Shubharambh 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja protects and helps Rani

Shubharambh 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani finds the sale offer of Hiten’s shop and says this can change my fate.

Raja comes to the shop. Ektaan scolds him for coming late. A woman scolds a seller for calling her old. Raja stops her and says she is so young and beautiful. He shows her the sarees and she buys 3. Ektan tells Mehul to do business like him. Jharna comes there. Raja smiles at her. She gives the sweets to Mehul and Ektaan. Mehul is about to taste it but Jharna calls Raja and makes him eat too. He smiles at her and says it’s very good, your hands have sweetness. Ektaan asks Jharna to bring these tomorrow. Jharna nods and leaves.
The worker brings a man’s mannequin. Ektaan scolds Mehul and says I wanted a female structure. Arrange it today only.

Mehul is calling the workers and asking for the female statue. He is in the market and says okay send it by 4 PM. Rani comes there and sees the shop. She comes to Mehul and asks if they need a salesgirl? He says no. Rani says I can do any work you want. Mehul gets an idea and says you can do any work? She says yes.

Rani stands outside the shop as a mannequin. Mehul whispers to her that don’t move, they shouldn’t know that you are human. Rani says I won’t but make sure that no one touches me. Ektaan calls Mehul. Mehul calls Raja and asks him to stand by the mannequin, don’t you move and take care of this statue and no one should touch it, this saree is expensive. Raja says weird. Mehul leaves. Raja talks to the statue and says even your saree is not safe? If you were a girl then boys would be going crazy for you. Rani sneezes. Raja gets shocked and looks around. Rani whispers to him that don’t say anything as I need this money.

Kirdada insults Ektaan’s wife and says you don’t need to get ready. We will go to the shop. Asha looks on.

Raja sees some ants coming near her. She whispers that I am fine. He brings a mop and hides Rani behind the poster. He asks her to relax, he removes the ants from her side. He brings water for her and makes her drink it before anyone can see. A feather falls on Rani’s hand. He removes the feather from her arm so she wouldn’t sneeze again. Her saree gets untucked so Raja holds it and tucks it back. Shubharam plays. Ektaan calls Raja. Raja says yes? Ektan says remove this banner from here. Raja removes it. Ektaan looks at Rani and says we need more statues, he leaves. Rani thanks Raja. Raja thanks her for helping them, if you need anything then tell me. Jharna comes there to give sweets. Raja asks Rani that can I ask you something? She nods. Raja says if a girl says that guy is handsome and have no imperfection then does that girl like him? Rani says no, she is lying, no one is perfect in this world if she is praising you only then she is fooling you. Raja is shocked to hear it.

PRECAP- Kirdada tells Raja that this statue is wearing the worst saree, change it right now. Rani, Raja and Mehul are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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