Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal questions Mauli about Mishti

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamma stood in a corner, worried and thinks she must tell Mauli that Kunal knows about Mishti.
Ishaan asks about his daughter Mishti. Mauli asks Mamma where is Mishti. Mishti sat in a corner, recalling how Mamma told Kunal that Mishti was his and Mauli’s daughter.
Ishaan walked in the midst of road, deep in Mishti’s thoughts. A car hits his arm while passing by closely.
Mauli and Ishaan find Mishti asleep in a corner, Mauli notices she slept crying in the corner. Dida says she had more than six ice creams, and was annoyed after being forbidden. Ishaan says he had planned a long drive with all of them. Dida tells Ishaan to take Mauli for long drive, she, Radhika and Mishti will go home.
Kunal returns home crying. Pari was waiting alone, hugs Kunal and asks

where he had left for so long, leaving her behind. She shouts at him and complains if he didn’t even miss her? Her babysitter tells Kunal that Pari missed him, and didn’t even eat anything. She goes to serve food. Kunal accepts he is a bad buddy and promises he would never leave her. Pari was now offensive, as only she could blame her Buddy. She clutches his arm which aches. Pari asks him to show her what happened, and applies an antiseptic over his bruise. Kunal smiles watching her.
Ishaan brings Mauli blindfolded to a dating spot. Mauli happily walks towards the setting. She claims it to be beautiful. Ishaan says Mauli hadn’t eaten well, so he booked a separate table. Mauli teases if he had to bring everyone here?
Pari had fallen asleep in Kunal’s lap. He thought about Mauli lying to him that she wasn’t pregnant. He was hurt. He shouts why she lied to him?
Ishaan and Mauli enjoy a drink together. As the dinner was served, Mauli notices all the dishes were her favorite. Ishaan boasts that he is going to love her wholeheartedly, serve good food and take care of his mother in laws’. She must not lose such a man at any cost. Mauli looks down with a smile. Ishaan says he bought a number of gifts for her, but was always afraid to give them; today since they are engaged he can rightfully give all the gifts. Mauli was happy to see all the boxes. In the last pack, Ishaan takes Mauli’s hand. He wish for a happy family with Mauli and Mishti living together and come to light the lantern together. Mauli dreams of being a happy family with Ishaan but soon Kunal replaces Ishaan, she takes a jerk. She and Ishaan watch the lantern fly high.
At home, Mamma was restlessly waiting for Mauli. She opens the door. Mauli returns excited and says Ishaan gives her no space. He gave her a lot of gifts, and even had decorated a beautiful place. She says Ishaan loves Mishti a lot as well, she is happy as he might keep great care of Mishti. He will be a better father than Mishti’s real father. Kunal came home and asks Mauli if Mishti’s real father even know who Mishti is? Mamma tries to stop Kunal. Kunal asks if Mauli never wanted him to know Mishti is his daughter. Mauli questions what right Kunal had, she didn’t tell him because he wasn’t worth knowing. He neither had any right then, nor does he have any rights now. Kunal claims it to be unjust to himself and his daughter both. Mauli asks if he would teach her what’s unjust, and demands a clarification from her. Kunal says he had returned to her leaving that second woman behind. Mauli says did he really return, he was stressed and depressed, he was making them feel as if it was a favor. She needed care and love as she was expecting. Kunal says obviously he was stressed, he had broken his relation. He needed time to heal. Mauli reminds that Kunal was dubious of her pregnancy, he wished they didn’t have a child. He didn’t want a child, and now we don’t need Kunal. They turn to see Mishti standing in the hall.

PRECAP: The bus driver calls Mauli that Mishti hasn’t come out of the school. Mauli comes to school. The guard tells Mauli he saw Mishti leave the school.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am relieved that tellyupdates has decided to continue with the updates for Silisila. thanx Sona, for going to the trouble of watching it on voot and then writing it down here 🙂
    Coming to the episode, hopefully now that the show will air only on voot and doesnt has to care about trp anymore, they show a more sensible and realistic story and stop showing Kunal as the victim. Like seriously, this guy has zero self-awareness and questioning Mouli as to why she hid it, why why why! really? She didn’t HIDE it. You knew but you didnt want to believe. your pregnant wife was fasting for the new beginning of the relationship, and you were busy snooping around in hospitals to prove her a liar and the pregnancy false. And then you happily gave her divorce and ran back to Nandini, telling her ‘dont worry. Mouli’s not pregnant. Now we are gonna marry and enjoy. yay!’ And now Kunal is behaving as if none of that happened, as if Mouli WANTED to lie to him and he is sooooo heartbroken now. Lol. If Nandini wasn’t dead, he wouldn’t even have returned. And maybe Mouli lied on that day, but eventually Kunal would have found out on his own if he had stayed. But he married Nandini and went abroad. So Mouli was supposed to call him and then tell him or what? Kunal knows only to blame others for everything. Seems, after staying with Nandini, he has become completely like her. Cry and say i did no wrong, i left everything and came back to start afresh but you then threw me away! Like really! Instead of shouting at Mouli, he should do some introspection and try to realize his own mistake. Idiot, arrogant, selfish, shameless, irresponsible man!
    I liked Mouli and Ishaan’s date. Ishaan is really sweet and this is the first time after engagement announcement that i saw Mouli really enjoying Ishaan’s company. (Seems Ishaan is an Orphan btw, no family even in engagement party). Mouli was laughing, enjoying and generally happy. Though she keeps saying that Ishaan will be a great father for Mishti, and thats her priority now, i am all right with it. After how brutally Mouli’s life and ‘love’ got destroyed six years ago, it is understandable if she is not giddy in love anymore, If she not having dreams with Ishaan or thinking about him as her husband and not just Mishti’s father. I hope eventually she will get to that place. I also like the fact that the poster image for the show changed on voot, showing Mouli, Mishti and Ishaan on one side, and Kunal on the other side alone. The only thing i didnt like was when they were wishing holding the floating lamp, Mouli saw Kunal in her vision and was shocked by it. Sincerely, i cant even tolerate Kunal with Mouli and Mishti even in dream and hope that never comes true.
    Mishti now definitely knows that Kunal is her biological father. I hope she knows the whole truth soon and tells Kunal to get lost herself.

  2. Why is the Cheater Kunal pretending to be concerned about Mauli’s child now? He is not done with inflicting pain on Mauli? When he was told in his face that he will be a father he doubted Mauli because he wanted to Mohabat Karay with Nandini he forgot ALL his duties. NOW HE WANTS to be DOUBLE DUTY father since Nandini isn’t around? Now his Mohabat Karay is over with no Nandini around he is ready to pass judgement on his innocent ex-wife? Not fair!

  3. I thought Kunal love for Nandhini is true atleast now he proved that also not true.

    1. Lol

    2. Soooo true. If nandini was his true love, how can he expect himself heal after some days and be normal with mouli. Such a selfish bastard. Mouli pls don’t ever get back with him.

  4. If right or wrong Kunal should know about his daughter this one Mauli mistake and all of sudden she saw Kunal and ready for marriage with Ishaan if she didn’t saw Kunal she only single handed mother

  5. Seriously if mishti started doing any stupidity like ohh my papa I want my papa i will hate her too don’t care if she is a kid

    1. She should be angry with him and ask where was he all this time, why did he leave her and her mother.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Kunal took Mishti from school 😐 hope am wrong

    Mauli needs to marry Ishaan right away so that Mishti can stay securely with them without the court intervening 😡 that Kunal arrghh !!!

  7. Kunal need to get beaten with sandals no even better high heels. Can’t stand that selfish, hypocrite. Unfortunately loosing his so called love and raising a girl alone didn’t change him at all, he was a pig and remained a pig. Hope mauli never let him come to her life again. Marry ishaan and live a happy life with him and mishti, visitation rights are enough for kunal.

    1. Exactly what I want

  8. Vidu every child deserves their fathers love especially daughters. U cant hate her, im sure u wud want both ur parents in ur life thats her right. His DNA runs through her veins

  9. And thats cruel to hate a child. blo*dy hell this is a tv show not real that ur gna take everything to the heart! What is wrong with ppl 😂

  10. I don’t get if he was doubtful. Y not have checked in on mauli as they had mutual friends lets say 9 months after…. To come back and freak out after 6 yes is bulshit

  11. This Kunal can not take care of one daughter, now he wants legal custody of another daughter.. hahahahaha. earlier I was thinking he is shameless now he proved he is brainless

  12. Thanks Tellyapdates for continuing update the serial thank you so much . First I cant blame mouli for still keeping a soft corner for this useless kunal since she was true lover not like him and character mouli like that no hate or revenge of any body . But that kunal like and sorry for that some husbands in the real did every thing for his joy and when he finished by any way he put his mistake on the wife and be the victim . I was expected he would be very shy and feeling guilty but no the writer keeping us still confused about this kunal personality .

  13. I like all the updates and comments from people.
    Thanks for pointing out that Kunal is an assistant and Mishti does not deserve an insincere father figure in her life. She will be okay with Ishaan who seems sincerely in love and is willing to take responsibility.

  14. I know Misti is small, but still i think she need to know what her biological father hd done wid her mum. And how he hard he tried to make false her existence. So that she dont get influence of Kunal’s talk, and dont even get sympathize wid him.

  15. It is good if mouli and mishti both died and end the without going to kunal.

  16. It should be pari kidnapped by rajdeep to make kunal realise his mistake and go out of mauli’s life forever

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