Shubharambh 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani breaks off her relationship with Raja as Hemant

Shubharambh 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani asks Raja if he is waiting for someone? Raja says yes, the most special thing of my life, I will tell you when I get it. Rani recalls how Raja was talking about his wife to a tea seller. Rani says it means you had or have a special girl in your life? Raja says there is a special girl in my life and she is in front of me and I think we will work things out very soon. Rani glares at him. Chukki is calling Raja but it’s on silent so he doesn’t see it. Raja asks Rani why she is asking? Rani says I just wanted to know if you had any other girl in your life before? Raja says no, why are you asking? Rani says nothing. I want tea and have a headache so you will have to make it. Raja says but I don’t have sugar, my wife will come and handle this house soon. You be comfortable, I will bring tea. He leaves from there without his phone. Rani says sorry God but I have to do this, it’s about my life. She starts looking around and thinks that I will catch him with proof that he is married otherwise he will not accept it. She takes out his suitcase and starts going through it. A photo falls down, Rani is about to check it but Raja comes back and looks on. Rani pushes the photo under the bed without seeing it. Raja doesn’t notice that and asks if she is fine? She says yes, I just need tea. He gives her a cup. Chukki is still calling Raja but he doesn’t notice. Rani says I need more sugar. Raja says it has a lot of sugar? You need more? She says yes, he says I will bring it from tea seller. He takes his phone and leaves.

Raja comes out of the house and takes Chukki’s call. Chukki says I have been calling you, Rani has a doubt that you have a wife. Raja is shocked and says how? Chukki says she heard you talking to a tea seller. Raja says but Rani didn’t say anything to me, she is having tea with me. Chukki says she is acting calm with you? It means.. Raja says it means she is looking for a proof inside. I have to stop her, she can see her marriage picture with me. He ends the call and runs inside.
Rani goes under the bed to retrieve the picture. She takes it out but it gets ripped and her face is torn from the side due to her pulling it from under the bed. Raja comes inside and is tensed. Rani shows him his picture dressed as a groom and says what is this? Raja recalls his marriage with Rani. Mangalam mantra plays, Rani says you are married already? Tell me! Raja says I was married once. Rai says aren’t you ashamed to say that? Do you know that if a girl trusts you and take rides with you then she is trusting you with her life.. you broke that trust, everything is finished, I don’t want any relation or contact with you because you… she throws the picture at him and leaves. Raja is hurt.

Scene 2
Raja thinks Rani you don’t know but you are my life, in my heart, as my wife, and in this picture too.

Rani comes to her house and tells her family to not talk about Hemant with me from now one. Utsav asks what happened? Rani says please don’t talk to me for a while.

Chukki comes to meet Raja. Raja talks to Chukki and says I didn’t realize Rani would find out like this. He looks at their picture and says don’t worry, I am sure Rani will fall in love with me. Chukki says I pray for you, she leaves.

Rani and Raja are sad in their houses. Rani comes to the window and sees Raja sadly looking at her. Raja thinks I wish I could hug you and tell you that you are mine, mine only. Nothing can separate us. Not money or poverty. He comes near her window. They share an eye lock. Oh Meherman plays as Rani sadly looks in his eyes. Rani and Raja reach out to hold hands but they stop. Rani sighs and closes her window door. They both stand against the window and silently weep, missing each other. Rani wipes her tears to calm herself.

Scene 3
Asha is ready to go out of home when she sees a gift packet on the table. She looks around and sees her name written on it. She says I didn’t order anything? Who sent it? She opens it to find an expensive diamond set, she is shocked and speechless.. she says this is very precious and expensive.. my Raja must have ordered it for me. She wears it and looks in the mirror, she says it looks so good on me. I will show it to Kirtida to burn her blood. She finds a note which says ‘I want to remind you of a relationship we are offering so this a gift for you, we will make a relationship personally and in business too, we promise that your shop’s name will go big if you join hands with us. If you agree with my proposal then you can keep this necklace otherwise you can return it to my man waiting outside. – Mukesh’. Asha is stunned to see it.

Rani is working in the shop. Raja comes there. Rani is selling clothes and taunts that what you see is what you get. Raja says but sometimes we get fooled by what we see and that’s not always the truth. You should have trust otherwise.. Kirtida sees it and asks Rani if Hemant did something wrong? Rani says I don’t talk about my personal matters and I don’t know you much. She leaves. Kirtida says she has lost her memory but her attitude is still the same.

Rani comes to the shop office. Raja is there and says I will tell you the truth when time is right but if you don’t trust me then there is no use. Rani glares at him. Rani is about to leave but Raja stops her. Rani tries to leave but Raja says yes, I was married. Rani says I don’t want to listen to you, let me go. Raja stops her. Rani glares at him and says you lied to me and broke my trust, why should I listen to you? Raja says trust me once, I will tell you everything when time is right. Rani says I started trusting you, I started dreaming about you but you broke them, I was starting to like you.. Raja is shocked and recalls her words. Rani says you guys don’t give importance to feelings. Raja says what did you say? Did you start liking me? Rani looks away. Rani says nothing. She leaves. Raja says she started liking me? he smiles and she likes me.

Scene 4
Asha looks at the necklace and says no.. no.. this is not mine, I have to give it back.. I should keep it somewhere from where I can’t see it. She puts it in the drawer but then goes back and looks at it again. She sighs and says this is not mine.. I should give it back.. my Rani is more precious than this necklace… Kirtida was right, my poor daughter in law has nothing in comparison to this expensive necklace. She recalls Mukesh’s words that he will give his daughter all of his wealth after her wedding. Asha turns to God and says I don’t understand what to do, please give me a hint. She mistakenly hits Raja and Rani’s photo, it falls down and breaks. Asha says Rani has forgotten everything so that was the hint from God. God doesn’t want Raja and Rani to become one that’s why this happened. I should call Mukesh. She calls Mukesh and says I am ready for this wedding proposal, Raja will look after your business and you will have to give him some property at the time of the wedding. Let’s meet and talk. Kirtida hides and hears it. She smirks seeing that.

Raja tells Utsav that Rani told me that she likes me, I am sure that if she knows the truth then she will forget about her anger and accept me. Raja says to Utsav that I will tell her the truth today only. Utsav says she won’t believe it. Raja says I will make a video with our photos together and then show her. Raja makes a frame with their photos. He asks Utsav to go to the shop and bring Rani here. Utsav says okay and leaves.

PRECAP- Rani enters Raja’s house and starts getting flashbacks of their marriage. She recalls how she got married to Raja here.. she looks at Raja and says Raja.. Raja smiles and says yes I am your Raja. Rani cries smiling at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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