Shubharambh 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja fools Gunvant to sell his shoes

Shubharambh 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja promises Gunvant that he will sell the shoes to him only and I am stubborn like you. Rani pulls him aside and says you shouldn’t challenge them like this, we have to be clever with them and not honest. Raja says let me be honest as I know God is with me. Gunvant says fine, let’s see how you can sell me the shoes being honest, he leaves. Raja goes behind him. Kritida glares at Rani and leaves for mandir. Rani and Asha are worried.

Kesha is tensed but Rani’s father asks her to go and try to sell them to Mukesh. Kesha says he hates me. Utsav says but we can try. Kesha thinks about how to tell them that I don’t care about this competition, I just want to go home.

Raja is running behind Gunvant and keeps asking him to buy the shoes. Gunvant is getting irritated and leaves. Raja keeps following him and sits in his car too. Raja says you will buy these shoes for sure.

Scene 2
Gunvant comes for his meeting. Raja is with him and asks him to buy it. Gunvant says let’s have lunch with me today.

Kesha and Utsav come to Mukesh’s office. Utsav tries to talk to Mukesh. Mukesh says I will buy your shoes but you have to become a guard at my office today, if I find you standing here till evening then I will buy your shoes. He leaves.

Asha begs Kritida to buy the shoes. Kritida pushes her aside and says we will never buy it. Asha says please buy them as I know you still are nice. She says no, get lost.
Kritida goes to the mandir and loses her slippers. Rani is there in a veil and is keeping the shoes of people safe. Kritida says where are my shoes? Rani says I don’t know, you didn’t give it to me.

Raja keeps following Gunvant around. Gunvant says you can leave now as I am never buying these shoes. Raja starts leaving but gets hit by a car and falls in the mud. Gunvant says oh your whole face is black now, he laughs at him but the car moves away and mud falls on Gunvant too. Raja smirks and says what you sow shall you reap.

Kritida tells Rani (who is in veil) that you must have stolen my shoes. Rani says you look like a cheap person who must hide her own shoes to blame others, if you are so rich then you can buy shoes for just 1000rs. I can buy my shoes. She asks Asha about her shoes and gives her 1000rs to buy. Asha sells her slippers to her. She tells Kritida that you don’t have a standard to buy shoes like me. Kritida gets angry and says I can buy your shole shop. She gives her money and buys the shoes. Rani takes off her veil and Kritida is shocked.

PRECAP – Raja tells Gunvant that they were fooling him by making him think he was the target when their real target was Kritida and she bought the shoes from them. Gunvant is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I love Rani and raja’s team. Wishing them all the beat in this competition

  2. Shaheera Khan

    yes i love the trio raja rani and aasha but again i think kesha and rani and raja will again into the compitition as before .

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