Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 13th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal returns to family

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 13th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari runs towards Mishti and hugs her. Mauli and Ishaan were happy to see them.
Kunal stood in the parking.
Mauli greets Pari and leaves to receive her family.
Kunal walk towards the apartments while Mauli was coming towards the parking. They soon confront each other. Mauli’s smile vanishes. Pari and Mishti come running there. Pari introduces Mauli to her Buddy and asks if she found him handsome? Mishti introduces Kunal to her mother. Ishaan comes there complaining who would introduce him? Mishti says he is her Popsy. Mauli joins hands to say happy Diwali to Kunal. Kunal gives a small gift to Ishaan. Ishaan asks Kunal about his wife. Mauli scolds Mishti for her muddy hands and takes her inside to wash them. Mishti takes Pari along with her and requests Mauli to let

them play for some more time. Mauli leaves their hands to play. Mamma spots Kunal still standing where he had been. Ishaan takes the kids to light some crackers.
Mamma walks to Kunal, her eyes filled with tears. She grabs Kunal’s hand and takes him home, where she kiss his hands and was happy that he returned. Kunal asks how she is. He could never forget her, he wish to hug her. Mamma cries while hugging him. Kunal says he called her a number of times but couldn’t dare to speak to her. Pari comes to take Pari. Mamma asks Kunal if he is Pari’s…. Kunal nods. Mamma looks towards Pari and recalls she had cursed Nandini once that she never becomes a mother. She kiss Pari’s cheeks with tears in her eyes. Pari asks Mamma and Kunal to come with her downstairs. Kunal asks her to go downstairs, he will be back. Mamma asks Kunal if Nandini is also here. Dida comes outside asking Radika if the guests are here. She spots Kunal there in the hall.
Mauli recalls Kunal and Nandini’s love. How he had ended their relation and denied to accept their child. Ishaan comes to support Mauli and notices she had been distressed. Tears filled Mauli’s eyes but she couldn’t speak much. Pari had run into Mauli’s lap fearful of the crackers. Mauli parts Pari from herself and says she isn’t her mama, she is Mishti’s mama. Ishaani was quizzical. He tells Pari that aunty is afraid of crackers even more than Pari. Pari cheers. Mauli asks Mishti that it is enough now, she must go inside. Mishti says they even have to light the crackers with Pari’s father yet. Mauli was angry. Pari tells Mauli to go and take rest, Mishti isn’t afraid of the crackers. They even have to go for dinner. Mauli takes Mishti inside. Pari asks Ishaan if aunty is so afraid of the crackers.
Dida fumes over Kunal and tells Radika to make him leave. He left finishing each relation. Kunal wipes his tears and looks towards Mamma. Mamma nods towards Kunal. He now walks to Dida and requests her to listen to him. Dida wasn’t ready to listen. Kunal holds her hand. Dida angrily jerks his hand away. His hand fell over a flame on the candle stand. Dida holds it at once out of care. She asks Radika if he has favored them by coming after so long, they were alive even without him and will live in future as well. They will inform him when she has died, he can come on the fourth day then. Kunal holds Dida’s hand saying I missed you a lot. Dida hugs Kunal. She cries and asks Kunal if he never wished to meet her in all these years. She even takes Radika into a hug.
Mishti was being dragged by Mauli. Mishti says Pari and her Papa have come over for Diwali, they even cancelled their party. Why can’t they go for dinner now then? Mauli scolds Mishti asking if Pari’s papa was more important than her. Ishaan comes there and sends Mishti and Pari to play. He then asks Mauli what’s wrong with her, she has been reacting strangely. The invited Mr. Malhotra for dinner, why she doesn’t want to go anymore. Mauli calls Mishti back and argues with Ishaan that she does not want to go to dinner with Kunal and his daughter. Ishaan now understands and confirms if this is Dr. Kunal Malhotra, her ex-husband? Mauli nods painfully.

PRECAP: Mauli shows extra affection to Ishaan on their dinner with Kunal. Kunal eyes Mauli.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I have this strange feeling, which I don’t like. I feel like Mauli will show extra affection to Ishaan and will even accept to marry him just to irritate Kunal whom she still love even though she’s still angry. Then Ishaan will see the drama and refuse to marry her and will bring Kunal and Mauli together and the serial will end. Gee, I hope I am totally wrong.

    1. I also didn’t like Mouli showing extra care for Ishaan in front of Kunal. But i dont think she is trying to make Kunal jealous. One, she still doesnt know that Nandini is dead, so maybe she is trying to show that she also is very happy in her life after Kunal left. Second, Kunal thinks Ishaan is Mishti’s father and Mouli doesnt want Kunal to find the truth. with his sudden appearance she is worried as to how to behave. So she is trying to show that this is her family now, and Mishti is her and Ishaan’s daughter. Mouli might think Mishti likes Kunal and if the truth comes out then Mishti will prefer Kunal more and then ultimately she will lose her daughter too. There might be a custody case. so many complications can occur if Kunal finds out the truth. I think Mouli will ask everyone to hide the truth from Kunal for only her daughter’s sake. At least i hope that is what happens. Mouli can never go back to Kunal, how she will ever trust him again after what happened last time? Everytime she sees him she will remember those accusations and insults only.

  2. I feel so many emotions reading this update lol… this show has to air at a more reasonable time. Now i will have to wait either for voot or a re-telecast tomorrow. Sigh.
    Everyone’s in pain right now because of that one incident that happened years ago. I am not going to comment who did right who did wrong in today’s episode. Kunal coming back suddenly is just a big shock for everyone, Kunal included, and everyone are just reacting to it emotionally without thinking or anything. So am not going to over analyze anything today either. Just waiting to see how things progress from here on.

  3. I have been a silent reader all along bt after watching today’s epi i couldn’t control… Mauli should be with ishaan only… If she gets back with kunal am gonna quit the show…

  4. Just loved the precap

  5. Btw, I would like to say just one thing for the last time – Nandini shouldn’t have died. The entire theme before the leap was Nandini and Kunal falling into this strong attraction that overrode everything else. Scenes after scenes were dedicated to how they loved each other and cant stay away from each other. After this much build up, how is it that Nandini just dies and we never get to see even one scene of how this two fair as a married couple? Kunal and Mouli had perfect married life according to me until Nandini came along. But Kunal chose Nandini and it is not possible that everything was lovey dovey after that too. Nandini would have psychological trauma after everything she had gone through, Nandini and Kunal wouldn’t have any common grounds to talk either. Nandini studied only till 12, Kunal is a doctor. Kunal and Mouli used to have these kinky games to spice up their married life, but Nandini was uncomfortable in short dress with Rajdeep. There are so many little and big things in a marriage. So after finally marrying… how did their relationship become or would have become after 6/7 years? Nothing, we get dead Nandini so that everyone in the story will be like ‘what happened, happened. Lets forget it. Now we have to move on and think about Pari also.’
    That relationship was the cause that everyone is in pain today of some sort or the other. But Nandini dead just creates a void in the story, as if an important part was left incomplete and without closure. Nandini dying doesn’t even make sense story wise. Yeah death can happen anytime, but not in a fictional story where the dying person was one of the leads. I used to skip most of Nandini scenes because of her always crying or her ‘i am so innocent and victim so dont scold me plz’ face. But after a leap, Nandini could have has some development, stopped being so weak, grown some personality and be watchable. Nandini’s character by herself had tremendous potential as she was a victim of years of trauma and sadness. She had artistic talents that she could never utilize fully. She could have had her own journey irrespective of Kunal. But Drasthi left, the writers chose not to replace the actor, and we are left with this story now.

  6. The same typical story!!Obviously it will end with the REUNION of kunal and mauli.. No matter what makers would definitely drag the storyline and would end up into the same old story. A happily ever after family of kunal mauli pari and mishti!…show is gonna end in mid-december and i am damn sure it will end up like that !!?

  7. Mauli…it’s pay back time! Mauli needs to get all the years of tension and pent up anger out now that Kunal is in her face. Kunal degraded the love Mauli shared with him as husband. Revenge relieves the hate we think we have. But their is a fine line separating love and hate.
    Kunal never cared to listen or understand the magnitude of pain and shame he caused to Mauli.
    He was suddenly in love for the 2nd time and he walked away from his wife, mother, grandmother.
    Kunal gave so much of importance to the two faced cheater Nandini.

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I am getting the impression that Nandini will return after Mauli and Kunal reunite for the sake of the children ? and flip… the same haraam story will continue …

  9. I’m getting rlly mad at this show no, because even though the kids won’t find out the truth the elders know, and mauli will soon fall in love with kunal all over again, and kunal will give some stupid excuse of him not knowing mauli was his true love, and poor ishaan will be left in the dust. I don’t want mauli and kunal to get back together again, or for mauli to pity marry ishaan. This show is getting worse day by day.

  10. Looks like little on kuch kuch hota hai movie track !! It was much better with nandini being alive sounded more real and now it is going to be a typical nuisance drama.

  11. Sujitha

    This shows the blood relationship always comes first than the other relationship, because once mamma hate nanthini but now after knowing she gave grandchild to her I see soft corner toward her I am sure after coming to know her death she fully forget her sin and accept her may be blame herself for crushing her, after living 6 or 7 years apart from him made them forget her sin and pushed them forgive him, if they do this thing to mauli perhaps she did the things what her son did to mauli in past . I hope mauli not do the same mistake to ishaan what she got from her ex husband after he got another person in his life. And there is no need to worry about her ex husband presence because they already got divorce perhaps if he comes to know about the child there is no worries because you didn’t hide your pregnancy while he is the one not ready to believe that and want the your pregnancy becomes false so he can get the way to go with his ema relationship again . coming to mishti you have to tell her father original face I know she is a child this this not right thing But it better than hiding the truth anyway she comes to the truth in future once she grown up we can’t hide this from her even though you reunite with him in the name of kids sake.

  12. Sujitha

    If mauli accept kunal in her life again no matter whatever the reason she is the more stupid and coward in the world

  13. Sujitha

    Don’t use ishaan for your benefit and don’t use him to make jealous your ex husband and reunite with him by saying I tried my best to forget him as much as possible but I can’t forget life once you ex husband told you while having extra marital affair with that girl ,if you do that to ishaan there is no different between you and your ex husband

  14. We want nandhini to be back.

  15. So true.
    For me Kunal is as much a villian as Rajdeep.
    So, before story goes any further, Kunal is the villian, Nandini b****h, Mauli, the brave victim who has guts to be on her own. So please don’t insult such strong character by showing that she will ever go back to the villian. Especially when we have our handsome and loveable Ishaan.
    Donor show Malli becoming weak.
    Maamma and Dida forgiving Kumar is very much expected……..At the end daughter in law will never become a daughter….

    .One more lesson Mauli will learn soon.
    Ditch the Malhotras and become Khanna.
    Have some dignity and self respect for yourself.

  16. Mauli and Ishaan only are the leads. Kunal is the villain. Donot try to show sympathy that Nandini died etc etc. How rudely he behaved with Mauli. He didn’t even show any sympathy with Mauli even when he thought she lied to him about pregnancy. How different is he from Rajdeep ???~.

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