Shubharambh 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani win the Competition

Shubharambh 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha feeling proud seeing Rani’s performance on the TV. Everyone claps for Rani. The judges and the audience clap for her and cheer for Raja and Rani’s Jodi. Rani smiles and thinks I have fulfilled your wish, Raja. Sweety announces that the voting lines are open and asks the audience to vote for their favorite participant. The audience gives their votes. Gunvant and Kirtida see the audience voting as it is seen on the screen. Sweety asks the audience to keep voting. Mihika thinks why Rani is getting so many votes. Rani prays to God. Sweety says countdown ends…Raja and Rani are declared winners because of the high votes. Gunvant and Kirtida are shocked. Rani is surprised. Everyone claps. Gunvant breaks his TV and says it is nonsense. Sweety asks Mihika and Ashish to sit on their seats. Mihika thinks this is the wrong decision. The judges come on the stage and give the trophy and 5 lakhs rs cheque to Rani. Rani thanks God and wishes Raja would have been with her. The judge tells that though he got angry with them, he has everything, their talent, uniqueness, go-get attitude. He asks them to clap for Team Shubharambh. Rani tells that Raja is not with her, but he is always with her. She thanks the audience for giving chance to their relation. She tells that sometimes you have to find the answers yourself and shall listen to the artist inside you. She says today we have won because of Raja. She says he is not with us, but his trust and courage is the reason for this victory. She asks people to pray for Raja’s well being if they really care for Raja and rani’s Jodi. She shows the trophy and says we have won Raja…She brings the trophy to the hospital and tells that they have won. Everyone smiles. Asha says it will be remembered all life and asks her to give this good news to Raja. The doctor says you can’t meet the patient, he needs rest and sleeping due to anesthesia. Rani asks can I show this trophy to him. The doctor takes it to keep it beside his bed. Asha prays to Raja’s recovery. Rani says Raja had asked me to bring the trophy, I have fulfilled my promise, now he has to get fine.

Rani looks at Raja from the window and says nothing will happen to you, you have to be fine. Doctor comes out and tells that Raja has a severe internal brain injury. Everyone gets shocked. Hitank asks Doctor not to worry about money, just treat him. The doctor tells that he has called the best neurosurgeon who is in this city and feels that he can save him. Hitank says call him, can I know his name. The doctor says, Dr. Doshi. Dr. Doshi is shown keeping wine bottle inside his pant pocket, and keeps his apron and stethoscope on his bike and ride in it. The doctor sends Rani to get the medicine. The nurse tells Hitank and others that the patient will be fine, as Dr. Doshi will be handling the case. Asha gets hopeful. Dr. Doshi is still on the way. Rani hears ward boys talking about Dr. Doshi and telling that he is a brain doctor, but he is arrogant. Rani crosses the road and comes in front of Dr. Doshi’s bike. He takes her dupatta and still rides his bike.

Rani picks up fallen medicine. Dr. Doshi throws her dupatta on her head and stops his bike in the parking lot. Rani wears it. Dr. Doshi looks at the hospital from outside. A beggar comes to Dr. Doshi and asks him to help him. He shows his injury and tells that he is hungry. Dr. Doshi holds his hand and pours wine on his wound. Rani looks at him in shock.

Precap: Rani is shocked to see Mihir as he is Doctor. Mihir tells that he has become Dr. Mihir Doshi and reminds her of her words that he can’t do anything in life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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