Siddhi Vinayak 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin agrees to support Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi asks Vin if he believes her. I did everything for your sake! He tells her she hasn’t done anything. Even if you did something, it was for the benefit for the entire family. I learnt how to trust anyone from you. If I cannot trust you then I cannot trust anyone. Maybe I was the one who was wrong. You tried to tell his truth to me so many times but I dint believe you. My own brother had been eyeing you badly. After today don’t say that I don’t trust you! We aren’t two but one. It was only you when I was being charged for murder. I will stay with you today even if no one else is. It is difficult to make everyone believe that my own brother was trying to kill me but I will prove it! I wouldn’t have believed it if someone else had said this but I cannot disregard your words. I am with you. I wont let anything wrong happen to you. She holds him tight and cries.

Kundra family returns home. Manjari breaks down thinking about her son’s death. Prachi and Gauri support her. Urvashi too sheds crocodile tears.

Vin is silently crying while driving his car. He thinks of what happened today. I have to dig out the truth.

Siddhi is crying in her cell. Jana Jogi De Naal plays. She remembers Vin promising to support her always.

Vin enters in Kundra Mansion.

Rajvir is on call with Shankar. We will come home with the body once the formalities are over. He tells Vin that Chacha ji is taking the first flight home from Delhi. Vin walks away in a trance. Gauri tells Vin that Manjari has locked herself in her room since last 6 hours. I took soup for her but she dint open the door. He takes it from her and heads to Manjari’s room. He knocks at Manjari’s door. Inside, Manjari is singing a lullaby and crying. She keeps thinking of the time when Rudra had kept his head in her lap. Vin requests her to open the door or she will fall ill. You have my swear. She does not reply. Vin keeps requesting her to open the door. Manjari keeps singing the lullaby blankly. Vin sits outside the door as he continues to request her to open the door. Who will support Urvashi if you will break down? Don’t know how she will be coping.

In Rudra’s room, Urvashi is happily dancing on Pinga Gapori song. She picks up Rudra’s photo. Someone told me not be here after visarjan or my grave will be dug here! He himself went missing here! She hears Vin calling out after Manjari. I will rule the house as Rudra’s widow. I will miss my make up but this is important. It is time for my drama!

Vin hears Urvashi crying loudly and goes to check on her. Urvashi breaks her bangles. Vin tells her to control herself. She says I have no right to be here. I will go to my home. She falls in his arms as she pretends to be dizzy. Vin makes her sit down. I know no words can reassure you but you will have to be strong. You are the DIL of this house. You have every right to be here. She hugs him and continues her acting. Gauri is standing by the door watching them.

Siddhi is sleeping but is disturbed by the incident. She wakes up with a start. I dint kill anyone! She looks at her hands. How did blood come in my hands? She starts rubbing them and tries cleaning her clothes. I dint kill Rudra! She calms down a bit and realises that everything is fine. She starts crying. I don’t know how I shot Rudra! I killed him! I made Urvashi a widow! I killed Rudra!

Precap: Manjari blames Siddhi for Rudra’s death. I wont spare her! She begins to go. Vin tries to stop her but she warns that no one should come after her! Siddhi is about to drink water when Manjari calls her murderer. Siddhi drops the glass in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. What about Manjari? Isn’t she a murderer? What right does she have to call someone else that when she herself is a murderer of not only one but many innocent people?
    Tbh, I didn’t expect vin to support siddhi. That was nice and different from what they usually do in these serials.

  2. Good episode.. Urvashi’s character really irritating… loved Siddhi and Vinu scene…
    Can’t believe that Siddhi killed Rudra… ?

  3. Waiting for tomorrow episode… Now how will get bail??

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