Shubharambh 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja and Rani have a domestic dinner together

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Shubharambh 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gunvant is in the shop. Raja comes there and says you are still here? I thought you left? Gunvant says I have some work, can you give this bank statement to the CA? Give it to him while you are going to home. Raja says okay. Gunvant says you should change the decoration as valentine’s day is over. Raja says yes, I will find some idea. He leaves from there. Gunvant locks the shop and thinks to do his work. He comes to the electric board and connects it with a mirror. He thinks Raja will get current once he touches these mirrors.

Raja comes home. Rani takes his bag and says I was waiting for you, should I make food for you? Raja says no, I will get my food. Rani says I have to eat also. Raja is surprised and says you didn’t eat? You shouldn’t wait for me. Rani makes him sit down and eats with him. Rani says they say that we should have a good discussion when we are eating. Raja says who says that? Rani says me. Raja says if you want then I can talk and leave this food. Rani says we can talk for now. Raja says I like to work late and if you keep waiting then you will have to sleep hungry. Rani says it’s fine with me, I want to be hungry sometimes, what will you do? Raja smiles and I will eat in front of you and with you. Rani smiles. Aaj se teri galiyan.

Divya calls Mehul and says I thought to give you another chance. Mehul dances and says I am so happy to hear that. Divya says we will meet and talk. Mehul says I will message you the details to meet, he ends the call. Divya smiles. Mehul imagines Divya coming to his room. He dances on kala chashma with her but it turns out to be Jharna.

Scene 2
Rani and Raja come to their room. Raja sees many books there and says why they are on the bed? Rani says you said that you like to read stories so I kept these for you, it’s good to read stories. Raja says you read books too? Rani says yes, I didn’t have many friends so I gave my time to the books. What kind of books do you like? She shows him the collection and says your father liked to read stories too? Raja thinks that I didn’t tell Rani about the cursed kundli of mine. I shouldn’ttell her as she would be worried then. Raja thanks her for the books. They both sit down but their heads bump into each other. Tera fitoor plays as they both share an eyelock.

In the morning, Rani makes breakfast for Raja. Asha comes there and says I want to do a ritual to cast evil eye from Raja. Raja says I will do it for you but you will have to get medical checkup done also. Asha says okay and uses spices to cast evil eye off him. Kirtida smirks. Asha takes him outside. Gunvant tells Kirtida that he can’t be saved from our evil eye.

Raja is working in the shop to take the decorations off. Gunvant waits for him to touch the mirror so he can get electrocuted but suddenly the lights go off. Raja says I will do my work. He works around the mirror. Gunvant asks Hitank if the electricity is coming back? Hitank says I am calling the authorities. Raja does his work around the mirror and tells Gunvant that my work is done, he leaves and the lights come back. Gunvant keeps waiting for Raja to touch the mirror. He deliberately moves a decoration light from the mirror and asks Raja to fix it back. Raja fixes it but doesn’t touch the mirror by chance.

Rani is walking in the corridor when a photo falls from the shelf. She takes it to see the glass broken on Raja’s face, she is shocked.
PRECAP- Gunvant asks Raja to bring his wallet. Raja goes in the shop. Rani tries to go behind him but Gunvant says I will go and check. He goes inside and Rani hears a noise.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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