Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli confronts Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli walks towards the main door, she opens the door but no one was there outside.
Nandini had ran down the stairs, crying.
Mauli reads the name plate outside their house blankly, she feels by touching it, then cries again.
Kunal walked across a street, his shirt unbuttoned and hair uncombed. Mauli’s and Mamma’s accusations of his betrayal haunts his thoughts. His phone begin to ring and he didn’t pay any attention to the approaching car. It was Rajdeep, shocked to see Kunal’s condition. Nandini’s call bell still rang at Kunal’s phone. Rajdeep questions if Kunal only finds his car or wife to die for. Kunal says sorry and walks ahead. Rajdeep questions where was Kunal’s grace when he slept with his wife, he always lectured him on dignity and grace. He

takes his coat off and beats Kunal ravenously. Kunal fights back in defense but Rajdeep badly punches his face. Kunal had fallen on the floor. Rajdeep gulps a drink and beats Kunal with an iron rod over his head. Kunal fell unconscious. Rajdeep was determined to write history today, people would remember that Rajdeep killed Kunal for having an affair with his wife. Nandini reach to stop Rajdeep’s strike in midway and pushes him away. She tries to wake Kunal up and place his head over her lap. Rajdeep stared for a while and curtly murmurs that she is shameless and is still close to a stranger even in front of her husband. Nandini questions if Rajdeep calls himself a husband? He was a man who sold his wife, left her on road side while she was pregnant and made her lose her child, he abused and harassed her; who calls such a beast as husband? Rajdeep blames Nandini for betraying him, and even betraying her best friend. She has been labelled as shameless.
Nandini confronts Rajdeep and accepts being shameless. If loving someone whole heartedly is shamelessness, then she is shameless. She always longed for such love. Rajdeep robbed her of her self-respect, like a pet animal. Kunal brought her out of this hopelessness, he gave her the confidence and respect. She accepts being shameless wishing all this. Rajdeep has no right to consider her wrong. Rajdeep smirks that he is being lectured by someone who flirted with a stranger. Nandini corrects it was love; no matter what society speaks of her but she will never return to Rajdeep ever. Rajdeep holds his hand to slap Nandini but she counters his strike in midair again, and decisively says not anymore. She pushes his hand back with a jerk. When Rajdeep has left, Nandini cries with Kunal’s head in her lap.
Mauli opens her eyes in the room because of a door bell. Mamma opens the door and find the watchmen holding an injured Kunal. She was concerned and asks them to bring him inside and help him on couch. Nandini stood behind but no one welcomes her. Mamma questions how Kunal got this? Nandini replies its because of her. Mauli hear the voice and sits up in her room. The watchmen leave. Mamma comes to the door where Nandini still stood outside. Nandini says Rajdeep beat him on the road, she took him to doctor. His injury isn’t deep and would soon recover. Mamma says Nandini first ruined Mauli’s life. Mauli considered her as her life, but Nandini ruined it. She turned Mauli’s life to hell. Now her husband hurt Kunal, still Nandini had the courage to walk to their house. Is there anything else she wish to snatch from them? Isn’t she ashamed? Nandini only cried outside. Mamma slaps the door shut. Mauli had walked outside her room, tears fell off her eyes. Nandini had walked away but Mamma opens the door for Mauli to go outside.
Nandini stood in the garden where some people nearby were praying. Tears fell off her eyes as she recalls Mamma’s blames. Mauli comes to stand right beside her. Nandini was nervous as Mauli faced directly towards her, and forces Nandini to look towards her. Nandini tries to explain about Kunal’s injury but Mauli says it’s about them right now. It’s about their childhood friendship, they are old and close friends. Then how could Nandini do so.

PRECAP: Mauli tears their photo and throw the pieces onto Nandini’s face, ending their relation forever. At home, Mauli sat beside Kunal who was still unconscious. She tries to touch his head out of care but Kunal utters Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kunal uttering Nandini’s name broke my heart just wondering what Mauli wil go through again after watching him call out to Nandini’s name in an unconscious state

  2. Worst episode, what kind of women is nandhini? Chiii, hate her character so muxh

  3. Wow this @sshole mutters snake’s name even when he’s beaten to pulp? Oh snake accepted being shameless. Got bored by bhashan of snake. I hope no one gets shitty friend like nandini. Again kunan defenders, I’m pointing out characters fault not the actors. Just a little headsup before someone gets offended personally for offending kunan. If I don’t like a character I just don’t like em no matter how beautiful or handsome they are.

  4. What’s with the snake suddenly hissing at the ex? She was vibrating last epi, now she’s a effing judo master? Holding hand midair n all? People who jump to conclusion that I’m not sympathetic towards domestic abuse victims hold your horses right there. I aint talking shit, just logic. It takes a long time to recover from trauma. Suddenly making the snake super badass is rushed. Anyway the whole premise is rushed and,messy.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I know what Nandini and Kunal did is very wrong, actually beyond forgivness, but it is also true that love don’t see any boundation.

    2. I don’t get (even i thought today, and want to share, may be you all will call me wrong but) we saw that pooja and yash (being shown happily married from behpannha, though their marriage problems revealed later) were in love and we approved and even want zoya and aditya to unite (even they were cheated). But yash and pooja affair we justify by saying that love is unconditional (may be pooja aditya had friendship no love, but yash and zoya had love but he cheated too), so my point is if their love is justified, why can’t kunal and nandini.. Its just my thought, plz before saying me anything just read my old comments on old episodes, its just i thoughted that way also.. As coin has head as well as tail.

    3. Finally Nandini faced rajdeep and pointed out his mistakes.

    4. Now Kunal and Nandini will feel guilty, and don’t have courage to face Mouli.. Phele hi soch lete, but ab kya fayda.

    1. You confuse me sometimes..1st you are against Kunal and Nandini and now you support them? Anyway I’m glad you are on team Kunal and Nandini

    2. I just want to say my views Pooja and Yash was never supported but adi and zoya was supported because Pooja and Yash failed in their relation they have issues with their patners but what problem Kunal have with mauli

      1. Aditya and zoya both were kunal is not cheated…he was happily married

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Infect i m also confused disha, as i am seeing both side of coin, which make me think this way… As we can’t clap with one hand, something will definately come up with Mouli fault even.

      Poojareddy I want to that Pooja had problems in her marriage, I think yash didn’t, just for money he fall in love with pooja can’t be correct, its both way.. So if their cheat is ok, i believe kunal and Nandini cheat should be ok as well

      1. both Yash and Pooja had problems in their marriage. Pooja felt Adi was too childish and still considered her only as a friend, not willing to take up the responsibilities of family. in Yash’s case, he felt that Zoya was too weak to face his financial difficulties. Zoya had a rich childhood. In order to still give her luxuries, he kept pretending that his business was doing well where in reality he was drowning in loans. Zoya was oblivious to Yash’s problems and could never sense that her husband was stressed or in tension, until Yash and Pooja died and the whole can of worms came tumbling out… you see, most people accepted bepannah’s story because it was more realistic, where problems in both relationships led the couples astray. And while Zoya and Adi both suffered, their faults were also clear. they both accepted it and moved on…
        Even in this case i wouldn’t have been that outraged if Mauli and Nandini hadn’t been childhood friends and it wasn’t Mauli who did everything to make Nandini stronger. Or if Kunal and Nandini had a history before which got rekindled now. But it was Kunal who had pursued Mauli and got married. Not only that, Mauli was also toiling day and night to make Kunal’s dreams come true. Here it seems Mauli’s fault was trusting her close ones too much and being a good friend. How can people accept that as a fault? Being a good person is a fault? What lesson shall Mauli learn now? that she shouldn’t help anyone in the future? Kunal and Nandini will be okay in their ‘pure love’, but Mauli will suffer, friendless and loveless.

  6. Puja was not the best friend of zoya….. Zoya didn’t help Puja so much…. But in this case nandini is mauli’s best friend… Mauli is the one who helped her to start a new life… She is the one who truly loved her and fulfilled her duty as a friend…..and if u can recall clearly then inspite being the wife zoya didn’t even know the problems that were in yash life…. Yash was clearly not happy in that relationship… In this case kunal was absolutely happy with mauli….. And my dear falling in love is not wrong but the problem is even if kunal fell in love with nandini… He should have came clear and told that to mauli… He should not have played with mauli’s emotions…. He was practically betraying her…it’s only my opinion…. No offence

    1. So by saying that pooja and zoya were not besties you are justifying there extra affair as like fine you guys can do that , you guys just carry on types and you are against kunal and Nandini relationship just because mauli is Nandini ‘s best friend i mean seriously.

      It doesn’t matter if you are cheating your best friend or not , extra marital affair is wrong that’s it . I am also against that affair and all , but i think this is just a serial we should not take that thing so seriously.

      So those who r against kunan or whatever those r please unfollow this serial , they are not forcing u to watch them . The actor which are portraying that characters they will do there work and take there fees and go and the writers will write which they already thought about future story , they are not here to read your comments and say oh so audience doesn’t like this way so we change oir serial format for them . They will do as they have planned.

      Thats all i want to say , so the kunan fans enjoy ur show and the rest of all the against party , pack ur bags from this serial telly and move to naagin , YRKKH type serials , they are waiting for u …..

      1. I’m totally against extra martial affairs….my point is that it should not be compared with zoya and adi…. Yash and puja had issues in there marriage but here kunal was so in love with mauli before nandini’s arrival…. That’s the difference and I was only saying that…. I m not justifying puja and yash extra marital affair… It was wrong….. But in this case it is more sickening to see that one best friend is betraying other….

    2. u said it correctly Anjli….the r/ship that zoya and yash shared are totally different from Mauli and kunal moreover Mauli has fulfilled all the duties as a wife and even fulfilled kunal’s dream on top of that she helped her so call “best friend” to start a new life and loved both of them more than her life but what did she get in return?worst betrayal! i want mauli to find out that they have even slept together.what kunal and nandini did has no justification both of them have crossed all the limit

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree with Nav, you can’t say their affair was ok.
      And I know everyone has their own views, so it was mine after thinking other way also.

  7. It is not shameless to love someone wholeheartedly, but it is shameless to express this love when the interest is the best friend husband, it is shameless to romance him behind bestie’s back, shameless to sleep with him when in the other side best friend is doing everything for your well being. It is not feeling that make someone wrong but what they do with that can make it condemnable. Love, attraction jealousy are only human, natural to feel it but if that gives excuse to do immoral things and get way then we all have justification for all our desires whatever it destroys someone else life or not.
    Rajdeep is a beast, deserves wrost punishment for his behaviour but nandini is putting all fault in him, really? So because he treated like an animal she is allowed to have illegitimate relationship with a married man. If she betrayed her best friend it is bcz he never gave her the love she deserved? What about her taking stand for herself and try to be independent instead of constantly hiding and getting intimate with kunal. Is there any difference between kunal-nandini and rajdeep?! Both broke the heart of one who loved them unconditionally and gave lifetime of sorrow.
    Kunal is to be blamed the most, one night of rainy dance was able to break 7 years of love, care, support, dedication, loyalty, friendship, commitment. It was not like he was unhappy with mauli, his only complain is that she had more work than him. On the contrary if he was busy and mauli was housewife wouldn’t he expect her to be lovely to him when he comes home rather than cheating him with his colleagues. Where did his big moral values go ? I just hope that hypocrite leads a life full of loneliness, regrets and unsatisfaction.

    1. superb👌well said Han

  8. What rajdeep to say about nandini that all true, and nandini also saying right because of him she betrayal her friend, her allegations all was right for her husband, but one thing what she said that was wrong, she said that is kunal physically and mentally support by kunal, take care of her it was kunal today whatever she is only kunal he has to learn her fight her back only kunal he did everything and then she more strong all because of him, he make her understand and make her realize feeling of love he guide her some everywhere she little like him and then she realize her love for him, but one thing she forgot it’s all because of mauli not kunal all everything because of mauli, mauli should stand inform of everyone for her, she did everything for her she realizes her freedom her happiness some it happened she always choices her mother and her friendship with nandini and ultimately mauli choices her best friend over her mother always, always mauli guide to her not kunal always mauli with her there not kunal know that somewhere here and there it was accidentally interwine kunal with her its not means kunal should be want there, when mauli was not there nandini also not, she shoud thanks her friend she give her right thing all because of mauli, and today she betrayal her friend’s trust everything ruin her marriage broken she take away her life, and how can she said shameless so she is shameless friend because she never found her love everyone she never ever expecting her life live, you are a shamelessly in the fact is she never ever happily her life then she regret selfish cheating woman betrayal everything characterless friend so cheap and kunal also they both are doing wrong insecure they both are should be punishment for everything betrayal relation shame on you nandini making fooling everyone cheap cheating

  9. Palsuprita

    its better to have thousand enemies then having a friend like Nandini … and kunal his character is most shameless character… it would have been good if mauli had asked him if she had extra martial affair behind him would he be ok . Just hate to see Nandini and Kunal crying and trying to justify their deed.

  10. Every1 has a right 2 share their opinion no offense but have u guys ever thought that do we really plan and fall in love or does love happens ?? I think when Kunal started to get attracted to Nandini then he realised that he was happy with Mauli but not in love with her Kunal and Nandini tried their best to stay away,, Remember what the baba told Nandini at the mandir ??? I love all 3 actors they are doing a fab job ,,and i must say it takes a guts to act these roles but i still wonder if Nandini is Kunal Attraction or Distraction

    1. Hi I just started following this show. So can u pls explain what happened at the mandhir

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Malavika in mandir incident nandini too start falling in love with kunal, and nandini to hide her feelings shifted to another flat, and kunal went to pune for conference, and nandini decided to leave for lucknow, when kunal came to bus stop and they expressed love for each other, and they decided to flow with this, when last week mouli came to know about their affair.
        And if you want in detail, you can either watch at voot or read updates.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree no one plan to fall in love, that why i am now so confused, till now even I was against this cheat, but after thinking again, than even i am getting confuse weather to support them or not.

  11. DannyComments

    Wow! Finally Nandini so proud of you. Those emotions coming from You, finally accepting what you feel and not being ashamed of your love. Oh Wow! And Kunal..Calling out her name sad. You see, this stupid society are all about some stupid morals that gets you no where. It was okay to just pity Nandini when her devilish ex husband would sleep with other women! Oh and it was fine when he would hit her and destroy her. Society enjoyed that because they wanted to have someone to pity..but the moment she throws caution to the wind and follow her heart, she is now shameless?? Why? Because she fell for her Best friend’s husband? Don’t people do worst than That? I’m sorry Mauli and I know you don’t deserve this betrayal but life sucks..Life really sucks sometimes.

    1. U r right Danny

  12. I’m against this stupid relationship of kunal and nandini. Nandini is not a good best friend.

  13. i think the message in this series is not about promoting an extra marital affair but showing us the reality about life today and what ppl do from mauli character it’s teaching women what not to do I might still help a friend but I won’t encourage thrm with my husband all the time and I will maintain a distance but mauli included nandini in all her affairs and her marriage so I think it’s good for women to c this and learn from it what mauli has to go through now is heartbreaking but I could learn from this show about what not to do

  14. At the end it is only frustration.everyone justifying they are correct.there is no right or wrong. There is no value for trust love no meaning for friendship no value for hardwork no value of life tatgets.everything happens as per fate one challenge for destiny to get successful in their life.everyone suffered leading their lives need of use of little brain.
    True this just a story.but nothing to motivate nothing to take as advice no moral finally nothing to entertain and nothing to enjoy.
    Let’s waite for our fate and destiny.

  15. Most worst thing is audience is highly divided supporting their favourite characters they are fight with each ofhers using web and social media.sometimes even actors involved and encourage may be financially benefited to lot of people.don’t they have a social responsibility to at least build peace among viewers

  16. I find it really interesting , the things nandani said about rajdeep can easily apply to kunal as well. rajdeep gave his wife to some other man kunal gave his wife’s right to other woman ,rajdeep used to hurt her here both kunal and nandani hurt mouli emotionally. Right nandani lost her child because of rajdeep well mouli lost herself because of them. Just because you can see nandani’s wound and not mouli’s does not mean she is not as hurt as nandani was in that relationship with rajdeep. I do believe that love can happen to one even if that person is married but that just does not justify cheating. When they realized their feelings for each other they should have gone to mouli but no they through cheating would be a better idea. Hurting someone in anger doesn’t justify so is hurting in love. true love doesn’t know boundaries but they had an obligation towards mouli.

  17. Nandinis words could be right with rajdéep.but not with mouli.what kunal and nandini done for mouli is wrong.nandinis justifications is filled with her selfishness. Giving justifications for everything that you do is purely selfishness. No one accpts that they done wrong. That they hurt someone physically or mentally. No guilt towards wrong.very bad message

  18. We must not hate Dhrasti Dhami or Shakti Arora, they are actors and doing acting but as a wife, I must say it is a lesson to show people how a close friend in our home (whether man or woman or a young maid male or female) can be harmful for a couple who use to live in harmony. Nowadays we can never trust anybody. But on to all one can never accept this kind of acting.

  19. The W*F statements of Nandini in today’s episode
    Taras gaye thae hum pyaar ke liye???
    — Tho behen what’s the thing Mauli showered you with. Ok I got it it’s hate.

    Woh Kunal thae hume inn sab sae baahar nikhaala,umeed diya,sawaara blah blah
    — Tho Mauli kya kar rahi thi itne din? Ok I got it she was plotting against you

    Ho sakta hain hum galath hoo
    — She still don’t understand it’s wrong? I lost it

  20. The W*F statements of Nandini in today’s episode
    Taras gaye thae hum pyaar ke liye???
    — Tho behen what’s the thing Mauli showered you with. Ok I got it it’s hate.

    Woh Kunal thae hume inn sab sae baahar nikhaala,umeed diya,sawaara blah blah
    — Tho Mauli kya kar rahi thi itne din? Ok I got it she was plotting against you

    Ho sakta hain hum galath hoo
    — She still don’t understand it’s wrong? I lost it

    1. There’s all sorts of love. Ofc mauli loved her but nandini wanted someone to love her beyond any one else. Even we know mauli loves Kunal the most.

      You’re right about the rest but the first argument is wrong in your case.

  21. First of all what the hell is KUNAN man???

    Like seriously ppl had shipped the cheaters name grt well done!!! I love this serial but here some ppl r trying to justify kunal nd Nandini’s relationship like wtf man?!
    Nd in yesterday’s episode Nandini was like “pyaar tw pyaar hota h ” bhen mauli ke samne bolna tha na why now showing crocodile tears to mauli?? She was saying such big things to rajdeep that is his fault that she is having affair with kunal like seriously how can she justify for what she has done. She acted so innocent guess it was all fake just to get mauli’s sympathy. She said kunal did everything for her then what did mauli do huhh? Guess she too was planning a affair.
    In this whole drama it’s kunal fault in first place I agree some1 said a rain dance was enough for that man to forget about his 7yr relationship. If he was feeling these kinds of feelings for Nandini then he shud have talked to mauli nd shud have expressed his feelings till now I understood that mauli is really understanding so she was wud have listened to him nd wud help him get out of this dark path. The things would not be that messy

    Then still it’s a serial!

    1. i completely agree with you Navya. Nandini said a lot of things to Rajdeep, but if she feels her love is so pure and true and she did no wrong, then she should have the courage to say the same things to Mauli. But Nandini will cry and ask for forgiveness in front of Mauli. She wont have the courage to say anything because she knows that she has cheated her friends. The one thing i hate most about Nandini is her ‘innocent bechari’ face. As if she only needs to put that face on and people will forgive her. Nandini is an adult, she was hurt when Rajdeep was sleeping with others even though Rajdeep was such a cruel husband to her. But she didnt once think what Mauli will go through, Mauli who loves Kunal so much, Mauli who had taken her into confidence and told her that Kunal is her world. Such selfish person has the audacity to tell Rajdeep that she is right and her love is right and her actions (secret coffee dates, physical intimacy, doing aarti with Kunal meant for husband and wife) are not shameless at all.
      I haven’t yet seen Kunal trying to justify anything. even his proposal stated that he knew he was wrong. after he ‘fell in love’ with Nandini, the makers never once showed what he still thinks of Mauli. I am curious to see if he will say that he never loved Mauli at all. Mauli asked him the same question if he ever loved her and Kunal had stayed silent

  22. Will leave their affair and also that so called is named has love whatever but in this story rajdeep alone is not a cheater or cheapster the one who showed has a understanding husband also a cheater and more than rajdeep he is considered too cheap. One who can’t value a wife who is unconditional towards him this he can’t understand but he a understand a girl who suffered by someone else after the warning of her friend also she is considered has innocent she is not innocent but a selfish one who think only about her always more over she deserves a husband like rajdeep seriously I feel sorry for the viewers who are supporting for them Bec a small lie from a parter or friend cannot be accepted by us but we want others to understand this shamless things. They are not victims they are acting has one but the true victim is facing the situation she is not afraid to face it Bec she is not guilty the one who is guilty should bow down and get last.if u guys wish make them marry also.but they can found happiness for someday only maybe in future nandhi can love someone and Kunal too.a realtion should not only be on love it should be based on affection commitment and so other many things too a love only can’t make someone to move on.then how u say this cheap thing has love first they din show anything like that she need a support that was given by both mauli and Kunal but she din spend time with her friend instead she spended time with her friend husband such is called attraction don’t give name of love. A love make us to think good not this cheap things. No offense just my point of view

  23. What everyone said in ur view…. But in my view it is right that heart will always search what it wants married or unmarried… Nothing…. In reality it will happen…. So we can’t blame kunal or nandini….. It’s mauli fault too…she done all things for kunal…. But she forgot to put full interest on his dreams… Not kunal….. So we must think out of our minds… Then we itself get the answer….. Like me……anyway waiting for new entry…. It is also said that aham Sharma is new entry opp mauli…. Think so

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Actually thats same thing I am thinking, if we justify Pooja Yash from behpanaha that its not their fault to fall in love with each other, than kunal and nandini are not to be blamed either. Otherwise if kunal and Nandini did wrong than Pooja and Yash are also wrong.
      Actually even my views get changed, but yes if their cheat was fine, than their also. After all life is not in our hands. Though I feel bad for mouli, zoya and aditya equally..

  24. lol nandani dialogues seems like even writers don’t knw how to justify ema.. kuch toh valid reason dete ki yeh kyu hua..

  25. So love keep on changes nice after seeing this all will get lesson don’t leave ur ambitious husband to sit simply or don’t ever help ur friend Bec they will take advantage of your situation nice. I think we should be selfish.nothing is wrong then can you say a rape is also right Bec it’s a rapist situation he was unable to control nice just a rapist do something physically which give wound in body what this both did will injury some one soul that too a good one if Nandhini did that with rajdeep frnd who is unmarried we can say it’s love according to me this kind of realtion is just take when we get advantage

  26. Hi guys… though i am a silent reader but in todays episode nandini confronting rajdeep made me little sympathetic towards her. Though i do not support ema at all but love is very basic for a human to survive. And being a wife when you dont get that love u get shattered inside out. And when someone else is getting that same love which you craved for then either you get jealous of that person or you feel pity on yourself and go into depression. And in that moment when a drop of love falls on you then person doesnt think about morals right or wrong . you just grab that love drop with both hand.being a wife I can totally feel mauli’s pain and completely agree whatever happened with mouli is completely wrong she doesnt deserve this at all but i can feel nandini’s pain as well. She was so much desserted that when a drop of love poured on her she just couldnt resist it. And the fact is when you need something for survival then you dont think about morals and values. Here i blame kunal for all the mess coz nandini was craving for love so she couldnt resist the charm of love but he was getting love, care pamperness everything from mauli but still he went outside his marriage just bcoz mauli couldnt give him some quality time. Anyways eventually no reason can justify ema. I totally agree with this mouli is suffering a lot coz both of them. Being a dedicated wife she deserved loyalty from her husband.
    Pls guys dont get offended by my comment. I am totally against ema. And agree with the fact that kunal and nandini are completely wrong and ya hats off to aditi no one could portray mauli so so well. Her acting skill is just wow. Though i am drashtis fan and started watching the show coz of her but aditi’s acting made me her fan…

  27. although i will never support Nandini i understand where she comes from. Years of abuse at the hands of her husband had made her a weak person. She used to tremble just listening to his name. Now, even though she has found courage to stand against Rajdeep, her heart is still hurt and is willing to accept any love she gets. And it was established always, that Nandini would chose her own happiness over her friendship with Mauli. She did it once before when Mauli accused Rajdeep. And she did it again with Kunal. For a selfish person, who had undergone years of trauma and hate, i understand why she would happily fall into Kunal’s arms after an intial struggle, while she will chose to completely ignore her friend’s feelings or why she will still try to justify what she has done. I dont mind what she said to Rajdeep. She was still trying to protect herself and Kunal at that point. But i am never going to support such a weak character. I dont know who the writers of this show are, but i wonder if in the future, when Nandini is in a better place, whether she will still feel similarly towards Kunal or if she will evolve as a person and see her own selfishness and weakness
    As for Kunal, he is a hypocrite. the show started with him talking about his principles and advising his friend against cheating. But within a few jobless months. all his principles are lying in shambles. He found a woman who was good for massaging his ego. Everytime he helped the weaker woman, he felt his self esteem increase. His won wife, who is a strong independent woman, never made him feel similarly. Kunal felt like a ‘better person’, a more important one, whenever he was helping bechari Nandini. Add to that the fact that Nandini is beautiful, dresses well, cooks well, dances well and is more ‘homely’, he couldn’t stop thinking about her after seeing her dance in the rain. He struggled too, but ultimately the ;love’ was too strong. In his case also i am eager to see how he fares with Nandini a few years down the line. Is Nandini still continuing her cooking classes? How will Kunal feel when the whole financial burden of the family will fall on his shoulders and he will have to maintain Nandini’s expensive tastes? (good dresses and make up) Will he still find being the knight in shinning armor endearing or will he get tired of this shit real soon?
    Mauli. Sigh. Everyone says this shows portrays reality, that is, if you trust your husband too much and let him spend more time with another woman, feelings are bound to arise. i dont know if that is true or not, but that is one frightening thought. Anyways, for her i hope she doesnt turn into a bitter woman. Until now she has been wonderful and i want her to emerge only stronger. I dont even want her to lose her helping, caring nature. Hopefully her in-laws will stand by her through this difficult time. I want to see how Mauli fares in this all, if she turns to hatred or she still finds in her heart to forgive and move on. all i can say is deserves a far better person than Kunal
    as for those who are saying love can happen anytime. I agree. But does one love removes all our previous loves from our heart? Our responsibilities to the people already in our lives? What is true love? Does years of friendship, staying together, having happy memories, helping each other through difficult times not create a bond and love? At the end of the day, this is just a serial. some people will support their fav actors, some will support their fav characters. But it cannot be denied that watching a well done story does affect our thought process. Even as children, we were given morals through stories with lessons. they are the one with lasting impact and their effect cannot be ignored

    1. Well said

  28. Not a single time kunal said to mauli that pls forgive me and give me one chance and will forget nandini forever. He doesn’t care for his relation with mauli. Nandini is shameless. Why she is not leaving kunal and go anywhere ?because she doesn’t want to leave kunal just showing crocodile tears. Mauli must not give chance to kunal now as he is totally in love with nandini .Kunal nandini have never thought for mauli so mauli must leave them. Let them suffer in life. But kunal must realised the value of mauli in his life. She has done everything for him. Hope nandini turn negative in future and kunal realise his mistake for choosing nandini over mauli.

  29. Well said Dhara … I agree to each and everything that you have said … I don’t like this weak character Nandini who does lot of skin show still shows her bechara wala face …. Dhrasti is always baffled … I prefer aditis acting over drashti …

  30. I still can’t understand how somene you call friend can do such a thing as Nandini did. To me, Nandini has always had self esteem issues since her childhood friendship with Mauli. It seems like Mauli always had to cheer her up and standby her in order for her to believe she could do anything. Otherwise she isn’t just a potato or sponge, sh can’t seem to stand up for herself.

    The fact she said that Kunal haven her wings and stood by her was totally brilliant bullshit. What about Mauli who’s stood by her since childhood and still after she found out that Nandini was being mistreated? Kunal only could help Nandini based on coincidence situations which he didn’t even know her, otherwise in a normal day I doubt if he can guess that something is wrong like Mauli. She just knew something was wrong with her friend?

    Anyways, I still feel Nandini is fake add that sad crying face and you’ll find a crocodile. Why? Because if she was such a good friend then why did Mauli hide her photo from Kunal? I think there’s a mystery or past childhood information missing? I can actually believe that Nandini is SHAMELES and rajdeep is not so bad as we think. I mean look at him, yes he did mistreat Nandini but he didn’t do such wickeness. Moroever, Nandini always had the choice leave him but then why did she stay? She could have reported him to police or women’s right NGO for help but she didn’t? She couldn’t have gone back home but didn’t? She even had been a choice to not go and meet that business man she was sold to, bjt she did (wether she knew or not), how does a married woman even stay in a room with strangers without her asking her man? She has guts. I’m telling you there’s some truth in that business man accusation. Nandini is not so innocent especially if Maulis mum warned Mauli about her at her sisters wedding. Mauli’s mum knows something or has seen something. Women don’t just warn each other, we got the sixth sense and I’m very sure Mauli knows something about Nandini and she doenst trust her 100% (at the back of her head). Nobody good truly good can do such a thing to her friend like Mauli.

    Just look at Nandini, she doesn’t have much going for herself. We don’t know what happened to her after getting separated to Mauli for all those years? We know MAuli graduated and became a doctor and got married eventually but where was Nandini? How can a woman be so dependent that she’s doesn’t even have savings to rent her own place. Kunal and Mauli had to help her stand up again? That means she didnt have much going on before marriage and after marriage so shes basically a leech or has always been one. We don’t even know anything about her family? Who gets married in India without in laws? The in laws should have known she’s pregnant at least to celebrate the occasion yet there’s nothing about her. Nandini has no past data so who knows if shes really not shameless or used to taking things that don’t belong to her? I’m sure she’s really the bad guy. And getting Kunal was also a plan and she will keep him.

    Just ask yourself why would a man like rajdeep who has a good job, well off, just mistreat Nandini anyhow? There has to be a reason. He doesnt treat other women like that but why Nandini? I mean she’s beautiful, she cooks well, she cleans, she basically wife material so what’s missing? I really think Nandini isn’t as innocent. It very possible that she was jealous of Mauli for years but kept quiet. Even best friendship have jealousy as nothing is ever perfect.

    And yeah! If loving someone is not shameful then Kunal and Nandini should have just sat Mauli down and shared their feeling rather than sneaking and lying around her back. That makes them shameful and shameless. They got no heart. By the way taking a friends husband is beyond shameful. In this case I can salute pr*stitutes as the just go along with the flow, sometimes not knowing who they are dealing with but Nandinis Head was correct and sane so it’s a possible calculated plan and step. Even the s*x with kunal was a trap. Who throws a tantrum when told the truth by Maulis mum, if she lied then Nandini wouldn’t have run home and ruined her apartment. She knew Kunal would always follow her coz of the so-called love (I say infatuation or possible s*xually chemistry) so she pulled off a big tantrum to get Kunal soft and thats how he slept with her. Nandini is a crazy b*t*h and witch and soon everybody will find out her true colors.

    Every marriage has issues, wether it’s a bephana situation or not, the important thing is nothing partners work to make the relationship work and respect it, yet saying no to any form of abuse or mistreatments. I do salute Mauli for trusting her man 100 because that real love. You either give mrriage 100 or nothing especially with trust. There’s no 50/50. Of course wisdom Ian required in all things yet giving rooom to doubt breaks trust slowly and that’s expensive damage.

    I hope Mauli rises above his misfortune and makes herself better. As for Nandini shes an expert snake who I hope Kunal will regret someday. You don’t destroy someone else’s happiness and stay happy. Sooner or later you’ll have to pay for it.

    1. Superb.. an awesome comment…

  31. Shame of kunal… can he so like this….and this nandhini words is really can she talk so like this

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