Siddhi Vinayak 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi pregnant with Rudra’s baby

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Siddhi Vinayak 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Medical assistant collects Urvashi’s blood samples. Shankar asks her what she is doing. How will this help? Rudra is no more. How will we find out the truth? Assistant shares that they can match the sample with the blood sample of a close one even if the person is no more. Manjari tells Urvashi to see what she will do to her if she is proved false. Shankar asks doc to take his blood but Manjari gives her own blood sample instead.

Rajvir and Prachi come to Chawal. Vin requests Prachi to help him. Siddhi isn’t opening the door. She will only listen to you. Prachi knocks at the door and requests her to sister to open the door. Siddhi opens the door. She looks at Prachi and then at Vin. Are you on his side too now? Prachi denies. Siddhi tells them to take Vin with them. His presence here

is creating lots of drama. Rajvir says he isn’t acting. Just let him tell his stance once. Siddhi asks him what she should hear. I too was crying, begging it wasn’t me in the video yet I was thrown out of the house after breaking ties with me! I still ignored all the insults and continued to stay in that house to prove my innocence. I succeeded in doing that but did he listen to me? Why should I listen to him now? Tell your brother it is too late. He did so many things to make me sign the divorce papers. I have signed and given to him now. Siddhi and Vinayak’s name wont be taken together after today! I wont return in his life ever again. He can still choose to stand here if he wants. Vin tells her that she should also hear him now if she is done. I cannot live without Siddhi. I accept that I made a mistake. Punish me as much as you want to and as long as you want to but I wont leave from here without my wife! Siddhi stops in her tracks. Vin says if you will be stubborn then so will I be. Siddhi looks at them and then closes the door on their face. Vin stands there teary eyed.

Everyone is waiting for the reports anxiously at Kundra Mansion. Assistant walks in with the reports just then. The samples prove that Urvashi’s baby is of Manjari’s son. Shankar checks the DNA report. I don’t care whose baby it is. I wont let her stay here anymore! He pulls Urvashi by her hand but Shankar stops him. She has always broken our trust but this time we are trusting doctor’s reports. I agree she is a bad woman but she is carrying my dead son’s baby. She wont go anywhere! She will live right here in Kundra Mansion! Urvashi seems happy while Gauri is tensed. Manjari cries happily thinking that her Rudra is coming back.

Manjari makes servant put photos of babies in Urvashi’s room. It should be right in front of Urvashi’s eyes. Urvashi says you were going to throw me out in the morning and now you are putting all these photos here. Manjari tells her not to act smart. I am not doing this for you but for my grandson. You will have to eat well so Rudra’s baby becomes strong too. Urvashi smiles. Shankar reprimands Manjari on her actions. I couldn’t even think that my coming generation will be born out of such a girl! Tell her to abort the baby right away! Manjari warns him not to say it ever again. It is my Rudra’s baby. Shankar tries to make her understand but she does not let him. You will see my dead body if anything happens to Urvashi’s baby. Shankar leaves from there without a word. Urvashi is impressed to see Manjari argue with Shankar for her. I thought I lost everything but I have hit jackpot. I will start my game all over again now.

Vin is pacing outside the house. Two ladies offer him juice / soul curry. He tries to make them understand but they don’t pay heed. They start feeding him and end up spilling it over his clothes.

Urvashi tells Manjari she has become her fan today. Manjari tells her she did all that for her grandson. I wont have anything to do with you ever. Urvashi decides to go but Manjari tells Urvashi she wont go anywhere. You will get whatever you need. Just tell me what you want. Urvashi wants to seek revenge for all the insults she has borne in the house.. Manjari asks her what she wants to do. Urvashi smirks.

The ladies begin to wipe Vin clean. He has to shout at them to make them stop. They get tensed. He removes is coat and shirt. The ladies drool at him. Siddhi opens the door and notices the ladies ogling at him. What is this? The ladies mumble about the juice when the reporters suddenly throng Vin and Siddhi with questions. Vin tries to stop them but in vain. Siddhi warns the media to stop clicking photos and leave. Vin requests them to leave. Reporters comply. Vin turns to Siddhi who tells him to stop his drama. The people of Chawl have a personal life too. You have no right to disturb them. Please leave. The same lady who had saved Vin earlier speaks to Siddhi in the favour of Vin. He dint come here to disturb anyone. He has come here to pacify you. Husband and wife fight on and off. Forgive him. Other people also suggest her to forgive him too. It would be a mistake. Vin says I committed a sin. If I am let off so easily just by staying outside the house then it wont be right. Siddhi goes inside the house. Vin apologizes to everyone and politely requests them to leave. A guy gives Vin his shirt. Vin thanks him.

Precap: Siddhi wakes up hearing the sound of footsteps. It must be Vin. She comes out thinking it is Vin. Vin knocks at the door asking her to open it. Siddhi notices a rifle aimed at her from behind the bed. Who is it? Vin panics hearing her. Who is it? Open the door Siddhi. I am outside. Siddhi points a knife in the direction of the rifle / bed. Who is it?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved Siddhi and Vinayak scene alot… poor hero Vin… waiting for tomorrow episode…it may be Juhi behind the bed or Raju Bhai… hope Vinayak will enter the house in tomorrow episode…

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