Siddhi Vinayak 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari falls unconscious

Siddhi Vinayak 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The ghost talks to Gauri. Gauri tells her she died but she tells her she has come to seek revenge. Gauri tells her to stay away. I dint do anything! Go to Chachi ji. She falls on the bed and shouts for help. Save me Siddhi. The girl leans closer. Gauri begins to lose conscious. Siddhi shakes her out of her reverie and removes her mask. Gauri looks at her in shock. Siddhi shows the rubber mask. It is of Vaibhavi’s face. There is no such thing as ghost. I got this idea from horror movie. Gauri praises that she looked just like Vaibhavi after wearing it. Siddhi tries it. Gauri praises her brain. Vin enters just then looking for Siddhi. Siddhi is still wearing that mask and has her back to him. He asks her what she is wearing. He collides with the fan on his way. She removes the mask by that time

and turns. I was trying some old clothes to wear in the puja. Gauri goes to bring some food. Vin tells Siddhi she isn’t looking good in this lehenga. It does not suit you. He pulls her closer. I got special dress for you. She reasons that this is also nice. She is hiding the mask in the hand he is holding. He gets upset. Wear whatever you like. She hides the mask under the duvet and hugs him. Don’t get upset. When will we bring Bappa’s idol? He shares he is going for a press conference. You and Rudra can join me in 2 hours. He kisses her on the cheeks on the pretext of telling her something. Siddhi realises she has very less time to implement the rest of the plan.

Siddhi is in the corridor when Rudra calls out to her. She drops the mask in a hurry and panics thinking what if he sees the mask. He tells her that he wont go along if she has any problem and wants to do the puja with Vin. She declines. Why would I have some problem? She hurriedly tells him that she has no problem. He heads to his room to change. Siddhi thinks to hide the stuff before someone finds out anything.

Prachi asks Rajvir to wake up. We might be in trouble if we reach late. Rajvir is fast asleep while she keeps talking to him. How will shooting happen if you wont go? He replies that schools also operated even when he dint go. I don’t want to go to shooting. You go ahead. She reminds him of the clause. He isn’t bothered but she refuses to give up. She keeps cushion over his mouth. It will be settled finally. He struggles for breath. She tells him that they have no other option but to go on shoot. He rues that he has married a mad woman!

Manjari rebukes herself. I have started thinking a lot which is why I am mistaken! I am sure something strange is happening though. She recalls the incidents but then dismisses them as some joke. I will find out who is behind those jokes and will teach that person a good lesson! She sees smoke coming from under her door. Strong wind starts blowing and the lights of her room begin to flicker. She hears someone calling out to her and looks towards the door. She sees a woman in white saree. No! It cannot be! You have come to kill me right? I dint do anything. Forgive me! The girl extends her hand towards her and laughs cynically. Manjari warns her to stay put. This cannot be true. Forgive me. The girl keeps her hand on Manjari’s shoulder. Manjari screams and throws the ball at him. She scolds him for touching her. He reasons that he was calling out to her but she wasn’t paying heed. Pundit ji is downstairs. He is waiting for you. She agrees to meet him right away.

Gauri and Siddhi watch Manjari going downstairs. They decide to implement the next step of their plan.

Pundit ji tells Manjari that Shankar ji asked him to meet her. He finds her lost in thoughts. She asks him to come after 2 days for puja. Don’t worry about Dakshina. You will get more than what you have thought of. You can leave now. He looks at her in confusion.

Siddhi and Gauri fix a wire in the tv.

Manjari asks Pundit ji to bring ingredients required for puja. He thinks she is super excited every year for this puja. What happened to her this time? He takes her leave. She tells herself to have a grip on herself till Ganpati puja. I don’t know what I am thinking or doing these days!

Siddhi connects the other end of the cable to the CD player in her room. Now Ma will only say the truth in loud and clear voice.

Manjari tries switching on the TV but recalls that the TV isn’t working since 5 days. I should rest. I will not think of anything else. She lies down to sleep. Gauri switches on the TV from outside the window. Manjari wonders how it started working suddenly. She tries switching it off but in vain. Gauri calls Siddhi. Switch on the DVD when I tell you to. Manjari is trying to switch off the TV when Siddhi starts the video (upon Gauri’s instructions). Manjari freaks out. She manages to switch it off somehow but the video keeps playing on its own. The so called ghost challenges Manjari to confess her crime or she will kill her. I have come back to seek revenge! I will kill you just like you killed me! Manjari passes out on the bed. Gauri looks on.

Siddhi thinks now Ma will be super scared and she will end up confessing her crime very soon.

Precap: People throng Vin and Siddhi. They manage to escape from there. Rudra looks on upset. I cannot let them go together. Vin and Siddhi are drenched. They rest in a shack where Vin lights a fire. Vin and Siddhi come closer.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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