Siddhi Vinayak 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin rescues Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin tying the cloth to Siddhi’s wound and taking her out. The neighbors see them and ask who has stabbed Siddhi. Vin gets Siddhi to hospital and ask doctor to attend Siddhi fast, save her life. Siddhi is taken for the treatment. Kabir talks to Manjiri on call. He threatens to expose her if she harms him. Vin goes to pray for Siddhi. He says she is my Siddhi, if I m alive, its because of her, she has always protected me from all the problems, what did I do, I made her out of the house, I m her culprit, I can punish myself. He sees the diya and takes it. He breaks the glass by his hand. His hand bleeds. Manjiri comes and asks what are you doing, did you go mad. He says I m punishing myself for not trusting Siddhi.

She asks Siddhi. He says yes, Riddhi is my Siddhi. He

gets shocked. He tells her everything. She cries and says she is Siddhi. He says I know who tried to kill her, I will get the culprit punished. Manjiri thinks if he finds Kabir, my game is over. He says you know him too. Shivam comes to chawl. The lady says the girl was in bad state, Vin took her. Vin calls Shivam and says I have seen you leaving Siddhi’s house, wearing that mask and hoodie. Shivam asks are you in your senses. Vin says you tried to murder Siddhi, you have to give your life and pay for it.

Shivam ends call. Manjiri thinks its good they are fighting. Doctor comes and says your patient’s state is critical, she is stabbed multiple times, her internal organs are fine but she had much bleeding, we gave her 4 blood units, we need more blood units, just arrange it first, her blood group is A positive. Vin asks Manjiri to be with Siddhi, he will arrange the blood units. She asks him not to worry. He goes. Manjiri comes to Siddhi and tries to harm her. She says I was waiting for this chance, why don’t you die, either of us can survive, I have to survive, you have to die, I have to fulfill my dream, I want my son to rule over Kundra family. She removes the oxygen mask and takes pillow to suffocate. Pratima comes. Manjiri asks her to see what happened to Riddhi.

Pratima shouts to doctor. Nurse says sorry. Siddhi gets normal. Pratima scolds the nurse. Nurse says I went to get injection. Doctor comes. Pratima says please help. Shivam comes and asks what happened to my Riddhi. Siddhi takes her parents’ name. Shivam asks who are they. Pratima says Siddhi’s mum and dad, understand she is not your Riddhi, she is Siddhi. Doctor asks for blood units. Shivam says my and Riddhi’s blood group is same, take my blood. Doctor asks is your blood group A positive. He says Riddhi’s blood group is O negative. Doctor says you are mistaken. Shivam says I remember this well. He recalls Riddhi. Pratima says my blood group is AB positive, I can give blood to Siddhi. She says Shivam, person’s nature can change in 5 years, not blood group, she is Vin’s Siddhi, not your Riddhi. She goes. Shivam says it means you are not my Riddhi, you are Siddhi. Manjiri thinks now he also believes she is Siddhi, what shall I do.

Shivam says you told me you are not my Riddhi, I didn’t listen to you. He feels guilty. He sees Manjiri and says I came on your saying and insulted her in front of Vin, she gave love to my daughter, I m sorry, I have to tell truth to Vin, I will call him. Manjiri stops him and says I think Siddhi is critical, Vin went to arrange blood units, he is worried, don’t call him. He says I have to tell him, I should rectify my mistake. She gets Kabir’s call. She scolds him and says Siddhi is alive, everyone got to know that Riddhi is Siddhi, kidnap Shivam soon. He asks why. She says if Shivam makes Vin know that he didn’t attack Siddhi, Vin will find me, just kidnap Shivam.

Manjiri says we have to kill Siddhi now. Kabir takes disguise. Shivam gets shocked and says so you are behind this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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