Siddhi Vinayak 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Manjari and Urvashi’s evil plans for Vin’s property

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Siddhi Vinayak 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari hears the sound of a phone vibrating and asks Urvashi if it is her phone. Urvashi shakes her phone. Rajvir puts his phone on silent. They are about to catch him red handed when Prachi asks Manjari for her phone. My phone is just vibrating and getting cut. Something has gone wrong. Manjari asks her if it was her phone. Prachi nods. This is the problem of my phone. Rajvir quietly picks the paper and escapes from the window. Manjari allows Prachi to use her phone but asks her to stay in the room only.

Rajvir gives the papers to Siddhi. Manjari wants to take Vin’s fake sign and get the property in her name. Siddhi says I knew she was up to something but we have to stop her for now. She tells him to do something for her. He asks her how they will stop Manjari. Siddhi shows him a pen.

Shankar wonders who calls him Lorry wala. It is just Manjari who calls me that. It cannot be her though! She loves me very much. I cannot believe that a wife can do this. She is a stepmother yet she loves her son Vin too. She just lost her son. I know she cannot do this. He thinks of the call again. Who was that person who called me Lorry wala. How does he know about my past?

Manjari is practising Vin’s signature. She finally manages to do it correctly. They match with Vin’s signature now. Urvashi looks pleased. Manjari says enough of net practise. It is time to play the final match. Urvashi says you will become the owner of 3k crore after one sign. Siddhi comes running just then saying that Vin needs blood immediately. Manjari advises her to go to blood bank. Urvashi asks her how she is sure that Manjari’s blood group matches with Vin’s. Siddhi pinches her on her finger using a pin. I will give this to the nurse. Urvashi tells Manjari to sign the papers. I will check on Siddhi. Manjari fails in holding the pen correctly. She signs the papers incorrectly. Urvashi points out that this isn’t legible. This was what you were practising? Manjari shares that her hand has turned numb. I cannot move it or write anything. They both shout Siddhi in unison.

Siddhi apologizes to Vin for using his name to stop Manjari. I had no other way. Prachi asks her what happened. Siddhi tells Prachi and Rajvir that she had put a medicine which numbs a patient before any operation. I used it on Manjari Ma’s finger. We still have to do something to put a final end to Manjari Ma’s ill intentions.

Manjari and Urvashi walk out of their room. Rajvir looks at the mic in his hand. This will stay in your room so we can know your plans.

Manjari asks Siddhi what she did. My hand has turned numb. Siddhi says I just pricked it a little to take the blood sample. Manjari moves her hand but in vain. Urvashi taunts her but Prachi gives her a fitting reply. Manjari tells her not to act smart. Siddhi takes them aside. I agree that Vin is your stepson but he is fighting a crucial battle right now. It does not suit you to argue around him. Manjari retorts that if it was up to her then she would have! Siddhi asks her to complete her sentence. Manjari starts her acting and sits next to Vin. If it was up to me then I would take him to Siddhi Vinayak right away to pray for his well being. I will tell him what you did once he is fine. She walks out of the room followed by Urvashi. Siddhi says it means my plan is working. Manjari Ma is starting to worry. People make mistakes when they are worried. I am waiting for her to make a mistake now.

It is night. Manjari is still unable to move her right hand. Urvashi comes and notices her struggling thus. She laughs at Manjari. I will call doctor instead but Manjari tells her to stop. She ends up hitting Urvashi on her cheek. The mic is kept in the vase kept behind them.

Manjari apologizes to the lawyer for calling him so late. Vin is unwell and everyone is really tired. I wanted to call you once everyone is relaxed. He hands her the papers to get Vin’s signs. Urvahsi ends up blabbering what happened. Lawyer tells them it is a very big crime to get fake signatures on the papers. You will be put in jail instead. Manjari covers it up. Why would I make fake signatures? My son is not in the right condition. He apologizes for misunderstanding her and takes her leave. Urvashi says my old area was better. You just have to put a thumb impression and the property is switched. Manjari looks at the papers with a smile. You gave me a great idea. Vinayak cannot sign but he can atleast put a thumb impression. I will see how Siddhi will stop me now.

Next morning, Siddhi tells Vin that she has put everyone’s photos around the room especially for him. She sits down to talk to him. Manjari peeks at them. Nurse notices her. Manjari gestures her something. Nurse does something to the drip. Vin suddenly starts breathing heavily which sends Siddhi in panic. She asks nurse to call the doctor.

Precap: Nurse lies to Siddhi that the medicine is over. Bring it asap. Siddhi runs to bring it. Meanwhile, Manjari enters and takes Vin’s thumb impression on the papers.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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