Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti obsessed with Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer comes in and was shocked to see Rohan and Mishti. Mishti who was startled, jumps backward. She walks away from amidst the boys. Rohan leaves the apartment. Later, Veer laughed while Mishti sat there upset. She says she had done everything for him, she wanted to make his evening special and it is so embarrassing. Veer asks her not to be too harsh, he was unaware she would be waiting here. Mishti says she wanted to hug him and be close to him, not Rohan. Veer takes her into his hug, kiss her cheek and asks if better. He says she told him she was busy, he didn’t know she would make the preparations. Mishti feels she always disappoint him. On the day of that Drum Sharaade, then on Holi. She made the preparations to make up for everything, she cooked for him, made the decorations and got ready; but it was ruined. Veer hugs Mishti from behind and says everything is still pretty. He carries Mishti in his arms and reach the dining table. He then pulls the chair for her. Mishti says I love you while Veer serves the food for her. They hug each other.
Rohan was in a deep thought while driving in the dark. He escapes an accident from an approaching car, then comes out of the car. Mishti’s intimacy and her words still echo in his mind.
Mishti comes home. Pari was worried she had been. She takes Pari into the room and tells Mishti she went to Veer’s house for a surprise, but hugged Rohan instead. Pari hears the whole story, then breaks into a hysterical laughter. She says she is an antique piece and laughs even at the thought of hugging Rohan. She calls Mishti an idiot and couldn’t stop laughing. Mishti chases Pari outside the room. Rohan just came in, Pari couldn’t stop laughing. Rohan was quizzical and steps backward. Pari asks him to relax, something is there. She wipes the lipstick mark on his cheek with her shirt. She asks what is wrong with both of them, why they are so serious. It seems they deliberately did what happened. Rohan walks into his room without a word. Pari couldn’t stop laughing.
The next morning, Radhika comes to wake the girls up as its 9am. She asks Mishti to wake up, there was a call from her mother in law. Mishti says Veer’s mother has gone to Nasik. Radhika says she called from Nasik, she sent some brochures and said they must go shopping. She wakes Pari up as she has a meeting today. Pari says the meeting is at 11am, and it will get her a whole hour to reach the venue. Pari jumps off the bed and runs into the washroom. Mishti runs behind Pari to get her brush.
There at home, Sukhmani was doing acrobat. Radhika comes to her house. Sukhmani asks how she came over so early. Radhika gets seated, while Sukhmani goes to kitchen to pour a juice for them. Radhika looked a little tensed. Sukhmani offers her breakfast, but Radhika says kids are cooking something already. She tastes the juice, then says it feels bitter. Sukhmani notices the stress. Radhika says she felt a little tensed at heart. Girls were cooking together, she thought their house is filled as the kids are here. Mishti will get married in a few months, and even Pari has to leave. She breaks into tears. Sukhmani says girls have grown young, and Radhika has grown older. And once Ansh marries, there will be Saas Bahu disputes daily. And Mishti will be living in Bandra. Radhika cries that even the thought of her children going away troubles her in the heart. She lost three children and with Mishti she feels as if Mauli if close to her. Sukhmani says Ansh is also Mauli’s blood, and Pari is also like Kunal. Radhika says Mishti is exactly like Mauli. Sukhmani asks Radhika not to be always emotional. She drags Radhika to dance with her. The old ladies share some happy moments, Sukhmani hides her tears.
At home, Mishti and Pari share the breakfast. Pari wonders if being independent is good or bad. Mishti was instead planning a shopping. She says she wants to get a dress stitched for Rohan, a tie for him, and buy a saree for Rohan’s mom. Pari looked shocked. Mishti consoles she will be there, Pari needn’t be shocked. Pari asks Mishti if she is marrying Veer or Rohan, then why she has to shop for Rohan. Mishti denies saying Rohan at all. Pari argues for a while, then says Mishti needs a checkup. She suffers from short term memory loss. Only Rohan is there in her mind.

PRECAP: Arnav stops Pari from shopping a small plant, and says it’s too small. Pari says it’s not for event, it’s for Rohan. Rohan joins the table for breakfast. Mishti gets a cough, he walks behind Mishti and turns her face up forcefully, then asks if she feels better. Mishti apologizes Rohan for whatever happened yesterday.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Radhika and Sukhmani is bonding is much better in show as both understand each other and rest members are totally confused… ???
    2. Radhika mentioned Misty as Mouli shadow, but Misty Behave more like Kunal and Nandini (in terms of feelings and behaviour) and Pari behave more like Mouli (like Mouli use to behave like teenager) and Ansh is totaly ignored by Radhika (though she love him, but her main focus is always pari and misty)….
    3. Why I feel that slowly may be Ruhaan is falling inove with Pari, but he is not realising because of attraction towards Misty… And if its true that we can see Misty behaving like Nandini- Kunal who want Ruhaan as they wanted to be with each other at any cost, Pari scarificing her love for sake of Misty and correcting past mistakes made by Kunal and Nandini, for paying gratitude towards Mouli (And If 1% Pari-Ruhaan fall in love, I am sure Radhika will mainly ask Pari to scarifice her love for sake of Misty and whatever Mouli did for her after Nandini died..), basically going to be baised..

    1. pari’s love also a kind of attraction like ruhaan attracted towards mishti when she saw ruhaan for first time she feels somthing for ruhaan.
      mishti surely fall for ruhaan but she never think she wanted ruhaan at any cost never cheat anyone like kunal-nandhini instead she hides her feelings or tells her feelings to veer

    2. I am sorry Shraddha but why do i feel ur points biased towards pari more ..Not just you i found many like that.since the day mouli was pregnenet and nandini was to die people made assumptions that mouli’s daughter will cheat and nandini’s daughter will suffer.why so i didnt get .till now mishti character shows one thing that she hates cheating and want perfect life ..I do not think she will cheat .If she confess to veer about ruhaan or supress her feelings ,Will that still be considered as cheating ..Sorry if my comment hurts you .

  2. Okay, so Ruhaan just left his friend’s apartment without uttering a sorry. Why the hell would he stand like a statue while a lady is misunderstanding him as her fiance? He might be shocked for a moment or two but till the lights are switched on and Veer comes in picture, he doesn’t care to open his mouth and even later.
    Veer reminds of Mauli, trusting blindly and taking every situation lightly.
    Mishti is confused but I still like her, though I doubt till when.
    Radhika and Sukhmani conversation was awesome. Both bond really good. Radhika said Mishti is Mauli’s blood and just like her but with the current scenario, are the writers trying to portray Nandini’s goodness through her daughter Pari. I’ve been liking Pari since past few episodes due to Aneri’s carefree acting but if keeping Nandini’s goodness alive is the ultimate motive, then I can bet no one would be liking it.
    Ruhaan is hiding his feelings from Veer inspite of realizing just like Nandini.
    Whereas Mishti is unaware of her feelings till now.
    Seems like hidden tagline, “Jazbaat sahi ya galat nahi hote. Jazbaat toh bass jazbaat hote hai”.

  3. I stopped watching season-1 when EMA is supported by uniting Kunal & nandini. If they repeat same with season-2 as well, then it’s time to say goodbye…
    If writer want to unite Misti & ruhaan, make it in positive way and not by encouraging ema or cheating on partner etc….

  4. I seriously cannot begin to comprehend why the writers are always doing this nonsense. Veer and Mishti love each other why bring in a third party?? And Pari needs to get out from that fantasy world she is in right now there is someone who lives her she needs to concentrate on him best friends make good husbands trust me my best friend I got married to and I would not change it for anything in this world it was not easy though he had a lot of convincing to do but here I am 32 years later with three children and two grandchildren. Please writers let Veer and Mishti get married don’t spoil it. Sorry I did not mean to talk about myself.

  5. Cvs r giving less dialogues to ruhaan..i want his monologue..about what he is feeling..and here koi ema reflect nahi hotha..because they r not still married..mishti has every right to choose her partner before marriage

    1. Yes they are giving very few dialogues to ruhaan and not giving monologues either so it’s really hard to understand what he feels. And about cheating even I don’t think it is wrong if mishti falls in love with ruhaan as long as she is not a two timer. It would be bigger cheating to veer if she marries him but loves his friend. At the moment she is not married and she has already said that she is Committed to veer Commitment and love are two different things and everyone knows why she is marrying veer

  6. I think here pari is mauli who understands and care for everything…and ruhan is Kunal where ruhan cares and supports pari as Kunal did to mauli…and mishti is nandini where she doesn’t want to cheat rajveer and mauli…but ends up doing that and the same case is happening to mishti as well. So, what I feel is ruhan should be having feelings for both mishti and pari.
    And I really don’t understand about the characters of arnav and veer.I feel those characters are so dumb and by the way who is the villan or the negative character.

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Pari has always been the gentle one, just like Mauli… Mishti is the brawlish one, giving Ruhaan waay too much attention instead of focusing on her “fiance” ? she seems more likely to be the “Nandini” version… selfish, spoilt and unable to control her “hula” smdh

    Pari is sweet and I think her friendship with Ruhaan would eventually blossom into love, if that wench-like Mishti does not encourage Ruhaan to misbehave with her…

  8. The makers are showing more scenes between veer and mishti which absolutely is irritating. They doesn’t even have a chemistry. I want more scenes of mishaan. Just stop the track of mishti hating ruhaan. Awaits to see their love. Love you mishaan?

  9. Mishti will fall of Ruhaan, but she will not confess or cheat Veer as she wants to be committed to him, but may be Veer will understand and will unite them, the pain may bond veer and Pari(typical serial drama), Ruhaan clearly doesn’t have feelings for Pari as of now apart from good friendship. Tejaswi and Kunal chemistry isn’t bad but not a big fan of this serial as it reminds of Nandini and Kunal.

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