AN : I dedicate this to Jasmine Rahul for suggesting me Pakhi and Anshuman . I have never wrote for them before but seeing Pakhi and Anshuman in an article of Jasmine I recalled the show’s memorable episodes. I am writing this one on the basis of Prem Rog movie itself and I just hope it will came as nice. Because the subject which it handled was sensitive issue of rural villages with a background of healing love and whoever watch it will admire Padmini Kolhapuri and Rishi Kapoor for the way they lived characters in it’s depth. It was old movie and now I am trying to present it in a different way as now a days also there are few serials which limelights the issues of rural villages . Thinking about them only I decided to write this one. Those who have watched the original one please don’t keep much expectations as it’s hard to put the same to same here and I will be removing some negativities also which was a part of the movie to make it realistic . Kindly adjust with the changes and keep reading. 

A village of Rajasthan

Two kids Anshuman and Pakhi were playing at the ground. Anshuman was pulling the hair of Pakhi and was making fun of her.

Child actors Avinash Mukherjee and Avika Gor in a still from the TV serial  'Balika Vadhu' that is aired on 'Colors' channel - Photogallery

Pakhi : Anshu, It’s paining. Leave it.

Anshuman ; Pakhi your gudiya looks so nice. Will you give it to me ?

Pakhi : No ways , this is my gudiya. Why should I will give this to you ?

Anshuman : Please Pakhi.

Pakhi : No

Anshuman ; If you will not give this to me , I will take it from your hand

Saying this Anshu quickly took the guidya from Pakhi.

Pakhi : Anshu …..Give my gudiya back.

Anshu started running

Anshuman : Catch me if you can

Pakhi ran behind her screaming Anshu , Anshu only. Suddenly she bend down at the way and kept hands at her stomach.

Pakhi screamed : Maayi!!!!

Anshuman rushed near her

Anshuman : Pakhi what happened ?

Pakhi : My stomach is paining . I feels so tired.

Anshuman was tensed . He rushed to the haweli

Thakur  Ratan Singh was sitting in an armchair, his wife Kesar was standing beside him.

Raj Premi to enter Pratigya - article | Pratigya

Anshuman : Bade saab , woh Paakhi .

Kesar : What happened to her ?

Anshuman : Badi maalkin she is feeling pain in stomach.

Kesar : What ?

Meanwhile Ratan’s mother Roopvathi enters there .

Remembering Dadi Sa Surekha Sikri, who won the small screen with Balika  Vadhu - Television News

Roopvathi : Kesar inform all relatives , Beti sayani ho chuki hein.

Anshuman : Sayani!!!

Kesar : Beta it means

Roopvathi : Aey!! Laaj sharam kuch bhi nahi tujhe ? Ladke ke saamne yeh sab bata rahi hein ? Oye Anshu apne baaba ko leke aaja. Rasoi mein kaafi kaam pade hein.

Anshuman : Ji!!

Kesar and other ladies bring Pakhi to the haweli. As it was first time Pakhi was getting periods she was extremely scared about it.

Kesar : Beti it’s a biological change which happens in a girl’s body. There is nothing to fear about it.

Ratan : Congrats Pakhi !! Dil khush kar diya tum ne. Abb gali-gali mein yeh kahbar pahunchadegi kee hamare ghar mein bhi ladki hein joh badi ho rahi hein. Isske shaadi ke umar kareeb aa rahe hein.

Pakhi gets feared .

Pakhi : I don’t want any marriage .

Kesar : Beta not now, we are just informing every one that you are no more a kid.

Roopvathi : Pakhi now onwards you will never play with Anshuman . Those days are over for you .

Pakhi : But why ?

Balika Vadhu | बालिका वधू | Tipri Finds Anandi | टिपरी ने आनंदी को ढूँढा -  YouTube

Ratan : How long you will keep questioning ? Kesar you didn’t tell her anything about the difference between being a kid and being a girl.

Kesar : Ji everything needs time .

Ratan : Rituals should be done in a grant way .

Meanwhile Anshu and his father arrives there.

Gireesh : Bade saab aapne bulaya humein ?

Ratan : Haan, Pakhi has attended the stage of  puberty .

Anshuman : Puberty ? What’s that ?

Gireesh : Chup kar !! Hum saab ke saamne khade hein.

At that evening Pakhi was seated in separate room , some ladies put haldi on her face , hands and legs. Her mother Kesar was about to leave, Pakhi held her hand

Pakhi : Maayi I feels scared to sit alone in this room whole night. Why Maayi I am sitting in floor ? My legs are paining and that bleeding is irritating me a lot.

Kesar : Baccha for three-four days you have to sit alone in room. Accha I have kept clothes there. And here is your food, have it and if bleeding is high then took the cotton cloth and change it.

Pakhi : Maayi !!! When I wear under cloth I feels itching .

Kesar : Pakhi , I don’t have time to hear your compalints.

Kesar left the room and shut the door from outside. Pakhi started crying. After a while Pakhi heard some one calling Pakhi. Pakhi saw Anshu near the window.

Pakhi : Anshu!!

Anshuman : Your gudiya , I came to return this to you . And this is the packet . Keep it with you.

Pakhi : What’s it ?

Anshuman : Teacher Ji told that in these days girls have to use pads . Teacher Ji have kept a book too and asked you to read it . You will understand it. She has given that book’s another copy to me  also.

Pakhi :You don’t want this gudiya any more ?

Anshuman : You are alone and I thought if gudiya will be with you you will feel happy.

Pakhi : Thanks a lot Anshu.

Pakhi took the packet and Gudiya from Anshu. Anshu smiled

Anshuman : Pakhi take care.

Ratan : Anshu !!!

Anshu got feared when Ratan came near him. He started beating Anshuman. Suddenly Gireesh came infront of Ratan

Gireesh : Baccha hein. please leave him. Baade saab

Ratan walks away in anger.


Pakhi and Anshuman have grown up now . The haweli was decorated well as it was the wedding day of Pakhi. Anshuman was feeling bad.


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Pakhi : You won’t look at me Anshu ?

Anshuman : Why are you doing this ?

Pakhi : Bawuji has fixed it already .

Anshuman : His age is 60 and you are just 20, why Pakhi ?

Pakhi : I have no rights to say anything in this Haweli Anshu. Once I will be married I will leave this village forever.

Anshuman : Pakhi

Pakhi : Anshu, at these streets, these village don’t come again. Go to any other place and settle in your life. This is a hell.

Anshuman : Pakhi

Tumhari Paakhi - Watch Episode 13 - Paakhi suffers from stomach ache on  Disney+ Hotstar

Pakhi started singing in pain…Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara

Yahan aana na dobara

Yeh galiyan yeh chaubara

Yahan aana na dobara

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi

Ke tera yahan koi nahi

Ke tera yahan koi nahi

Le ja rang birangi yaadein

Hansne rone ki buniyadein

Ab hum to bhaye pardesi

Ke tera yahan koi nahi

Ke tera yahan koi nahi


  1. Jasminerahul

    Ankhi childhood scene was very cute.surprised to see avinash avika as the young ankhi.pakhi just had menstruation n so much or restriction n even talk about marriage.anshuman giving back the doll to her as he feels that since she is alone the doll will make him happy was sweet.but sad that he got beaten by Ratan. Is it because he visited her when her periods started?shocking that pakhi’s marriage is fixed with an old man.will anshu do anything to stop this wedding?I am glad that you wrote ankhi fs on premrog.bcz when you wrote about premrog I was curious to know it’s story.thanks for the ankhi fs.perfect pics

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot. If you watch the original movie you will find so many sensitive issues which a girl faces in village and how she struggles to manage all of them. The only support which she gets from her childhood friend gives her strength and there was a character of lady teacher who tried to bring change but she gets killed brutally in the movie. Anshu got beated because he visited Pakhi is in her periods time . Don’t expect much , I will try to keep justice to the plot

  2. Ishita zoy

    Wow..superbb FF. Actually now only i saw your FFS and started reading it..and it’s so awesome. Waiting for next episode. And please read my ff 3rd part

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot, I will surely read it and comment. Actually yesterday I didn’t get enough time to read FFs. Will be reading it today and comment.

  3. Ishita zoy

    Can you do a help? My friends wants me to write an FF on samar and laxmi ,Ayesha and manav (Mohsin Khan and Nikita Dutta, shraddha Arya and Khalid) from dream girl series..can you please write an FF on them? Because i don’t have time..

    1. Revu

      Sorry but I won’t be able to write it for now as I have already lots of FFs pending. So I need to finish all of them.

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