Siblings – Bond of Heart to Heart – The end

Hi all!!!!

It’s been a long time and finally after battling covid, I’ now resuming my normal works. So, I’m working for almost 11-12 hrs a day and I’m not finding time to write the episodes. So, I’m gonna take a break from writing for some months.

I’m really sorry. I have taken this decision after tyring out every possible way to update the episode. But some messages are really hurting and sure it will hurt more in future. The reason for stepping back from writing is due to these reasons.

  1. Lack of time.
  2. All my ff’s are long episodes with more scenes. I thought to make it a short episode but if I do that in a multi starrer then definitely some couple scenes will be missing in certain episodes, and their fans will start to bash me or the readers will drop off.
  3. And also, I don’t know how frequently I can update the episodes.

With these things in mind, I tool this hard decision to step out from Telly updates. These 8 years had been wonderful here. I got some genuine friends here. Thanks to everyone who had supported me in all my ff. Sorry to you all for disappointing you to end these ff’s.

And also, I’m thinking to explore other genres rather than couple’s love. For that I don’t think TU will be the correct place. As I always say, for me story is more important than the couple scenes. But recently I’m forced to have couple scenes for increasing the readers. So, I’m planning to write my stories in Wattpad. I might start after 3-4 months. If possible do follow me there @Supriya_R

For now, I’ll just give the gist how I planned the story…

Anupam accepts Nivi with her baby!!!

Everyone gets surprised when Moloy supports Nivi!!!

Prerna gets a promise from Moloy which shocks her and Mohini gets happy hearing that!!!

Ishwari meets Nivi and Mohini in Mumbai!!!

Dev and Nivi get emotional seeing each other!!!

Bela gets to know about Sona and Prerna!!!

Mahir and Bela’s long-distance relationship!!!

Dev and Sonakshi’s engagement!!!

Anurag admires Dev when he receives an award!!!

Dev desperately wants Anurag to succeed in his career!!!

Mahir and Bela try to unite these families!!!

Ranveer joins as a driver to Dev which shocks Neha!!!

Someone comes seeking Neha’s alliance and they find Neha and Ranveer romancing and get shocked!!!

Reha’s pair gets introduced!!!

Anurag helps Prerna in her studies!!!

Moloy seeks forgiveness from Ishwari!!!

All live happily in the same house.

The end!!!

  1. You planed it good

  2. Jasminerahul

    Nice story.why did moloy start supporting nivi all of a sudden?what promise did prerna take from moloy?

  3. Zingo

    I will surely support you on Wattpad. Go ahead! But still, the stories which you had posted here were eternal and will always be eternal. I wish you also get a good health along with good success. ❤🌹

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