Siddhi Vinayak 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi plans to get Vin out of Kundra Mansion

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Siddhi Vinayak 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari says I feel Vin is around. Siddhi stops her from turning. How can he be here? He would have met you if he was here. He cannot stay without meeting you.

Vin notices Gauri underneath and prays to Bappa. Save me please.

Manjari acts before Siddhi. I know my son’s voice. I feel he is around. Siddhi agrees. Manjari says a mother’s heart can never lie. Make me meet / see him once. I am dying to see him. Vin wonders what Siddhi is up to. Siddhi keeps Manjari’s hand on her heart. No one can take him out of our hearts. He will be with us very soon. The bandage falls off Vin’s arm but does not fall over Gauri. He worries that she might see it though. It will be a problem then.

Manjari tells Siddhi she is right. I am living for him. Wish we could get him out of these problems

somehow. Siddhi thinks of her truth. You can get Vin out of this problem if you want. Manjari thinks if she knows the truth. She again acts before Siddhi. I can do anything for my son. Vin wonders if Siddhi is trying to make confess everything. He holds her hand silently wishing she does not say anything. Manjari asks Siddhi again who dismisses the matter somehow. They head back inside. Manjari apologizes to Siddhi. I was thinking that Vin is here. Pardon me. Siddhi says I understand. She closes the door as soon as Manjari leaves and rushes to bring Vin inside. Vin says Bappa saved us today. She asks him why he dint let her tell Ma the truth. He reasons that she has done a lot for him. I cannot see my mother in jail. Promise me you wont tell the truth to anyone. She tries to object but he keeps her hand on his head giving her his swear. Siddhi asks him why he took this blame on himself. Have you thought who could have kidnapped Juhi? Do you think Shivam could kidnap Juhi? How can a father kidnap his own daughter? Vin says I also think of these questions but I do not wish to think about this and all lot many more are there but I don’t want to even think about them. They all end up pointing at Ma! Promise me that this will always remain a secret. Everyone should think that I was the one who shot Shivam. You understand me well. You are my secret keeper. This will be between us only. Tell me why Pratima ji took Juhi. Siddhi lies that Dadi is Juhi’s grandmother. She has a right on Juhi. She had to go with her. She decides against telling Vin anything. You need rest. He winces in pain as they are about to go inside. He tells her that it fell down.

Siddhi bandages Vin’s wound again and then feeds him. Romantic song plays in the background. He feeds her as well. Her hair keeps falling over her eyes / face. Vin moves them aside. He caresses her face. She closes her eyes. Vin and Siddhi are dancing romantically. He holds her in his arms. I want to spend my entire life with you. I don’t want to spend any moment away from you. She assures him that everything will be fine. They hug each other sweetly. Vin remarks that he has faith on her faith. Nothing can happen to him till his Siddhi is with him.

Vin sees the news and panics. My entire family can be punished if I stay here. They don’t even know I am here! Where should I go? Siddhi says let me think where we can go. He tells her that he will go alone but she refuses to leave his side at all. I don’t know where we will go though. She looks at Bappa and gets an idea. She fills her hairline with vermilion. If Savitri can save Satyavan from death then I can atleast get you out of the house. Do you trust me? She extends her hand towards him. He keeps his hand over hers. I trust you more than myself. She smiles. Leave it all on me then. I will get you out of here avoiding all the prying eyes. This is Siddhi’s promise to Vinayak.

Siddhi is making halwa. Gauri joins her. Siddhi asks her to help her serve everyone. Gauri asks for the occasion but Siddhi does not tell her anything. She wishes Prachi Happy Birthday. She deserves something sweet on such a big day. Manjari gets suspicious of her love. Siddhi apologizes to Prachi for forgetting her important day. I made your favourite halwa. She hugs Prachi. Prachi thinks Siddhi will finally fall in her trap now.

Vin paces worriedly in his room. Hope Siddhi wont fall in trouble while trying to get me out of here. I cannot sit idle but what should I do? He notices constables on the main gate. How to get out of the house then?

Siddhi feeds halwa to Manjari. Prachi’s husband asks Prachi how she got lucky today. Siddhi suggests meeting their parents. Prachi is hesitant but Siddhi says there is no harm meeting your loved ones. Elders forgive us when we make mistakes. Manjari affirms. Siddhi stays put which confuses Manjari. Why does she want to go to Chawl suddenly? Siddhi suggests doing some shopping for their parents. Prachi agrees. Siddhi notices Vin near the stairs. What is he up to? She offers halwa to constables as well. Manjari notices Siddhi signalling someone upstairs but there is no one when she looks up.

Prachi and Siddhi start talking about the gift. Siddhi suggests something in her ear. Prachi nods happily. Later, Prachi’s husband is upset with Prachi for ordering a gift worth 1 lac. What did you sister order? She tells him to wait and watch. This is a gift from me to my parents. He questions her on her intentions but she tells him that this is the time to get Siddhi on their side. Vin is gone and only we will have a hold over everything if Siddhi is with us. Arrange money somehow. He tells her that his credit card’s limit is over. She does not mind how he arranges it. I just need it. Sell some of your stuff. He gets an idea.

Siddhi asks Vin why he got out of the room. We would have been in trouble if someone had seen you. He is concerned for her but she tells him nothing will go wrong. Eat halwa so you can think something good. I am your wife so I wont let anything happen to you!

Precap: Manjari notices Vin going to the kitchen. Vin hides inside the refrigerator by the time Manjari comes in. I was right then. Siddhi was hiding Vin in her room all this time. She plugs it in and switches it on. Vin is shivering badly inside due to cold.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Surely it is long overdue for Manjiri to let her mask slip?! Vin must now suspect his mother motives?

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