Siddhi Vinayak 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari makes a plan to evict Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi smiles seeing everyone blowing bubbles. Manjari asks Urvashi what she has made. Shankar remarks that she could have asked for help if she dint know how to make halwa. Manjari and Shankar leave. Siddhi is happily popping bubbles. Flashback shows replacing powdered sugar with detergent. Flashback ends. I made you mix detergent today. I will keep playing such games every day.

Urvashi is drinking water and spitting in a bowl. Gauri rues that it feels as if she ate a soap! Urvashi too starts blowing bubbles. She breaks my plans just when I am near my motive! I was so close to Vin last night but Siddhi came with an army of eunuchs. What shall I do! Gauri gives her hajmola. Gift Vin something that will touch his heart. It should be something that matters a lot to him. Your MIL is his weakness.

Urvashi decides to gift him a photo of him with his mother. They share a hug. Siddhi overhears their plan. It is a good plan but only will your Badki will let you implement it! I will see how Choti will win in her plan!

Urvashi keeps Vin’s gift on the bed. He will fall for me after seeing this gift. She goes to freshen up. Siddhi replaces the gift box. She is about to go out when she hears a sound. It must be Urvashi. She hides the real gift under the bed and is going out when Urvashi tells her to stop. You came to ruin my plan once again? How dare you touch my gift? Why did you come here? Siddhi says she dint get time to do what she came here to do. What’s in this gift box? Urvashi snatches the box out of her hands. It does not concern you. It is for my husband. I will take revenge for your halwa for sure but I have to win Vin’s heart first. I have kept you on hold. I will see you later. Siddhi tells her to see her right away. Vin turns to go upon noticing Siddhi but Siddhi does not let him leave. She asks Urvashi to give the gift to Patidev. I am outside. Let me know when you are done. She closes the door from outside.

Urvashi requests Vin to forget what happened in the morning. I got you this gift to make you happy. He tells her he does not like all this but she requests him to accept it. I will feel you still haven’t accepted me as your wife. I will throw it away if you wont accept it! Siddhi is peeking at them from the doors. Vin stops Urvashi. I shouldn’t have been rude with you. He takes the gift. Urvashi is certain he will kiss her after seeing the gift. She stands ready in a kissing pose. There is a blast the moment he opens the box. Their faces are blackened. Siddhi enters and looks at them. How did this happen? Are you both alright? She bursts into laughter. My Patidev’s face is all black and so is Choti’s. You (Urvashi) once blamed Patidev for maligning your dignity. Is this your payback? You both look so bad. She thinks Urvashi came in this house as some queen. I turned her into a monkey today and I will send her away very soon! Urvashi apologizes to Vin. I dint know this will happen. I will wipe your face. Siddhi gives her a kerchief. Urvashi starts wiping his face but ends up worsening it. Siddhi remarks that she blackened the entire face. Biwi No. 2 should be praised. People put black dot to save their loved ones from evil eyes but this would keep everyone at bay! Urvashi tells her to be quiet. She tries cleaning Vin’s face again but he tells her he will do it himself. He leaves. Urvashi charges on Siddhi. She starts chasing Siddhi to teach her a lesson but Urvashi fails in following up with her.

Manjari is angry with Siddhi for what she did with the breakfast today. Urvashi comes there crying. Her face is still a bit black. She tells Manjari everything. Manjari says it is time to get her under our control. Urvashi says I don’t know how you will do it but I don’t want her either in this house or in my life. Manjari tells her she is more eager than her. I have a plan. This time my son will be on my side. Urvashi asks her about it. Manjari suggests her to watch her drama this time.

Next morning, Vin is leaving when Manjari asks him where he is off so early. He shares that he wants to leave so as to avoid Siddhi’s drama. Manjari agrees. We are all fed up of her dramas. Did you think how you will make her sign the papers? He tries to avert the topic but she does not let him go. You might have time but this house is running out of time. We cannot ask her to leave till she signs the papers. She is creating a new drama every second. Do you want her to destroy everyone’s life? He shakes his head. She reminds him that she cannot forget what she has done to his brother and to him! We cannot get her punished but we can atleast throw her out of the house. We have to make her sign the papers. He knows she wont sign intentionally. He does not feel like cheating Siddhi but she tells him to just get the papers. Siddhi will sign them. Just do as I say.

Everyone is having food. Urvashi is about to sit down as well when Siddhi makes her serve food to everyone first. Urvashi complies. Vin returns home holding a file. Siddhi asks him where he was. Your Biwi No. 1 and Biwi No. 2 were missing you so much. Have lunch with us. Vin announces that he has decided to name his one property in Urvashi’s name. I want to gift her her dream home. Urvashi is on cloud nine.

Precap: Vin asks Urvashi to sign the papers. It will be yours afterwards. It is worth 15 crores. Urvashi is about to sign when Siddhi takes the papers and signs them instead. Manjari smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Good episode…full of fun…🤩😄 Siddhi is really so cute..😘❤️🤩😍 but after watching that Manjari and Vinayak/Urvashi scene, the story is going the same way as before…😳😬🤔

  2. Never thought Siddhi will sign the paper without reading… it’s a big mistake…

  3. Summer

    I read updates only, but to read blackened face certainly made me laugh out loud! Having read that Siddhi falls for the trap and unwittingly signs the divorce papers, I’m sure when Vin learns the ugly truth he will be mortified! No only he has let Siddhi down but he gave up on their relationship.

    1. That was truly a fun scene…🙂 I laughed a lot…🙂

      1. Summer

        I watched the scene after reading updates…it truly was very funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! Nice to have some comical scene in! 🙂

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