Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra beats up Sangram

Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari finding strange happenings. Chitra scares her. Nilambari gets Swami’s call and asks him to come and check the house once. Madhav talks to Chitra. He tells what Vaidehi demands from him, she wants to marry him. He says she is always talking the same, I will just love you. Chitra says I have also just loved you and will always do, now I m not with you, you have to accept this and move on, identify Vaidehi’s true love in her kiddishness. She fails to touch him and cries. He looks at her pic. Shweta comes to Madhav and tries to get close. He asks her to go. She flirts with him.

She says I feel something special for you. He says listen to me. She asks him to listen to her heartbeat. She gets close and expresses love. He shouts on her. Chitra looks on. She gets angry and hurts Shweta. Shweta falls down. Everyone comes. Shweta tells everything to Nilambari. Jaichand tells them that something is happening. Sangram tries to help Shweta. She asks him to stay away.

Vaidehi happily thinks of Madhav. Narayan smiles seeing her kiddishness. She goes and collides with Madhav. She says sorry, I didn’t see you coming. He says its okay. He helps her. He goes out and asks Lantern to take him to factory. He jokes about Vaidehi. Vaidehi goes to cook food. Sangram comes and scolds her. He blames her and hurts her. Madhav returns home. He hears Vaidehi’s scream. Chitra saves Vaidehi from Sangram. She slaps him and uses her powers to hurt him. Vaidehi runs away. Sangram asks who is it. Nilambari and everyone get shocked seeing him. She asks who has done this. Nilambari learns what happened. She says now I know what to do. She calls tantric. The man says tantric is in dhyaan. She says inform him about my call. She thinks to meet him. Rani asks her what will they do now. Nilambari says Shweta knows what to do. Shweta agrees.

Madhav is at his workplace. Everyone claps for him. He bonds with the workers. Vaidehi takes care of Shweta. Shweta sees Madhav coming. He says I hope you are fine now. Shweta says no, I m still hurt. He says I got gajra for you. Shweta says I hate it. Vaidehi says Madhav knows everything about me, he takes care of me. She smiles. Nilambari comes to meet the tantric.

Shweta says Madhav will make you wear this mangalsutra today. Vaidehi gets dressed as Madhav’s bride and proposes him. He gets angry on her and scolds. Vaidehi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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