Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti decides not to marry Veer

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer notices Mishti’s injury. Mishti says she is fine, Rohan was there and didn’t let her hurt. Veer now thanks Rohan for protecting his Mishti, he was afraid for Mishti. Rohan says he was also afraid, he had to come. Rohan says he was on phone with Pari when Veer came over and said he couldn’t connect to Mishti, I was in Pune and closer so I reached here. Veer hopes Mishti is fine and asks her to go. Rohan says he has his car, he will follow them. Rohan watches Mishti walk away, he thinks she is in his heart, he wish she turns around and looks towards him; this will confirm she also loves him. Mishti finally turns to look at Rohan. Rohan weeps out of emotions. Veer takes Mishti away. Rohan was elated, and fells over the leaves, thankful to God.

Veer drove the car, he calls Pari to inform her that Mishti is fine. Pari breaks into tears. Veer says Mishti is only silent. He deems it better to let Mishti be alone for a while, she will be fine when back home. He offers Pari to party tonight. Pari wipes her tears and says there must be party, after all they found Mishti.

At home, Pari informs Radhika and Sukhmani. Pari says God is best, but this time they must thank Rohan as well. He reached Mishti in time and saved her. Since Rohan entered their life, he settled everything up. Sukhmani and Arnav share a silent look. Pari says Rohan has taken care of all the situation and asks Dadi if she can call Rohan and confirm if he is fine. Radhika says she must thank Rohan up as well. She couldn’t connect to Rohan. Radhika assures he will be fine, they can talk to him tomorrow.

It was morning now. Rohan drove the car and thinks about Mishti. He day dreams of Mishti standing in front of his car, with his elbow bent over the front. Rohan stops the car and smiles. Mishti now walks to his door and pouts towards him. Rohan watches her walk behind, waving at her.

Mishti still sat silent in the car with Veer. She now day dreams of herself over a bike with Rohan.
Rohan watches then kiss Mishti’s necklace he had found in the forest.

Mishti smiles recalling Rohan’s concern, kissing her arm and wiping her shoulder injury.

There, Rohan watches Mishti kissing his cheek. He was stunned, then smiles over her foolishness. He walks out of the car and throw a whole bottle of water over himself.

Veer stops the car. Mishti walks out towards her apartment without responding to Rohan’s call. There, Pari restlessly walked across the hall and hurries towards the door at the ring. Mishti stood in the door, her clothed torn, filled in mud and blood. Pari hugs Mishti and asks if she is fine. Mishti nods. Inside, Radhika hurries to Mishti and says she is relieved to see her. Mishti was silent. Arnav was concerned for her arm injury. Everyone was worried. Radhika asks Pari to get an ointment. Mishti silently walks into her room. She shuts the door of her room and sits beside her. She thinks the best moment was when she was with Rohan, she had lived a whole life in those moments. She loves Rohan, and can’t live with Veer. When she isn’t happy, how she can keep Veer happy. She is facing the situation which she always feared, but her love was never thoughtful.

PRECAP: Rohan reaches home. Veer clutches his collar and blames he wanted to make Mishti as hers. Upstairs, Arnav tells the family that Rohan just came over but left the society from downstairs. Mishti wonders why he left, she had been waiting for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Could you, please, tell me the name of today’s episode song (or songs – I don’t know if two songs are joined in one or so) and which are heard at the timing from 15th to 18th minute? Thanks in advance.

    1. I know the first one is silsila theme song. Not sure about the other

    2. Badri badariya by Vidya vox

      1. Listen to Badri Badariya from Best of Coke Studio @ MTV Season, 2 on #JioMusic

  2. DannyComments

    Oh Finally Mishti admits hurry up and break this engagement before it gets blo*dy!!! Love is a beautiful feeling and you deserve to be with the one who loves you!!!!? Err..Pari? I’m so sorry gurl… Rohan was never yours ..ever!

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Hey, did anyone saw sbs or sbb and 1 more (sorry don’t remember its name as it was just secene when I saw it) stated that Misty is too walking on Kunal path and even deciding for perfect life, fell in love with Ruhaan, veer’s friend: just like Nandini fell in love with Mouli’s husband….
    Everyone hated Nandini and Kunal character, and even abused them for real life, now I think Misty and Ruhaan need to ge
    Though 99% people will going to say bad for my comment, but now they have also shown… Some-where season 2 is repeating season 1, just no marriage track only….

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      *Need to get same, though many want Ruhaan and Misty to get paired, but atleast I don’t want them to get paired, not becoz she is not married, she has right to choose correct partner but becoz writers have repeated history, which give wrong message… (this was left)

      1. DannyComments

        Ohhh ShraddhaSharma392! I really do like you(no homo) AND nope! They aren’t repeating history…1st season= 2 married Friends, one in a bad relationship and the other in a stale relationship, the other came to her rescue and she fell in love with her Saviour’s husband…

        2nd season= their kids..1st daughter falls for a guy she barely knows because he was kind and turning a blind eye to the guy who is always around her and clearly loves her..2nd daughter already has trust issues and really doesn’t understand what loves is and finally does..sadly , she finds that love in the arms of her fiance’s best friends(ouch) and ofcourse that means she will be hurting two people…Pari and Veer..damn! So yeah..errr ..not the same..but damn! Why am I on team Mishti again? You know what, I change my mind ShraddhaSharma392.. I don’t like Mishti again!!!

  4. As much as I am a Mishaan shipper I really feel awkward seeing Mishti with Ruhaan. There scenes are really cute but I sense such a great betrayal from both of them, so much so that seeing them together is bitter sweet. Veer went so far to look for Mishti and even though Ruhaan got there first at least Veer tried. Thank God Mishti came to term with what is going on between her and Ruhaan and have decided to come clean to Veer.

    I can almost feel the heartbreak that is yet to come.

    1. I feel same as You.

  5. Good news.. but did veer know that ruhaan is in love with mishti and why is veer blaming ruhaan and Veer thanks Ruhaan for protecting Mishti .. I don’t like veer. I want mishaan to be together

  6. I just don’t get this show!! If it is completely ok to fall in love, experience its beautiful feeling and say that you can’t help falling in love with someone, then why were Kunal and Nandini abused so much? Even they “couldn’t help” falling for each other! I am by no means a Kunan supporter but what I don’t get is how come fans are totally shipping Mishaan but Kunan were wrong! If one was committed through marriage then the other is through engagement. They are both facing similar situations and you cannot justify that it is not ok to cheat when ur married but ok when you are just engaged! Even an engagement is a commitment made between 2 people and it is NOT OK to betray the other person!
    If this show tries to justify Mishaan then I’m sorry, Kunan were right in their decisions too then! What Mishti is doing is completely wrong and she is betraying Veer and so is Ruhaan! Mishti is proving to be her father’s daughter. I am disgusted with the hypocrisy presented here!

    1. DannyComments

      Dear Sheha…if you wouldn’t take offence to my response, lemme clarify something for you…you see, we, humans , are all hypocrites. Yes! You were right, engagement is a have promised this person you want to spend the rest of your life with them…but let me ask you this..if Mishti gets married to Veer and becomes unhappy and unfulfilled, will you still blame her then? Would you rather her go through the sacred rounds only for her to realise that she shouldn’t have married Veer? Love is crazy and stupid and it makes you do things you shouldn’t do so Yes it will hurt..but better late than never…truth be told I wasnt even on board with Mishti and Ruhaan, felt it was going to be Pari and Ruhaan but I guess it is what it is..people Hated Kunal because he was married..I stood by Kunal then because I saw what he saw and felt (Love) and he had to be selfish and follow his heart. I’m always for love and I bet you, if Veer was bad, or horrible, you wouldn’t be against shipping Mishaan? So we can definitely turn a blind eye here because..well..they aren’t married yet…

      1. No Danny, I don’t agree with you. Even if Veer was ugly or blind, I would have stood for him, not being I’m trying to be great, but because Mishti chose him. He never chased her and forced her to marry him, she voluntarily made that decision. How can someone fall in love without even knowing more than the basic details of a person? This is not love, just lust!! I’m always for love but here, I just cannot digest what Mishti is doing. She has spoilt many people’s life and respect through this decision of hers! I would have totally supported her if Veer was bad or had evil motives but this guy is a gem of a person who loves her deeply. Now if you tell me she is putting on a facade infront of him and his family, that is a choice she made. She could have went and spoke to Veer about this. That’s what happens in a relationship, communication! She simply chose to do things her way and now she suddenly decides that this isn’t working? Wow! Hats off to her! I hate her characterization

  7. This show will only define one thing that cheating on your partner for whom you are committed is a good thing bc love is love naa. I feel veer must be a joker right.. he loves mishty immensely but what is she and ruhan doing, cheating and backstabbing him. Whether s1 or s2 theme will be cheating only. ?veer deserves someone better than mishty. Mishan chemistry is good but the thing what they are doing is just not right.

  8. Kunal-nandini in the first season wasnt just about breaking a commitment. It had many more dimensions. It was about brushing away the love and commitment of seven years as nothing but fancy. It was about a woman cheating her bestfriend who saved her life and tried to make her independent. It was about a husband sleeping with another woman behind his wife’s back. It was how both of them took advantage of mauli’s trust. And mauli was the perfect woman… I doubt anyone will say veer is the perfect man. He cant handle if mishti loses her temper, he wants mishti to let go of her career after marriage, he is fine with mishti covering her head and becoming uncomfortable to please his mom… To be honest, now i dont want mishti to marry veer regardless of whether she ends up with ruhaan or not.
    As of now mishti is still in the safe zone, as in she has not cheated anyone. She has realized her feelings for ruhaan and has immediately decided that she wont marry veer. If she comes clean soon and doesnt start an affair behind veer’s back, it would be fine.
    As for ruhaan, i find him similar to nandini in one respect. He is breaking the dreams and trust of his best friend. But he hasnt thought even once about veer’s feelings. Till now he is away from mishti only because mishti used to be rude to him. Otherwise he even lied once to spend time with her. What kind of friend is he? Does it not enter his mind even once that veer himself suggested that he stay in mishti’s house and now ruhaan is seeking hints of mishti’s love? Nandini was the same. Staying in the arms of kunal and still behaving with mauli as if nothings the matter. I just cant handle this self centerdness. How can ruhaan not have moral dilema regarding veer?
    I dont like how the makers of this serial show people falling in love. Kunal fell in love with nandini because he saw her rain dance. Ruhaan fell in love because mishti was beautiful and she kissed him on a dare. Pari fell in love because she met a handsome man on the road one day. No depth of feelings, no falling in love because u admire the person’s character, personality or thoughts. The foundation of all their love seems so frivolent. And the makers will show this ‘love’ as limitless and passionate. Where as years of understanding and relationship has no value. For kunal, mauli became nothing. For ‘commitment phobic’ pari, arnav never mattered but ruhan became everything. For ruhaan, years of friendship with veer doesnt matter in the face of this new found love… even mishti might have only now accepted her feelings, but that attraction was there since the first day… There might be some reality in all this, but it is still the makers choice. They can for once show that commitment and loyalty has some value in life. Only ishaan’s story was handled properly and that too only becoz fans everywhere wanted mauli with ishaan. Otherwise the makers tried everyway to try and pair up mauli with kunal again.

  9. No kunan was totally wrong….. Why because it’s not only about marriage but its about mouli pregnancy at that time kunal left her with the only reason that he fell for her friend… What mouli trauma at that time only women can known… And it’s not about month relation like misthy and veer…. It’s about 7 years…. Yes veer also hurt by mishan but not not like mouli…

    In other serials also engagement and marriage also breaks for main leads…

    Silsila isnt like other sasbahu shows… It’s showing only emotions of every characters…

    All are comparing veer with mouli… But mouli always pampers nandini… And when nandini hurts mouli cries and what ever she can do she done for nandini to avoid the sorrow… But until now that similar bond is not shown for veer and ruhaan…

    And pari like mouli…. No comparison for both….. Moulis character is totally selfless… She maintains every relation without any profit…. Maybe she unknownly hurts ishaan..moulis character is Pure soul…..

    Mishty like nandini…. If like that she will definitely and with her all senses she will betray veer…. If so We will watch in future episodes the same…

    But mouli and nandini friendship is so strong…. That bond is missing with veer and ruhan friendship…… If so then ruhan is not living like paying guests in misthys house….

  10. I would say one thing .. We blame mishi .. But for me it’s not mishi wrong .. He is ruhaan. Ruhaan knowing that mishi is his best friend’s fiancée .. To let his senses go for mishi .. Yes we do not control the feelings .. But still .. What it will be. We make the attraction on the Mishaan couple. This is the role of veer and pari .. To believe that they are only second role .. I always said that in this season we show that mishi must go through what Nandini to do and pari includes the pain that Mauli has to go through following Nandini’s betrayal. The role is reversed … Mishi conveys the role of the perfect girl .. Who wants to keep intact the education that her mother passed on to her. . She does not like betrayal and it is good that she can say to go .. But still .. It was enough that ruhaan arrives and upsets her senses .. In the end Veer also deserves a chance .. Because for me ruhaan to force their relationship .. Knowing that she is betrothed ” he has not lost hope … He is going to break not only a friendship but also a family because two sister love the same boy ‘. And I say to myself Betting does everything to make mishi happy .. But one thing tells me that Pari is going to show his true character. In short .. Pending

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