Shubharambh 16th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Raja ignores Rani

Shubharambh 16th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja is giving the winning amount to Asha. Asha says this is your amount so you keep it. Kirdada sees it and comes to Hitank. She deliberately sits on his phone and it’s screen breaks. She cries and says I am sorry, what about our house’s respect. You can’t use this broken. Raja says you don’t have to worry, I have money, maybe I earned it for that only. He gives money to Hitank. Asha is angry seeing it.

Raja and Jharna are on the road. Jharna says you were dancing nicely with that girl. Raja says I don’t know her. Jharna says I could see that girl likes you. Raja gets Rani’s message. Jharna says I told you that she likes you, don’t give her attention if you don’t like her as that will break her heart. Jharna smirks and thinks that I can’t let him find another girl. Raja thinks I should ignore Rani.

Rani sees that Raja didn’t reply to her thank you message.
Raja says what should I reply? He writes ok. Rani says he replied with an OK?

Asha is angry and says I should have taken the money from Raja. Kirdada comes there and says don’t be so angry. Asha says you can’t see my happiness. Kirdada laughs and says you keep crying. Asha says don’t know what game she is playing.

Scene 2
In the function, all are ready. Raja comes there. Kirdada comes there and dances around. Raja says you look so nice. Kirdada says you look like a hero. Kirdada tells Asha that she has a surprise for her. She shows her Rani and her mother, she says I have called her to cook in the party. She can be your daughter in law and our servant too. Raja sees Rani and thinks I can’t talk to her more, he ignores her. Rani thinks why he is ignoring me? Kirdada asks Rani and her mother to start cooking. She asks Raja to show them the way to the kitchen. Asha looks on. Raja shows the way and leaves.

Jharna’s family comes in the function. Kirdada asks Asha to bring arti plate. Asha smirks and asks Rani to bring it. Rani brings it but Asha turns the fan towards the plate. All sindoor falls on Kirdada. Kirdada scolds Rani. Rani says someone turned on the fan. Rani says I will clean it. Jharna tells Kirdada that we will wait for you. Rani asks her to use her dupatta. Jharna reluctantly gives her dupatta to Kirdada. All leave. Jharna says hi to Rani and leaves. Rani smiles at Raja, he gets worried and leaves. Rani gets angry and thinks he is behaving like a rich man.

Mehul and Jharna get engaged. All clap for them. Raja prays for their happiness. He takes pictures for them, Virinda tells Rani that you should think about your marriage. Rani says I want to work. She brings the sweets in the heart shape for the engaged couple. She sees guests there and asks the kid to give it to them. The kid gives it to Raja and says that the girl gave it. Raja thinks Rani gave it to him.

PRECAP- Raja dances in the function with another girl. Rani thinks he is egoistic.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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