Siddhi Vinayak 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari takes small revenge from Urvashi

Siddhi Vinayak 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prachi, Rajvir and Urvashi are downstairs. Urvashi asks about jeweller. Prachi says he would be carrying a lot of jewellery with him so he is taking time. Sit down and let’s wait. She starts telling her about the high amount of jewellery that Manjari gives to them. Rajvir excuses himself on the pretext of making a call. Siddhi runs to Urvashi’s room and closes the room from inside. Rajvir and Prachi notice it.

Siddhi starts checking Urvashi’s room.

Gauri asks everyone if they are waiting for someone. Urvashi asks her to sit. Jeweller is about to come. Prachi gets tensed. Gauri asks them about jeweller. Urvashi repeats the same story. Gauri says I don’t know about this ritual. Urvashi asks her if she dint get jewellery this year. Prachi reminds her that she went to her home last year so she doesn’t know. Gauri nods. Rajvir mentally hopes that Siddhi is able to find something asap. He sends a text to her asking her if she found anything. She replies to him.

Gauri decides to call Manjari downstairs but Prachi says she will come on her own. Urvashi finds her behaviour suspicious. She keeps eyeing my room. Vin enters. Urvashi tries going to her room but Prachi stops her. Vin asks them what they are doing here. Urvashi pretends to be dizzy. Vin holds her. Rajvir says she was fine till now. Urvashi looks at Gauri who covers up saying that she dint eat anything since morning. Vin says she needs rest. Let’s takes her upstairs. Prachi suggests making her rest in any room downstairs but Urvashi asks Vin to take her to her room. Vin lifts her in his arms and heads upstairs. Urvashi drools at him. Rajvir calls Siddhi but she does not pick his phone. Gauri asks him who he is calling. Prachi lies that they are calling doc like Vin asked them to. Gauri nods.

Vin and Urvashi are in the corridor. Siddhi is still checking the cupboard. Vin finds the room empty. He makes her lie down on the bed. She pulls him towards her. He tells her to take care of herself. Prachi, Rajvir and Gauri also come there. Rajvir and Prachi look around in confusion. Siddhi is hiding inside a cupboard. Gauri asks her what she is looking for. Prachi replies that she was looking for water for Urvashi but there isn’t any. I will go and bring it. Gauri nods.

Urvashi pulls at Vin’s hands. Nothing is fine. Vin assures her everything will be fine. She says it will be if you are saying so. Siddhi is disgusted seeing her thus. It’s not been even a month since her husband died and now she is after other’s husbands! She ducks and there is a sound. Everyone looks towards the cupboard. Gauri is about to check when Vin suggests her to check at Prachi. Rajvir goes to check instead. Siddhi mentally thanks Bappa for saving her.

Urvashi isn’t letting go of Vin. He asks Gauri to call Manjari. Urvashi is highly unwell. Gauri checks Urvashi. This drams girl leaves no chance to act but she is over acting today. It will take her down. Siddhi isn’t happy seeing Urvashi so close to Vin. Gauri goes to call Manjari.

Prachi and Rajvir wonder where Siddhi could be. Prachi knows her Tai is very smart. We will be in trouble if anyone finds out we are helping her.

Manjari is irked with Urvashi on her behaviour. We must hurry before she does anything wrong.

Urvashi starts scanning her drawers mumbling that she doesn’t deserve to live. I am so dizzy. Siddhi is worried that Vin and Urvashi might find her hiding here if they come towards this cupboard. Urvashi takes out a bottle hoping Vin will save her. He does exactly that. Manjari and Gauri come just then. Manjari picks the bottle and smells it. It is a medicine for staying fit. This drama queen must be really fed poison.

Gauri helps Urvashi stand. Urvashi again falls in Vin’s arms. Manjari hits her while walking and Urvashi falls flat on the bed. Manjari suggests a desi remedy for Urvashi’s illness. She takes out her sandal and makes Gauri and Prachi hold Urvashi from either side. Manjari recalls how she beat her with her sandal once. It is her turn now. She makes Urvashi smell her sandal. Siddhi hides her smile. Urvashi acts normal again. I dint eat anything since morning. Vin asks Prachi to call doc. Urvashi panics that she will be in trouble if doc comes. I will take my medicine and I will be fine. Manjari tells her to rest and goes to bring the medicine from the cupboard. Siddhi thinks that she will not be able to prove her innocence if she is caught today. Vin will never trust me. Help me Bappa.

Precap: Siddhi sprinkles Khujli powder in Urvashi’s saree. You are too keen to come closer to my husband right! Now we will see what happens. Urvashi meets Shankar’s guests but starts scratching herself everywhere in front of everyone. Siddhi smiles seeing her from far.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Urvashi is so irritating…?? over acting ki dukaan?
    Nothing interesting to watch except Siddhi Rajbir and Prachi scene..I felt that Vinu is enjoying this all..?

  2. Waiting for tomorrow episode.. precap is so funny..?? don’t know ab Urvashi ki kujli Kam Karne keliye Vinu Kya karega haha…???

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