Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal discovers Mauli is cheating him

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dida and Pramilla come home. Radhika asks Dida why she didn’t take her when she went to meet Mishti. Mishti called her when Dida left. Mishti is a minor and can’t understand these dynamic relations. She can’t understand Pari’s father, and Dr. Kunal is going to be her new Popsy. And Pari is also hopeful that Mauli will now be her mother. Dida replies she is being selfish only to see her family, her grandchildren and great grandchildren together in front of her eyes. Radhika questions where is her mother-in-law who disowned Kunal a few years ago, just for Mauli. Dida says she only believes that Kunal reaped what he had sown, and today he and Mauli stand at a verge of uniting again. Radhika asks Dida to think about Ishaan and Mauli as well. Dida says Mauli’s heart is covered

with a light blanket of snow and will enlighten at the dawn of realization. Radhika insists that Mauli has done enough for all of them, she only wants Mauli to live happy now.
At home, Ishaan sat in tears while thinking about Mauli and Kunal with the children. He speaks to himself that sometimes a few moments aren’t for lifetime. He has a similar life. He gets a call from Mauli. Mauli was distressed and prays everything gets settled soon. Ishaan tells Mauli that time is the biggest healer, he can bear everything in life but can never see her sad. Mauli senses Ishaan had gotten drunk badly at lunch with them. Ishaan tells Mauli I love you, and bring the whole universe to her feet. His destiny might not let him do this. Mauli says Ishaan has already done a lot. Ishaan tells her to cut the call, Kunal might spot her. He doesn’t want any troubles between them. He requests her to forgive him this time. Mauli asks Ishaan if he had dinner. Kunal came behind Mauli and hear her concerned conversation. Ishaan says I love you Mauli, then regrets his fate that Kunal might wake up. Mauli deletes the call log and goes to sleep. Kunal comes behind and checks the phone, he wonders why Mauli deleted the number. Who was there on the other side of the call?
At night, Kunal lay awake while Mauli was sleeping. He cautiously goes to take the note from her purse, which she stuffed. He thinks how Mauli can cheat him. He holds the bouquet and thinks Mauli is cheating him.
The next morning, Ishaan was scrolling the photos of their Haldi. Sweety comes to him. Ishaan was angry over Sweety for her behavior with the girls. Sweety was guilty and says it may have been wrong to say, but not a lie altogether. She convinces Ishaan that she witnessed Mauli and Ishaan’s love. She died after him. Had she really moved on, she must not have left her wedding mandap. She says she spotted them together in the mall today. She recalls spotting them, when Mauli gave the gift and bouquet to Kunal. She asks Ishaan not to fell in a one sided love. Already, his mother is suffering; she wish Ishaan doesn’t break as well. She asks if even once, Mauli said I love you to Ishaan. She advices him not to move ahead on this path.

PRECAP: Mauli comes to meet Ishaan and apologizes for the last day. They hug each other. Kunal comes from behind clapping.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The series must show a beautiful message .. When I read what Dida say .. I have only one desire is to vomit .. Because it’s selfish on the part of a woman of thought as well .. Because what kunzl has done to Mauli is not fair .. And it makes me think that finally CVs will allow kunal and Mauli to be together again .. Currently the series can transmit a very beautiful message of family recomposing and single father .. I wish so much that Ishaan and Mauli can be together .. That would be a hope for any woman having a broken marriage .. That to be able to rebuild with a man come ishaan .. I wish to each woman like Mauli to find a partner like him after kunal betrayal .. What I do not understand is why he is the woman to feel trapped .. Mauli deserves happiness. Kunal got his happiness with nandini .. Why Mauli describes sacrificing himself and forgetting mishi to accept kunal as father .. The acts and words spoken by kunal should have an impact on Mauli .. Anyway .. It would be a pity that the series can transmit a negative message .. Because for me Mauli and ishaan unite .. The woman is not an object .. The marriage is not a game .. KUMKUM and mangalsutra is important for the woman .. And kunal only humiliated all that ..

    1. Apart from past we can figure out kunal’s character with present scenarios as well. In the part Mauli was never suspicious of him although many warned her. But look at this cheapo.. following her, checking her bag, checking her phone.. etc . There’s hell lot of difference between Kunal and Mauli.

      1. Yes you are absolutely right… Agree.
        Such a cheapo person….

    2. I to agree with ur word’s…i also want to Unite Ishaan nd Mauli nt a creepy fellow Kunal who at his time use to humiliate Mauli for Nandini..even he didn’t think about pregnant Mauli nd he himself through him into the marriage of Nandini nd “sugrat” on the following day..and enjoyed his life

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Lol… shoe is on the other foot now 😁

  3. I don’t know how Kunal forgot his oxygen….n dida also got memory loss…such a foolish story…..

  4. If you cvs are planning to bring Kunal amd Mauli together, then please go off air

    Because we want MAULI AND ISHAAAAN to be together. 👌

  5. Mauli and kunal … I seriously I don’t want to be together now… this did a has gone crazy …. Please mauli choose Ishan over kunal …. Radhika said right that knots in the string of a relationship can’t be solved… And Ishan loved you more than kunal Ishan always said he only wants mauli to be happy . He will be happy even if mauli chooses kunal . Not like kunal who went to nandini breaking so many ties … blo*dy selfish kunal….

  6. Mauli and Kunal will unite. I’ve read about Silsila 2 coming soon with stories of Mishti, Pari and male lead.
    Maybe that time Mauli will realize how foolish of her was to accept Kunal and Pari in her life and sideline Mishti. I’m sure Pari will snatch Mishti’s husband or boyfriend in upcoming series. Mauli didn’t learn her lesson even after getting served with betrayal from her beloved husband and best friend. That’s why she is keeping Pari above Mishti. Ishaan would’ve granted a better life to both Mauli and Mishti but with poor decision-making and zero self-respect of Mauli it seems like she’ll go back to cheater Kunal and accept his bastard daughter. I might get bashed here for calling Pari bastard but Nandini might’ve been conceived before getting married to Kunal as we all know they kept on banging in free time.
    If observed carefully, Pari always keeps on telling Mishti how unfortunate she is without mother, she is jealous and keeps on demanding attention and sympathy from Mishti, Mauli and Ishaan as well. On the other hand, Mishti is patient, understanding and matured. In Silsila 2, Pari will snatch Mishti’s love by shedding tears, seeking sympathy just like her immoral mother.
    Extramarital affair can never be right, it’s condemnable and worst crime than a murder as it lessens the confidence, breaks self-respect of cheated partner and makes him/her go through tremendous emotional and mental trauma.
    This series is promoting EMA and giving worst message of the year to accept a cheater husband after sleeping with best friend, humiliating wife in front of her, addressing her as a step and mistress as a goal, f**king wife’s best friend senselessly right after greeting divorce papers to pregnant wife, unbelieving pregnancy, keeping gloomy face after hearing the news of pregnancy and wanting the news to be fake.
    Kunal is nothing but a selfish bastard depicting the character of some men in society but projecting him as hero in the serial is something which shouldn’t have been done. It just portrays the poor mentality of serial makers.
    The project of Silsila 2 with lives of Mishti and Pari just makes me think that directors, producers and writers are mentally unstable, need immediate psychological treatment and need to be confined in a mental hospital for the sake of better world.
    This is my last comment about this serial.
    Thank you for reading.

    1. The bastard words are strong. But I understand you. Because I think the same .. I say to myself that if in the season they give as much importance to Pari as mishu .. It is going something similar. Unless he is mishi of betraying his sister .. Anyway .. But I share your words. They broke a friendly relationship .. And they will tarnish the relationship between sister .. Again a family drama .. Anyway

  7. Some one pls poison dida to deAth. Paagal bhudi

    1. Susmita Dutta

      I was thinking the same…

  8. I hate shakti arora. Ewwwwww😖want mauli and ishaan together. SO2 mejn Misti ko bura dikhayenge with pari like her mother bechari typez. Ladke ko pari se pyaar hoga or mishti ko villain bna denge😭😤😤😤😤disgust

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