Shubharambh 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani in the finale

Shubharambh 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja and Rani sit to see the TV for the results of the competition. Rani calls Kesha and asks if she submitted the video? Okay great, we are coming. Rani tells Raja that let’s go and meet them to celebrate.

Raja and Rani come to meet Kesha and Utsav, they have tea together. Rani says this round was good. Kesha gets a call and leaves. Raja tells Utsav that you remember about the trust? You have won my trust today, thank you. Utsav smiles at his approval. Gunvant calls Kesha and says you both are useless, you don’t want to come back? She says I am trying. Gunvant says you have to do something otherwise you can’t come back to this house. He ends the call. Kesha thinks I have to do something before he loses his patience. Raja comes to him and asks if she is happy with Utsav? She says I am very happy. Raja says I pray for your happiness, I don’t care about who wins the competition. Rani tells Utsav that I am happy to see you and Kesha happy together. I thought there was something missing your relationship with her. Utsav sighs and thinks I can’t tell her that this relationship is not based on love but compromise.

Scene 2
In the morning, Rani is worried about the competition’s results. Raja says don’t worry, he holds her hands and says everything will be fine. They hear some music and come out to see their street decorated and a red carpet laid out for them. A band is playing in their honor. All the family members come there. The host says judge Mina is waiting to give you something. Raja and Rani hold hands and go to Mina. Mina says congrats, you are going to the final round of the shoe competition. Raja and Rani cry as everyone claps for them. Gunvant and Kritida are jealous. Asha hugs Raja and Rani and dances around. Mina gives them a badge. She gives him an appreciation letter also. Asha glares at Gunvant and he leaves angrily. The host says your final round will start tomorrow, you will get the details at the venue. Mina says you both are one step away from your dream. Raja says no we are one step closer to our dream.

Utsav tells his family that Kesha got selected in the final round too. His father says I am so proud now of my kids. Kesha is tensed. Utsav’s mother thanks her and says we are happy today because of you, why do you look worried? She says no I am just worried about the final round. Mother asks her to not worry, I trust you. Popat says but Raja-Rani or Kesha can win, there will be one winner only.

Raja and Rani pray to God to keep blessing them. Rani thinks this competition is very important and if they don’t win then she will have to separate from Raja. Asha prays for their dreams too. Gunvant whispers to Kritida that this all happened because of her and only she is going to rectify her mistake, he says I am giving you the last chance to stop them. Kritida makes a plan to make Raja and Rani lose in the competition at all costs.

Precap: Raja and Rani are in a hospital. On TV, it’s announced that the finale is about to begin. Asha tells them that they should leave for the competition right away, reminding them about their vow. They are in dilemma whether they should choose their mannat/vow or Kesha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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