Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan-Mishti spend night on balcony

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night. Mishti lay in the bed unable to sleep because of Veer and his mother’s bitter words. She was restless and begins to walk in the room. There, Rohan was also sleepless and thinks about Veer. He finally sits up. Both join each other at the balcony. Mishti says Rohan she never wanted to hurt Dadi, but she never thought Veer’s mother would be hurt so badly. She always took care not to hurt anyone. Rohan says its not compulsory that thinking and fate are always aligned, neither Veer nor she or him (Rohan) is wrong. Its only that time wants them to be together. Mishti questions why time brought Veer into her life then, he wouldn’t have been hurt. She isn’t selfish, she only wants to spend each moment of her life with full joy. Rohan says there is no easy path, even when destinations are visible. Only those are happy who recognize their right path and walk upon it. May be, we overlooked the right path earlier, but now we have known this is the right one. She must not focus on hurdles, but the destinations that is beautiful. Today, we know we need each other’s companionship. Mishti says when she was with Veer, she thought it was love. In childhood, she saw her father with Nandini and found her mother crying’ but couldn’t understand what was happening. She wondered why her Mummy cried, and why her Papa didn’t stay with us. She now understand what her Mummy bear. When Popsy entered Mummy’s life, he returned Mummy’s smile and joy in life. Mishti says Rohan has returned the same smile in her life today.

Sukhmani brings coffee to Arnav’s room. He was busy in office work. He says there was a lot to do in office, and couldn’t go to meet Mishti. Sukhmani says no matter how busy you are, you should never leave your relationships. He must meet her in the morning. Arnav tells Sukhmani Mishti is his childhood friend, he knows she must be broken from inside. He can’t see Mishti or Pari upset. Sukhmani advices Arnav not to speak to Veer about their breakup, it’s wise to keep office and family apart. Arnav says he won’t have a problem even if he loses a job, so no worries.

Rohan tells Mishti that sometimes destiny opts a few matters for us. When we are helpless in front of our feelings, how can we fight destiny. Mishti argues that her father must have met Nandini, this won’t have hurt Nandini. Rohan says Mishti wouldn’t have existed, hadn’t they met. And they had each other’s love for years. Mishti asks if that was really love, why her mother didn’t realize it wasn’t. Rohan says the kids always see black and white, and doesn’t realize what’s in between. May be, they felt like we do today. But in future, our kids won’t be able to understand what’s in this moment. Realizing her feelings today, Mishti won’t repeat the mistakes her parents did. Mishti felt Veer was hurt in all this, she wish Veer finds his true love sooner. Rohan smiles that love and pain go side by side, as a package deal. If she lives with Veer, she would be in pain; if she choose her love still she would feel the pain. He realizes he brought the storm into her life, but he is helpless and was attracted towards her. One has no control over feelings and emotions; we only try not to make mistakes in life. It’s wrong, she loves someone and stays with another. Their hearts had been connected, may be from their first meeting. Her heart also never beat for Veer, and she always ruled his (Rohan’s) heart. He has always been alone, was brought up in orphanage; he always had a question why his mother left him, if she never loved him. There was no one to reply to these questions. He always thought if his mother held someone else’s love as more important. But he didn’t understand it then. Today, he realizes his mother’s decision was right. He had a few friends. Mishti keenly hears the story as Rohan continue to speak. They spend the whole night with each other on balcony.

It was now morning, Rohan and Mishti were still on the balcony. Rohan smiles he couldn’t realize how night passed by. Mishti says in love, time passes by quickly. Rohan says the success of life is to find someone, with whom you can spend the whole night even in silence. Today, he lived that night with her and kiss the back of her hand. She turns to leave. Rohan says he has something for her. He stands close to Mishti and gifts her the necklace, she lost in forest in Lonavela. He asks Mishti to now say what was left unsaid, what is lesser even if heard a thousand times by him; the three magical words. Mishti poses innocent and asks what words. Rohan says the moon left awaiting his turn, now let’s make Sun a witness to those words. Mishti says Rohan himself claimed the ways of love are extremely difficult, and have a number of turns and hurdles. She says the Sun is a witness but she isn’t in a mood today. She leaves mischievously.

PRECAP: Rohan was in his room. He finds Veer’s engagement ring, Naina’s mother had thrown over him. He decides Mishti can’t be kept blaming herself, and he will tell Veer about their relationship today.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Episode was ok… But first part showed that writers have decided that Misty kept foot in his father’s shoe.. She always denied that she don’t want to be like Kunal, but indirectly she too choose same path… And now in future she will find Nandini and Kunal relation right too, as she did same thing as well… Today Ruhaan repeated same lines which Pari said on first episode regarding Kunal, Nandini and Mouli, just charcters are differ today i.e Veer, Misty and Ruhaan…
    Anyway is news true about show ending???

    1. SsiyAa

      since first day i gave prediction that mishti will be in kunal’s shoe… and it was in news last month as producers are in loss as show is not receiving appreciation upto expectation even on digital platform… but i don’t think show will go off-air because s1 received so many criticization but still was dragged to their satisfaction so the same is happening with s2 also.. so s2 won’t go off air so early..

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      SsiyAa even I was saying same since day 1… But get critisim in return due to personal liking and disliking over actors and actresses… Infact they should even get same critisim which was given to Kunal and Nandini in personal and professional way….

  2. Okay, the dialogues are not very clear so can someone confirm to me, did ruhaan justify his mother leaving him in an orphanage because ‘she was in love with another man’? And since ruhaan is in love today so he understands?… Like i cant imagine any orphan ever saying that

    1. SsiyAa

      they aren’t focussing on developing characters of s2 but only on justifying season 1 love story… where mauli and kunal was having plethora of love in their marriage and after nandini’s entry suddenly it became loveless marriage..they are trying to show it’s ok to not stand on commitments… and to keep changing decisions according to emotions… last time they showed love after marriage this time before marriage only to prove the point that one has no control on emotions. Though it’s a serial people enjoy according to actors, but in real life it’s a mess. until and unless there is no strict reason relationship should not be broken. Having ‘no emotion” can never be the reason for leaving relation.

  3. Is the agenda of S2 is to justify what Kunal & nandini done is right….. I don’t understand why everyone bring & compare current suitation with past….. They just conclude mauli & Kunal was forced to marriage and lived a love less life for 7 years…. As per my understanding they are very much in love, Kunal was very madly in love with mauli….. Pari, then sukamani & now Misti concludes the same….. Misti life is not same as they parents life…. She is always living a comparised life with veer & his family from day one…. But Kunal & mauli relationship is not like this…….

    I am not likely writing creating a suitation to justify they s1 stupidity

  4. Don’t blame mishti or ruhaan. The writers they are really going to ruin this series. It’s got so many twists and turns.
    Writers ruined everything.

  5. Don’t blame mishti or ruhaan. The writers they are really going to ruin this series. It’s got so many twists and turns.
    Writers ruined everything.

  6. Lol. Not only are the writers justifying kunal and nandini again, through ruhaan they are even saying if you are in love, drop your child in orphanage and leave, that is the right thing to do. Your child will understand when he falls in love too. Like whaaaaat? Is this the message of this show? Whenever u fall in love, abandon ur wife, family, friend, child… Just leave and create ur own selfish new world because ‘no one can control emotions and u shouldnt even try to’. Just live ur life and let everyone else go to hell. ‘love’ is above all. But wait. If you fall in love the second time, then ur first love was not love. Abandon and reboot. And if you fall in love third time… Rinse and repeat.
    According to the writers, love is not about trust, loyalty, understanding, comfort or committment. No no no. Love is only and only strong physical attraction. If u cannot get someone’e beautiful face out of your mind, only then you are in love. Thats it. I am done with this show. Every single character be it pari, mishti or even damn sukhmani are saying its ok kunal left mauli because they were stuck in loveless marriage. NO THEY WERE NOT. A day will come when even radhika will say the same fact and nandini’s photo will also be hung beaides mauli, kunal and ishaan. I am done with this show. No more comments. I dont even care what happens to the characters. Just hollow pretty faces here to fulfill the writer’s agenda

  7. Mishti is a super hore

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      omg !!! ?? jus sayin ? ??

  8. They are so hypocritical .. They will see her fall to go .. Mishi shocks me day by day .. With Veer she was so respectful girl .. Who pays attention to everything when she was with veer .. (at home. We respect our house and avoid being close that he is our fiancé or boyfriend in the presence of our loved ones) .. But to see with ruhaan Mishi crosses all the stages .. They romance in every corner of the house and that in presence of elder. . She makes the wall to join the guy in her room .. Always in the presence of the elder .. She spends the night alone talking with him in the room and still the elder sleep not far. Today hand in hand they will tell the truth to Veer and shout their love .. for mishi to his ex and for the other his so-called best friend he considers as his brother … They are just hypocritical …. I think the series should come out of the air. Because the message that want to pass is not yet clear to me .. I do not see what he wants to show and convey as a message .. In the 1 season they are clearly shown the infidelity of kunal and betrayal of Nandini to his best friend. . But in this 2 season I can not figure out the content he wants to show .. What is the purpose .. To realize before the wedding to fall in love with the best friend of his fiance .. Or see that forbidden love will create a lot of pain in a family …. How will react Bet against his sister .. Many had thought that it would be bet that would create pain to mishi .. It’s the opposite that pass .. All this bond is happening in the presence of the elder but they do not see him .. His elders who have total faith in mishi .. When they will know everything that goes under their roof .. I do not know what Radhika gonna think .. Because the Nandini and kunal bond to start well .. In the family house .. Nandini to was well received and respect in the family of kunal and Mauli .. But then the same thing happens for ruhaan .. As well as the mishaan bond .. The past is repeating itself


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