Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishti is disturbed

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal could sense Mishti was disturbed.
Mauli and Ishaan sat in an office. Mauli asks why they have come here. Ishaan gets a call from Mr. Mehta and tells him they are in his office. Mauli gets a call from Kunal, she comes outside to take the call. Kunal asks Mauli if he disturbed her, is Mishti fine? Mauli says she is fine, why he is asking? Kunal says he wonders if Mishti knows about her real father. Mauli says Mishti will never know he is her father. Kunal says children are really sensitive, he himself has been unable to deal with the emotions he has for Mishti, and he dearly loves her after knowing she is his daughter. He doesn’t want to snatch Mishti from her, he only wish their daughter doesn’t go through the same. Mauli thanks Kunal for his concern. Ishaan comes outside to take Mauli in the office. He tells Mr. Mehta that he wants to legally adopt Mishti. Mr. Mehta says they will need a written consent of Mishti’s real father, and the adoption will take place. Outside the office, Mauli tells Ishaan she is sure they have no fears from Kunal. He will not snatch Mishti from her. Ishaan asks how she can be so sure. Mauli tells Ishaan that she went to Kunal’s clinic to confront him in the morning, she thought Kunal had taken Mishti but he promised not to take Kunal away from her. They leave the office.
In the car, Mauli notices Ishaan was disturbed and lost. He confirms Mauli if she is sure about their relation? Mauli says Ishaan is the best man she will ever get, and Mishti can never get a better Popsy. Ishaan asks why she doesn’t want to transfer Mishti’s parental rights. Mauli says she still wants to keep Kunal away from Mishti, but she is relieved that he wouldn’t file for her custody anymore. Ishaan respects her decision.
The next morning, Mauli hurried to leave the clinic. Ishaan takes a break from a meeting and calls Mauli to remind that she had to attend Mishti’s school fair. Mauli tells him she is just leaving.
In the school fair, Pari comes to Mishti and offers her Candy Floss. Mishti was annoyed and throws the packet away on floor, shouting at Pari to go away. Pari calls Mishti her sister alike, but Mishti resists being her sister. She instead pushes Pari away. Mauli came there and spot them, she apologizes Pari and goes behind Mishti who had run in an opposite direction. Kunal comes to Pari, Pari complains about Mishti but Kunal says it must be mistakenly. He sends their maid to bring candy floss for them. Mauli comes there and apologizes Kunal, Mishti behaves really awkwardly. Kunal asks how Mishti is, while eyeing her closely. Mauli says she is a little moody. Kunal waves towards Mishti but she stood with her face away. Kunal takes Mauli’s permission to speak to her. Mauli replies she will handle it herself. She kisses Pari’s forehead and takes a leave with Mishti. Kunal and Pari leave for home.
In the car, Kunal asks Pari what Pari had in the fair. Pari replies she had nothing. They spot Mauli struggling with her car on the way. Kunal comes to help, Mauli says she can’t know what’s wrong. Kunal notices one of the wire was burnt, they must send it to workshop. He offers to drop them home. Mauli says it’s alright, she will hire a cab. Kunal says no cab might be available here in this faraway place. Mishti replies to Kunal that she and Mama will go with a cab. Kunal says there is a cab strike today, Mauli decides to go with Kunal.
Mishti sat in the car with an off mood. Pari asks Mauli to sit on the front seat, she needs a chance to sit and talk with Mishti. In the car, Pari tells Mauli she is sorry their car went out of order, but it got them a chance to travel together. Mauli complements Pari to be a very polite child. Kunal smiles, then looks at Mishti’s annoyed face. He tells Pari not to loot all complements alone, Mishti is also a disciplined child. Pari says Mishti is angry with her. Kunal says kids fight with each other; even adults do. He reminds Mauli how one they…. Then stops. Mishti gets a sneeze. Kunal and Mauli at once move their hands to tissue box.
Ishaan had stopped the car and watch Mauli and Mishti come out of Kunal and Pari’s car. Mauli asks Mishti to say good bye to Kunal and Pari, Mishti had her face turned away. Kunal tries to wish Mishti and say a bye to her, she flinches herself. Mauli and Mishti go inside. Ishaan was curt.

PRECAP: Mishti tells Mauli that she hates Pari and her father. Mauli promises Mishti that they will never speak to Kunal or Pari. There, Pari finds a box in the wardrobe. She finds Nandini and Mauli’s photos inside and guess they were best friends.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Mouli is really insensitive towards Ishaan. How easily she said she trusts Kunal fully. Really? She has forgotten how many promises Kunal broke before? What if one day he comes and says ‘i have decided i want Mishti and you have to accept it’ like he had said years ago ‘I have decided i want to be with Nandini and you have to accept it’? And Mouli didnt even think that Ishaan might want to adopt Mishti for himself. It is clear that he is very much attached to Mishti too and might want to legally adopt her even if Kunal doesn’t claim her. But does Mouli think even once about Ishaan? No. Its always Kunal and Mishti and herself. When her car broke down, she could have called Ishaan? What is the need to even talk civilly to Kunal? And then there was that music when their hands touched accidentally. And NOW Kunal is remembering the times when he had fun with Mouli. And even Mouli was smiling. If this is the way things are going to be, Mouli should go back to Kunal and suffer more. If you cannot value and care for a person, you should not marry him. Poor Ishaan.
    Btw Ishaan should have told Mouli beforehand that he was planning to adopt before taking her directly to the office. Maybe he thought, why will Mouli object? Thinking that is not wrong, but he still should have told her first and then gone.
    Atleast Mishti has the sense to be attached to Ishaan and hate Kunal.
    And Pari’s lines have no consistency
    Mishti: we are like sisters
    Pari. NO. I can’t share my father
    Kunal: how about you have a sister.
    Pari: NO. can’t share you.
    But if Mishti ignores her,
    Pari: Come one, we are like sisters!
    tomorrow she will find out about Mouli and Nandini. Dont know how story will progress after that. Kunal is being portrayed like a saint now too.

    1. Sujitha

      I totally agree with you especially in trust matter,he is so selfish man who wouldn’t care for others feelings emotions than his, he doesn’t hesitate to break the promises if he got the benefits, after got punishment for your blind trust on the wrong person along time ago still you didn’t learn the lesson mauli

    2. Sujitha

      I feel he doesn’t go that extant ( decision of having mishti ) till his daughter pari accept mishti as sister and ready to share him with other like he didn’t take the decision to left mauli till he secured his s*x life with other woman .

  2. What are they trying to project? A happy family with kunal, mauli, mishti, pari?! The guy who slept with his wife best friend, humiliated, blamed, abandoned his wife, left his mum and dadi without providing any financial help or checking on them will have everything back. A man can do anything and he will be pityed, forgiven and accepted back. Only women a bounded, only they must think about children, family, house respect and peace and compromise with their self respect. It is disgusting that in soon 2019 writers are so regressive
    Another thing mishti’s behaviour was natural and her behaviour towards pari too was realistic. Unlike pari she is not oversweet outside but selfish inside. Whatever she is just show it in surface. Liked when she was not accepting pari calling her sister alike, last time her mother mauli make someone sister alike, gave a place in her house and family and that sister alike slept with her husband and was crying to be able to keep both best-friend and her husband as lover.

  3. Honestly,i pity pari and nandini the most kyun ki pari lost her mother very early and nandini grew without parents and anyone whom could she relay on…and what happened btw her and kunal is something already destined by God that she must marry kunal, give birth to pari and pass away….What a pity…things like that happens but its very unfortunate and sad too….

  4. Sujitha

    writer have any idea to reveal to mauli and his family about his s*x life with other woman before he divorce mauli or they going to said we needed that scene for fool the audience saying they really love each other so much so they slept with each other twice before that man legally separated from his wife

  5. Dumb writer showing bullshit instead of showing reality, and the writers calling it as progressive, ya this is progressive this is first series where betrayed person n cheater again rebuild their love relation right, so we can expect this is starting scene from where Kunal n mauli again re boom their love for each other and the ending is manual for sure hope this goes of air soon in voot too, totally garbage

    Post leap I don’t like mauli, she is just using ishaan and giving him high hopes, where in real she is still pinning for Kunal am damn sure abt it, post leap am just feeling bad for ishaan, he deserve best not heartbreak from mauli

  6. I am pinay,sinusubaybayan ko ang kwento kahit na this week ko lang nkita tong drama super late kya ngsimula ako from first episode started from june 4th walang english sub. India although hindi ko maitntdhan snsbi pero feel ko kong ano ang nagyyri at kwento ng dlawang mgkaibigan and dangerous love affair between nandini and kunal,im here in saudi kya the following episodes is not recommended to show there some limits i don’t know why, i was viewed from june to august 29 as of now and i don’t know what happend to august 30 and above. Therefore im just searching in geogle the story of this silsila i found the story and news by written and english substitute coming from telly updates,i was so happy and thinking (aha) now i know of what happend the drama of silsila but i was so sad about nandini was died of cancer and Pari growing without mom such pitty for pari.. no one is perfect lahat ng tao nagkakasala at nagkakapatawaran, naiintindhan ko ang side feelings of mouli dahil s lahat ng ginawa nya kay nandini ay yon pa ang ganti,pero nangibabaw ang feelings ni kunal to nandini love of each other but its a sin,i know mouli have a good heart,hope that mouli and kunal both together in the end with their child.

    I am Carmela one of indian drama addicted ??

  7. Poor Ishan this serial is so irritated . Is the writer had only disappointed in his real life so he is showing us that only good people should suffer . First mouli and now Ishan . obviously mouli still loves kunnal and the writer intends to reunite them . Though this is happening in real but still cant be accepted to me. I prefer now and sorry for that ishan turned evil and made the life hard to kunal as he deserved.

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