Siddhi Vinayak 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi gets a clue

Siddhi Vinayak 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prachi cooking food for Siddhi to impress her and get a share in property. Gauri jokes on Prachi and thinks you cook food here, I will have setting with Siddhi. She goes and acts good to Siddhi. Siddhi asks her to manage Juhi for some time. She says I have to meet Vin, Juhi has seen her dad dying, she is in trauma. Gauri says yes, I really like kids, I will see her. Siddhi thanks her and goes. Gauri gets irritated. Siddhi comes to kitchen. Prachi thinks how to talk to her. She stops Siddhi. Siddhi says I m your sister, you didn’t help me when I needed you, you may have any motive, you would be thinking for getting property. Prachi apologizes. Siddhi asks her to stop the drama and leaves. Manjiri goes to Juhi and says you wanted to kill Siddhi that I shot the bullet, I will

not leave you now, you got scared, if you try to tell Siddhi again then… she tears the painting and says I will kill your Mishti too. Juhi gets scared. She pours red color on her. Gauri comes and asks what happened to Juhi.

Manjiri says she was playing with colors, where is Siddhi. Gauri says she went to meet Vin. Siddhi gets 5 mins to talk to Vin. She says I got your fav food. He refuses. She feeds him. Tere sang yara….plays… She shows Juhi’s painting to him. He gets shocked seeing the hidden meaning in the painting. He tears it. She asks what are you doing. He says I told you I shot Shivam, why are you doing this, stop it. She sees Mane kaka and gets glad. She greets him and asks how are you. He says sorry, I didn’t recognize you. He says I m your Siddhi. He gets shocked. He asks how can this happen, Siddhi is no more, Vin is behind this, he is arrested for Shivam’s murder. She says no, you are mistaken. Constable says she is Siddhi. Mane asks how, your face. Siddhi says its a long story, Vin can never kill anyone, he was innocent and he is still innocent. Mane says something happens with Kundras always. Siddhi asks inspector to help her, Vin can’t do the crime, can you show me evidences. He says fine, come with me. She checks the evidences.

She gets some paper pieces. She reads the letter. She thinks whose handwriting is this. Manjiri comes and says you here…. we would have come together. Siddhi says I had some work. Manjiri asks what’s these papers. She thinks I gave this note to Shivam and asked him to read it, what’s Juhi’s painting doing here, did Siddhi find out truth from Vin. Manjiri says we shall leave. Siddhi thinks why is mum worried as if I caught her lie. She asks inspector about the video sent by Shivam. She says we can get a clue by it. She checks the video and gets shocked. Siddhi asks inspector to see the video, it looks like Shivam is forced to say these lines. Inspector says maybe you are right, someone has forced Shivam to do this. She says yes, I will find out who is behind this, who kidnapped Juhi and forced Shivam to do this, who shot Shivam. Manjiri thinks how to get saved from this problem.

Lawyer says its tough to prove Vin innocent, we need to find the culprit. Shankar asks Manjiri to recall well, she was there. She asks would I be quiet if anyone was there, Vin is my son too, I love him a lot. Lawyer says there was someone else too. Siddhi says maybe that person forced Shivam and Vin, I don’t think Shivam could do this, I got to see evidences yesterday. She tells everything. She says Shivam has told same lines in video, someone made him say that, he was a lawyer, why does he need to follow someone’s lines, Vin is hiding something from us. Shankar says why is Vin doing this. She says yes. Manjiri thinks Siddhi has reached close to truth, I will be caught, no, I can’t let this happen.

Manjiri plans to hurt Siddhi. Prachi rushes to save Siddhi. Siddhi falls down the stairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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