l behave that u r d mostt innocent…wt a lady u r… seriously no one shud have such a heartless frnd like u..u will fell like Kunal shud only showers love to u ND if Kunal ND Mauli r together u l feel jealous..this is wt really means u wish to snatch Kunal from Mauli..I don’t understand wt nandhini has done fr Kunal..nothing..evrytym someone shud help her someone shud guide her someone shud b wth her….Al d tym…only one thng she l do herself… putting this much of makeup ND getting ready fr Kunal evrytym..doesn’t she think abt Mauli once while doing it…ND this stupid Kunal…wt happened to u…u shud take care of Mauli this tym who is suffering this much because of u…chi shame on u…wt not she did fr u ND ur family…nd u have no guts to tell to tell ur family that u r gng to meet nandhini ND u r saying these all to nandhini…hahaha…wt a so called love…ND wt is this two chunris…nooooo it shudnt happen…writers pls change these Kunal ND nandhini characterisation.. at least they shud be some regretful abt wt they have done to Mauli..thoda tho sharam Karo u Kunal ND nandhini…

  15. I hate Nandini She has broken a marriage & Kunal is entertaining her i dont beleive in a husband cheating on his wife The directors are definetly giving wrong direction in society & encouraging affairs


  17. I think we have to sent the story writer and director to psychiatrist they are gone mad .poor people are trying very hard to prove they point but being a normal person we can’t digest they point .

    1. Haha yes send writers to psychiatrist.. Its such a lame story.. How could someone be this obsessd/?/that they have no regret? I would love to beat both nandini and kunal up.. Even face blackening couldn’t stop her… I’m no longer watching.. Will read to make sure mauli gets justice and please no pregnancies

    2. Fan of YUDKBH

      Absolutely right

  18. Premika bn na asaan hai , biwi bn na utna hi mushkil ,

  19. Fan of YUDKBH

    Person like Kunal does not deserve Mauli. Give him Nandini and let both disgusting cheaters to be together. Mauli deserves someone much better. I am sure people like Kunal will get very insecure the day Mauli gets someone. Kunal is basically a very weak person who feels macho with Nandini. With strong ladies like Mauli he feels very small and unimportant.

  20. What r these people trying to say at lest leave the poor Goddess they have so much work other then helping ur so called pure love

  21. Writer/director Please at least do not show kunal and nandini as pure and positive souls. If at all you run this show portray their characters in negative. Let Mauli be the main lead who will get over these backstabbers cheaters, let this show be her(Mauli’s) story. Don’t make it a sob story of Nandini who seriously deserves to be punished by God for the sin that she has committed. I so hate her crocodile fake tears which she has in plenty to lure someone else’s husband. Pathetic soul.

  22. First time I am writing a comment in this page although I check the comments here every day.
    I am very surprised to see how it is written in other pages and in some youtube video that Mauli accused Nandini, Mauli insulted Nandini, Mauli’s allegation over nandini etc etc. I really don’t understand if these people does not have any emotions or any humanity at least.
    They don’t have eyes to see or ear to hear?
    Mauli said only 3lines that too with a low voice, and I really don’t understand this nandini, after doing so much on Mauli, how she felt to cry only with three lines of Mauli?
    This Nandini character is getting worst day by day. She is only able to cry, and nag in front of her so called love Kunal.
    And this Kunal he is too mind-blowing. He felt Nandini has gone through so much. Really? I mean if you really want to spend time with her, Mauli is not objecting. at least don’t show all these nonsense excuses to get sympathy on you and Nandini.

    Only one thing is good that Kunal at least noticed that Nandini is crying all the time. Now probably he is liking that. But after few days it will be headache for him. I mean if one lady is continuously crying in front of you, how will you feel after some days?

    Why these two cheap people don’t let Mauli go. They don’t deserve love or friendship.

    Dida should stop trying to get Mauli and Kunal back together. Instead of if she really want Kunal to be with them they better accept Nandini and her nagging nature.
    You all leave Mauli.
    We want to see her story in future as she is. Independent, smart, confident and of course talented Mauli.

    1. I also felt the same thing. After a long time mauli was having some joy taking part in sindoor khela. Even there she saw nandini and got shocked. If it were some other woman in place of mauli, she would have told hundred words to nandini. But mauli still limited herself with dignity. What she said was truth. Nandini has taken everything away from her. But mauli didnt abuse or insult. She left. But pure nandini cant even hear the minimum of truth. Fat tears started pouring immediately, kunal saw that and sympathy generated every tear multiplied by hundred!
      Even more shocking was nandini’s dialogue that now she cant ‘tyag’ kunal. Tyag means sacrifice. Nandini seriously thinks SHE is the one who will have to SACRIFICE. Please!

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