Siddhi Vinayak 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpati Puja preps start in Kundra Mansion

Siddhi Vinayak 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari runs downstairs in the corridor. Gauri hides by the time Manjari is near the fountain. The spot is empty. Her dead body was right here! Where is it? What’s happening to me? Why am I seeing Vaibhavi everywhere? She thinks of all the incidents. It isn’t right. Someone is playing a game against me. Someone is trying to scare me. What’s happening Bappa? She goes. Siddhi smiles thinking Ma’s fear will make her confess her crimes now. Gauri pats at Siddhi’s shoulder. Siddhi takes her inside as she feeling cold and hugs her. Ma almost caught me. She was about to catch hold of me when she went near the railing instead and saw you downstairs. She panicked seeing you there thinking you to be Vaibhavi’s dead body. She will come clear very soon. Gauri is worried that Vaibhavi’s

ghost might be offended but Siddhi makes her understand it isn’t true. She brings towel for Gauri and covers her.

Gauri asks her why she dint melt the fake feet. Siddhi recalls how she and Gauri made the fake prints in Manjari’s room. She dips them in hot water. Gauri is impressed with her plan. Chachi ji wont figure out the truth ever. Siddhi tells her to be alert. Ma can confess her crimes anytime now. Gauri nods. Siddhi prays to Bappa. I have decided to light the diya of truth this time in your puja. It will safeguard my husband’s life for forever. I need your blessings. Please support me.

Everyone is having breakfast. Rudra looks at Siddhi. Siddhi asks Manjari to give her ketchup. Siddhi drops the bowl intentionally and ketchup spills. Manjari shouts blood. Vin asks her what happened. Gauri thinks Ma will tell everything now. Shankar tells Manjari to sit down. It is ketchup. Manjari sits down. Shankar asks Vin and Siddhi to bring Ganpati idol of their choice. You both will also do the puja this time. Manjari nods. Rudra thinks Shankar keeps creating problems for him again and again. I wont let Siddhi go alone with Vin this time. Rudra offers to come along but Shankar tells him to let Siddhi and Vin do this puja. It is their first puja after wedding. Rudra says it is my first puja too so I thought to bring it myself. I have never done it before. I thought I too should give a chance to God seeing all the dedication and prayers. Shankar questions him on his words. Rudra says how will I understand its importance if I wont get a chance. Vin tells him not to take it to his heart. You will also come with us. Siddhi agrees.

Gauri gives halwa to Manjari. She thinks of Vaibhavi and jumps in shock. Ghost! Gauri changes the presentation while Vin goes to Manjari. He calms her down. Siddhi asks Manjari what she saw. There is no ghost here. Vin offers to call doctor. Manjari declines but Shankar insists. Siddhi tries asking her again but Manjari leaves to rest in her room for a while. Siddhi and Gauri sit down upset.

Siddhi is getting ready. She is upset though as nothing is going as her per plan. She is unable to tie the thread of her blouse. Vin helps her. She says you. He asks her if she was waiting for someone else to tie it. He opens it again angrily. She tells him who else will she seek help from. Tie it now please. He sits down happily and tickles her. She smiles and gets up to go but he pulls her to him. I sometimes don’t believe you are mine. You are someone I got from my destiny. she calls him his destiny. I have to keep it safe by hard work. He does not understand the meaning. Sometimes I fail to understand what you really mean. Did you make preps for the puja? It will be our first puja as husband and wife. She takes it casually and continues teasing him that there is nothing special or different about it. It happens every time. He makes a sad face. I will tell Ma Papa you have no interest in doing puja with me. She holds his hand. You are so silly. You don’t understand what I am saying. I am very excited. I have also planned what I will wear. He teases her saying that she has thought about all the things to shop already like other women. She asks him if he wont take her out on shopping. He happily agrees. Remember how we used to do puja together in childhood? She nods. I always told Bappa to keep us together whenever the visarjan was about to happen. We are finally going to be together. We have done puja together in the past too but this time we will really do it as one. He agrees. They share a hug. She prays to Bappa to give her strength so she can bring out Ma’s truth in front of Vinu.

Prachi is eating. Rajvir asks her to give him some food too. She retorts that she isn’t his maid to do so. You will have to get it yourself. They both fall asleep on the sofa. Shankar asks them why they are sleeping here. Prachi lies that she was watching film all night. Rajvir gives up another excuse. Shankar says I am seeing that you guys aren’t joining us for breakfast either these days. Prachi and Rajvir act before him. Shankar leaves. Rajvir thinks how to tell Chacha ji he is going Bhojpuri film.

Gauri wonders what kind of a person Chachi ji is. Siddhi is sitting nearby. Gauri says we will have to do something which scares her more. She should fall ill and then doctor is called. She will then accept everything before everyone! Doc will be our witness. Strong wind begins to blow. Gauri closes the windows and turns but does not see Siddhi there. Gauri wonders if it was Siddhi who she was talking to or someone else. The lights begin to flicker. Gauri murmurs if Vaibhavi’s ghost felt bad. Where are you Siddhi? She sees someone coming towards her and freaks out. Vaibhavi!

Precap: The ghost talks to Gauri. Gauri tells her she died but she has come to seek revenge. Gauri tells her to stay away. I dint do anything! Save me Siddhi. The girl leans closer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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